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Fintech, Real Estate, and Media: Serpstat's Tools, Solutions, and Case Studies for Your Industry

Serpstat Tools And Features For Your Industry: Cases And Recommendations
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Serpstat is your reliable partner in the world of SEO, trusted by leading experts worldwide. With over 50 tools at your disposal, this Ukrainian service helps companies of all sizes achieve significant results. Our mission is to provide tools that make data understandable and practical, ensuring that every SEO strategy leads to success. Here, we will learn how to use the most relevant reports for your industry.
  • Individual pricing plan: Audit up to 30K pages and track positions for five projects.
  • Team pricing plan: Includes 150K pages for a site audit, 500 queries in Search Analytics, AI Tools, and continuous support.
  • Agency pricing plan: 1,5M pages for site audit, 250 projects for position tracking and audit, branded reports, White Label, access for 30 team members.
Now, let's guide you through the Serpstat features. Go ahead and select your company type and industry to get the recommendations, cases, and reviews, tailored to your needs.
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Serpstat can help you find and attract new clients, prepare captivating commercial proposals, automatically create impressive reports for your clients, and keep track of each team member's contribution. With the wide variety of marketing automation tools in one place, you can cut down on mundane tasks and focus on bigger goals.
Must-Have Tools For Digital Agencies
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  • Serpstat Team Management Mode: connect up to 30 professionals to your account, distribute their credits, and assess their efficiency.
  • Serpstat API: automate the work with large amounts of data.
  • White Label and Branded Reports: save time on creating detailed reports, and inform your clients in just a few clicks.
  • Keyword Research and Keyword Clustering: devise your SEO strategy, collect and cluster top-performing keywords, and outrank your client's competitors.
  • AI Content Tools: allow artificial intelligence to speed up your work with content.
  • Rank Tracker: automatically monitor your client's website rankings in search results.
  • Serpstat Site Audit: find and fix technical SEO issues, track and report on the progress.
  • Serpstat Backlink Analysis: use our own backlink index to evaluate and improve backlink profiles.
  • Rachel May
    Owner at Moose May
    I love using Serpstat for my monthly reports, seeing keyword rankings on a global scale, and finding site errors. The site audit creates a quick audit list and I can easily check back when clients ask if they've fixed them properly. I also enjoy the local and tracked keyword options.
  • Joseph Kahn
    President, CTO, and Director of SEO Operations at Hum JAM
    The most amazing full SEO Suite on the market for marketing professionals and agencies. I like to group all of the projects and segment the keywords based on groups and tags. I like the way the tool is organized and provides checklists of items that need to be completed. It takes care of technical audits, keyword research, competitive research, and so much more. Their backlink tracker/auditor and keyword tracker are top-notch. I highly recommend this software tool and the people who support it.
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Taking advantage of the Serpstat features will allow you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Analyze the biggest e-commerce players in the market, identify their best practices and implement them in your winning SEO strategy.
Must-Have Tools For E-Commerce
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I Want To See Reviews From Industry Colleagues
  • Competitor Analysis: identify and outperform your competitors in organic and paid search results.
  • Keyword Research and Clustering: collect popular search queries among your customers, and use them for your category pages, product cards, and landing pages to drive more traffic and sales;
  • Search Volume Crawling Service: estimate demand and competition in the market and predict sales.
  • Rank Tracker: automatically track your and competitors' SERP rankings.
  • Local SEO: manage your online presence in local directories from a single dashboard.
  • Site Audit: find and fix technical issues on your website to reduce bounce rates.
  • Borislav D.
    Managing Partner
    This is the best tool for research and analyzing your online business. As a small business owner, Serpstat gave me insight into things that I knew existed but never realized the importance of. This tool is changing my business in real time as I implement solutions based on the information I have acquired with the help of Serpstat. Thank you for this great tool! It's a pleasure growing my business with just a few clicks.
  • Bikash Jain
    Deputy Manager at Casio India
    Serpstat is helping us in diagnosing our website performance in terms of technical structure, and also in ranking. Tracking the rank of the website for thousands of keywords every day is impossible without a tool like Serpstat.

