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SEO 17 min read April 29, 2022

How to Get High Quality Backlinks for a Completely New Site for Free

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks for a Completely New Site for Free
Amanda Smith
Any webmaster knows that website ranking on search engines depends on a multitude of factors, backlink profile being a substantial one of them.

To put it simply, the more high-quality backlinks the website has, the stronger its chance of ranking higher will be, and the more recognizable your brand will become.

So, let's dive deeper into the methods of getting qualitative backlinks for a new site, absolutely for free!

Backlinks and SEO

Concept of a backlink
Though backlinks are among the most significant SEO variables, they're also high on the list of SEO parameters you have little control over. A backlink is an external connection that redirects consumers' attention away from one site and another. You should include some backlinks in your content and include backlinks that operate as an incoming redirection. In other words, you want other websites and pages to connect to yours.

Backlinks and organic traffic correlate with each other. Organic traffic is when someone comes to your site directly from a search engine's results page. While creating their search engine index, search engine website crawlers hunt for backlinks, particularly so the platform can understand how your pages are connected.

More significantly, backlinks inform search engines about the relationship between your content and other websites and pages on the internet. This aids in the relevant placement of your website on the SERP. It also allows you to attract organic traffic for the right keywords. The quality of your backlinks is defined by how search engines' indexes display your content. All backlinks help search engines index your content based on relevancy, but this alone has little impact on your rating.

What are high-quality backlinks?
A quality backlink is derived from a website with high domain authority, well-trusted by both search engines and users. Put another way, robots trust the website, but so do actual people.

This side of the argument claims that the higher the domain authority and the more trustworthy the website, the higher the link quality. A score of 60 to 100 is considered excellent, 40 to 50 is acceptable, and less than 40 is poor.

Begin by developing links from high domain authority websites relevant to your niche and trusted by searchers all over the internet.
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Backlinks Through Guest Posting

Guest on podcasts
Make some preparations ahead of time to acquire free backlinks from appearing on podcasts. You'll need to discover a common ground between these two areas: the podcast's theme and 2-3 things you're comfortable discussing for 20-30 minutes.

Ensure an opt-in page is set up to present a gift and collect email leads. You can get a sense of the host's approach and the types of questions that are frequently asked by listening to a podcast episode. Take a few notes as you listen to the podcast on what you found most useful.

You may have a few opportunities to distribute connections to your website throughout your appearance. If you're going to say a URL, keep it short and simple. Each episode of most podcasts has a "show notes" blog page. These blog articles recap the podcast episode, including connections to related resources, and encourage people to listen. Podcasts are an excellent resource for backlinks.
To get more traffic and clients, you need to outperform your competitors. But how is it possible? Well, there is a tactic you can use, and it is called guest posting. With Adsy, you can place posts with your links on relevant sites with real traffic. Thanks to this, you will rank higher on SERP. Build weighty backlinks from quality sites, register and access any from 20k+ hand-checked sites from 50+ industries.

But what if you have a site where you can place content? That’s great! And Adsy can also help you with this. You can add your sites and publish content there. With that said, you will not only get paid for doing this but also receive quality content to grow your site.

Moreover, you will get a $10 welcome bonus when registering with Adsy.

Guest comment outreach
Start reading blogs and websites about your industry. You can do this either directly or by posting on some service parts of your business.

To begin, if you see any missing material or topics that aren't well discussed in the post, you can leave a suggestive comment indicating it. You can also contribute by responding to the queries of other readers. You may discover that the response another reader seeks is too extensive to offer as a comment. Use these opportunities to give a brief answer and a link to your post at the end.

Backlinks Through Interviews

Get interviewed
Online interviews have become increasingly popular in recent years. And they provide a simple approach to gaining backlinks. It takes patience to establish yourself as an accomplished figure in your business or sector, but once you do, you'll likely receive a slew of interview invites. Until then, you'll have to start locating interview chances.

Be informed of the blogs and websites that host online interviews, blogs, and vlogs. It need not be exclusive to your industry. You must also consider limiting the selection to those opportunities that cover a wide range of themes. You'll be spending your time attempting to secure an interview on a website that has little to do with your sector, and the backlink won't help your SERP ranking significantly.

Another alternative is to let the local web newspapers know that you have launched your business recently. Inquire if they would be interested in writing a story about local businesses. Next, volunteer to be one of the interviewees in their show. Regardless of the approach you choose, you'll almost certainly gain a few backlinks over time.

Interview an industry expert
Though getting yourself interviewed is important, it's worth noting that planning the event and conducting the interview have similar effects. There's a good probability the person who's being interviewed will write an article to promote the interview and post it on their company's website. The article will almost certainly contain a complimentary hyperlink to your website in these circumstances.