    Also, finding out the competition stand helps us realign our content strategy. Besides this, auditing the site for optimization has also been a key benefit of using Serpstat.
Numerous Serpstat features will allow you to devise an effective content strategy, produce an endless stream of new trending content, revitalize your existing posts and expand your reach to your target audience.
Must-Have Tools For Media
I Would Like To Read Some Cases
I Want To See Reviews From Industry Colleagues
  • Keyword Research: find trending topic ideas, and use top-performing keywords to increase traffic to your website.
  • Backlink Analysis: analyze any website's backlink profile and find the best link-building opportunities.
  • Competitor Analysis: see which competitors rank for the same keywords.
  • Site Audit: fix technical SEO errors to improve user experience and rankings, and reduce bounce rates.
  • AI Content Tools: speed up content creation and analysis, and check your texts for spam, plagiarism, grammar, and spelling.
  • Rank Track: automatically monitor your content's performance in search results.
  • Elle M.
    Contributing Writer
    It's so easy to set up a project and pull up keywords for both sites I own and see how it compares with others in the community. It allows me to get a clearer idea of which keywords to invest my time in to improve my sites and ranks. I want to create better content on my site and improve its visibility so couples looking to improve their finances can find helpful resources for their goals like paying off their debts. By seeing what the site is already ranking for and where it is not, I can go back and improve the articles. I'm also seeing more organic traffic with this effort.
  • Clate L.
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Largest databases that keep on growing. Guys from Serpstat update their keyword databases almost every week. They have huge Google USA, UK, and Canada databases, and it makes SEO analysis much more detailed and accurate than ever.
Thoroughly analyze your competitors to succeed in a highly competitive industry, and tailor your content to meet the challenging E-A-T standards.
Must-Have Tools
For Finances
I Would Like To Read Some Cases
I Want To See Reviews From Industry Colleagues
  • Keyword Research: find topic ideas that interest your target audience, and use top-performing organic keywords to increase traffic.
  • Rank Tracker: automatically track your and competitors' rankings in organic and paid search.
  • AI Content Tools: speed up content creation, and check your texts for spam, grammar, and plagiarism.
  • Site Audit: detect and fix SEO issues on your website.
  • Nadya Movchan
    Product Marketing Manager в TeqAtlas
    There are two main features that I like the most.

    1. Search analysis toolset is fascinating. It allows you to find differences in your SERP results per region/audience segment/niche is very powerful.
    2. Serpstat's audit tools are very robust. It's very easy to do periodical audits without the need for costly third-party solutions.

    We are trying to improve online visibility of our clients and Serpstat helped us to improve it quite well! It also provides useful data about competitors as well.
Create content that inspires, builds trust with your prospects, drives traffic, and sells. Keep up with your competitors, borrow their ideas, and create your winning strategy.
Must-Have Tools For Tourism
I Would Like To Read Some Cases
I Want To See Reviews From Industry Colleagues
  • Keyword Research: find topics that your target audience is interested in, and use popular organic keywords to increase traffic and promote your services.
  • Rank Tracker: monitor your and competitors' positions in organic and paid search results.
  • Local SEO: manage your online presence in local directories from a single dashboard.
  • Keyword Clustering: group your keywords to create a search-friendly website structure, and high-ranking content.
  • Site Audit: improve your Page Load Speed and fix technical issues to reduce bounce rates.
  • Eugenia Sidorchuk
    Head Editor at TripMyDream
    We have been working with Serpstat for several years, and, I must say, this has significantly sped up our editorial processes. Most often, we use the service to:

    1. Find topics that will drive excellent traffic. With Serpstat we don't need to guess and rely on intuition.
    2. Conduct competitor analysis. There's no need to manually browse through dozens of pages in search of top-performing articles.
    3. Optimize older articles that are still relevant.
Use the Serpstat data to devise an effective promotion strategy, reach your target audience and generate more leads, and outperform real estate leaders in search results.
Must-Have Tools For Real Estate
I Would Like To Read Some Cases
I Want To See Reviews From Industry Colleagues
  • Keyword Research and AI Content Tools: accelerate your content production, optimize it with top-performing keywords and improve your rankings in SERPs.
  • Competitor Analysis: study competitors' content, ads, and landing pages to generate ideas and improve your visibility in search results.
  • Local SEO: manage reviews and listings from one dashboard to increase your local reach and brand awareness.
  • Rank Tracker: keep track of your website's positions in search results and compare your performance with your real estate competitors.
  • Site Audit: scan your website for technical issues and fix those that decrease your rankings.
  • Jordan S.
    Owner at Blind Cheddar
    First off I am not an expert on SEO but am just using it for my personal websites, but I use this to check my keywords. This seems to be very accurate. It keeps track of my projects and keywords so I don't have to manually check them.
  • Glenna F.
    Real Estate Agent
    Serpstat is a feature-rich resource. I use it for tracking our website ranking and keyword ranking, and seeing what our competition is ranking for.
Haven't found your industry in this list? No problem! There are versatile solutions everyone can benefit from.
Serpstat is a set of essential tools for marketers on one platform. It's about time to speed up and automate your search marketing activities, and dominate the search results!

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