You can do a live interview and then upload the recording to a page on your website to make the event more interactive and broaden your reach.

The HARO Technique

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is an excellent internet platform for obtaining backlinks from reputable news sites. Simply register as a source, which takes less than a minute, and you'll receive three emails. The source requests are a list of articles for which reporters require information.

Each email provides a summary, a topic area, and the journalist's contact address. It will contain the website's name, where the piece will be published, the deadline for the reporter, and a summary of the information they require. All you have to do is look through the list for ones that cover your area, and then contact the reporter's masked email with a contribution pitch!

In your pitch, you'll include your response to the journalist's question as well as your contact information, which can include a link to your website.
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Social Media Profiles

Benefit from reviews
Customers benefit from review platforms and local listing sites, but they're also wonderful places to gain free, high-quality backlinks for your website. Many of the top review sites offer enticing authority metrics, so making sure you have a profile with a link to your website on these platforms might result in a fantastic free backlink.

Additionally, having current information on review sites and employing the appropriate anchors for hyperlinks put on these platforms will help your local SEO and overall website SEO.

Offer testimonials
All businesses, large and small, enjoy bragging about the client testimonials they've gotten. Most business websites have a few selected testimonials on their homepage.

Sit down and write a list of recent purchases and services. Consider those you've used regularly (or started using) in the last six months as a good starting point.

Next, check to see if they have a testimonial page on their websites. If they do, take a few minutes to write a brief, positive review of your experience with the product or service and contact them. Most sites provide a feedback tool or an email account for testimonials on their contact page. That's all there is to it! You won't even need to ask for a link because it will automatically be included.

Share rich media platforms
Consumers prefer rich media tools that help them solve common problems and give big volumes of data in easy-to-understand segments, whether B2C or B2B. Infographics, tutorial videos, and other comparable content are examples.

Your content's primary purpose should be to gain backlinks and meet your content's quality requirements. In other words, create movies and other forms of products that are useful and solve difficulties that your clients confront frequently.
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Other Online Means

Link reclamation
Link reclamation is a simple yet effective technique. Typically, someone will mention you on their blog because they enjoy one of your products or services. The post isn't always a review; in some circumstances, your brand or business is mentioned as part of a wider story.

To identify these references, all you have to do is utilize a tool that creates a content alert whenever someone writes about you. Most of the time, they'll have already included a link to your site, which is fantastic, but occasionally the link will be absent. Please email them! Offer them your thanks for mentioning your company in their article. You can also request that they include a link to your website.

You'll almost always get a nice answer, and you'll gain a new backlink.

Assistance to hacked sites
When a site is hacked to add pages silently, it's not ideal for the site owner — especially since they're unlikely to detect unless they're continuously on the lookout for them. However, if you can identify hacked sites in your business, you can use them to gain a backlink. Then you'll inform the site owner about the page by sending them a link, so they can immediately locate the hack in their site builder or content management system and remove it. They may ask if there is any way they may repay you as a gesture of gratitude. Here, you tell them you've recently published an article they might like and ask if they'd mind linking to it from one of their high-ranking pages. That's all there is to it!

Wikipedia citations
Wikipedia is in desperate need of citations. It is not a reliable internet source without them. Search Wikipedia for articles about your topic or industry to locate the reference that would be excellent for a blog post on your website. Locate a part that lacks a citation and include your blog post as a citation for that area.
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Directory listings
You can find directory listings all over the internet. They are websites that list the services provided by other websites. To begin, create a brief and detailed description of your company. Approach each directory that systematically matches the criteria, requesting that your business be included using the description you've provided.

It's a long process, but keep in mind that your competitors are probably going through the same thing. Indeed, they may not bother doing it at all, which is all the more reason for you to do it!

Bonus Tips

Competitor analysis
Starting a campaign from the ground up necessitates a lot of trial and error, so finding the correct mix can take some time. Use marketing analysis tools to see what industry leaders are doing and use comparable approaches to shorten the learning curve. You can use various marketing analysis tools to examine a URL based solely on the domain name, but we'll go through the most trusted SEO tool providers later in this post. Make sure not to mimic your competitors' moves.
Among tools that are widely used to analyze backlink profiles is Serpstat Competitor Backlink Analysis Tool.
Serpstat backlink analysis tool><meta itemprop=

Skyscraper method
The Skyscraper Method is an effective way of generating content that is not only of good quality but, if done the right way, will also help you create valuable pages that will earn you backlinks from reputed sites. And the best part is, you won't have to spend any money on finding resources or developing the content either!

This strategy involves building your content on top of current content. You don't want to rewrite it because you won't get more backlinks or implement it that way. Keep in mind that the stuff you've just collected is only meant to be a starting point. You want to provide the same information in a fresh, improved way while also adding. Find new sources of knowledge, both current and ambiguous, and new ways to inform your readers about something about which your competitors are talking. You want to improve on the existing content, and you want to advertise your improved version.

Moving man method
This method is one of the easiest techniques to get high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources to your website. A well-known corporation or service provider may go out of business at any time. However, while they were in operation, they offered high-quality content on their site, resulting in backlinks from other websites. Typically, these sites are shut down, and the domain name isn't renewed, but some businesses have pre-registered their domain names for several years. The website remains online when a company goes out of business, but the content is normally removed. 

Now is the point at which you begin building backlinks to your website. If you have content that meets the same demand as the defunct site, you can contact the sites with backlinks and inform them that the link is no longer active since the other site has been taken down. If you offer some replacement on your site, you're sure to get a backlink.
Quick And Easy Backlink Analysis With Serpstat API Is Now Available

Audio and infographics
Making audio files is another often-overlooked way to build backlinks. Recording yourself (or someone else) reading your content aloud and embedding the file on the relevant page is a terrific idea. It is because many people absorb information better when they can hear it instead of or in addition to reading it.

Another reason this can boost your page visitors is that long postings can be intimidating for people with dyslexia, especially when they contain technical terms.

Infographics are the hottest new SEO trend, and they're a terrific supplement to any piece of content. Infographics convey data in a visually appealing style that will go viral online. All you have to do is have a concept in mind, create short, simple pieces of information, and employ a designer to bring it to life. You can even do it yourself using tools like Piktochart if you like.

.edu pages
In SEO, it's a well-known fact that links from .edu sites will always improve your rating and direct a considerable amount of traffic toward your website. Offering a scholarship is one method to do so. While it's a terrific way to backlinks, it does cost money. 

There is another approach to constructing .edu links that are provided free of charge. The majority of institutions have a resource page that students and the public can use. Find these reference pages and create a post on your website that closely matches what they've already listed. Please introduce yourself to the webmaster by email and mention your resource in a friendly approach, suggesting that your article might be a good fit for their references page.

Blog aggregators
Blog aggregators, such as Alltop, contain a list of high-quality blogs from various industries. These aggregators can be a terrific and simple way to get free backlinks to your site, and because they're authoritative, the link itself will help your SEO. 

Just follow these 4 simple steps:

✔️  Create a free account on the aggregator site.
✔️  Propose their list by submitting your website.
✔️  You'll be given some HTML code to paste on your website so that they can verify your submission and certify that it belongs to you. 
✔️  One representative from the blog aggregator site will visit the site to check the submission within a few days. A do-follow link to your website will be put on their pages once your request has been approved.

Popular Tools

There are various tools that one can use to get backlinks. Below are the most popular ones:

In a word, Ubersuggest is the ideal solution for businesses with a little budget who want to begin increasing their backlinks. Not only that, but it's also a terrific option if you want to evaluate your URL, fix broken links, and boost your Google ranks without spending more money.
Ubersuggest><meta itemprop=

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform with a variety of tools, among which is the Competitor Backlink Analysis Tool. It gives a possibility to analyze backlink profiles, monitor new and lost backlinks, measure the link's authority, research competitors' backlinks to find out which sites and pages are linking to them, and use these insights in your next link building campaign.
Serpstat backlink analysis tool><meta itemprop=

The platform includes anchors, referring URLs, refer Alexa rank, and the date each backlink was added, among other things. Keep in mind that ContentBird is a premium service, so you'll need to set aside some money for it.
ContentBird><meta itemprop=

Pitchbox is the best solution for link prospecting and outreach, important elements in the lead creation process. Pitchbox personalizes search results using factors that you can change yourself. Furthermore, the platform includes contact information for each link prospect as well as an automated follow-up option, allowing you to keep on top of your outreach chances without having to check for a response constantly.
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Backlinks act as a vote of trust in your company or product. When someone links to your website, they imply a valuable resource. They wouldn't bother linking to you if they didn't have to. For instance, if you discovered a fantastic restaurant and enjoyed it, you would tell your friends about it. Similarly, you can backlink to it if you come across another website or piece of information that you like or rank.

To summarise, backlinks are really important for your business. They are your company's 'digital thumbs up.' They provide search engines the impression that other individuals can vouch for your material. As a result, your organization provides a valuable service. You can also create important relationships with other people in your business while building backlinks, which are important for your credibility.
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