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How to choose a quality platform for guest posting?

Гестпостинг — как выбрать площадку?
Igor Rudnik
Igor Rudnik
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Building a backlink profile is a priority when promoting online. What is the best way to choose a site for a guest posting that Google will rank well? An example of such a site recommendation based on Serpstat metrics can be found in the Collaborator content marketplace.

What is the purpose of content marketplaces?

Collaborator is one of the platforms for affiliate marketing, where site owners and advertisers meet to place their content.

With the help of such services, it is possible to choose a website for a guest post, a press release, and a relevant telegram channel for advertising. Companies and brands receive mentions and links, and site owners can monetize their web resources.

The Collaborator. pro, for example, contains more than 8,000 websites and 500 Telegram channels for advertising businesses, products, and services, which can be filtered by 50 parameters and thus select a quality advertising platform in the desired field.

What metrics should you consider when choosing a site for a guest post?

Specialists who select sites for link-building purposes often use many metrics to assess the site's quality. These may be the approximate organic traffic of the website, domain authority (site's trust), relevant topics, region, and a number of backlinks.

In June 2022, Collaborator integrated Serpstat metrics into the system to provide a comfortable choice of web resources for advertising and additional metrics of site quality:

  • Serpstat Domain Rank (SDR) — domain authority score, which takes into account all backlinks associated with a domain in the index;
  • Referring Domains — unique domains that link to the analyzed one;
  • External backlinks are links that lead to your site from external sources;
  • IP addresses — unique IP addresses that link to the analyzed site. Serpstat also displays a more detailed indicator — IP subnets of Class C;
  • External domains — the domains to which the analyzed site refers;
  • Requests in the top — the number of keywords for which the domain is ranked in the top 100 of Google's organic results. The graph is displayed for sites localized in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
These metrics help in the process of analyzing a potential site for an advertising publication or press release. The new integration allows users to work with Serpstat data directly in the Collaborator interface. For critical parameters and a more in-depth analysis of the selected websites, go to the detailed Serpstat reports.

A guide to choosing a guest posting site

The main problem for SEOs, PR specialists, content marketers, and media experts when posting guest posts is choosing from at least ten sites. However, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites available on content collaboration platforms. It is difficult to choose a high-quality resource, the link from which will improve your position rather than hurt it.

You should not use all available filters at once, but select a few of the most important ones. Consider the following example: 
Analyze the site's traffic. The quality of a site is largely determined by its traffic. During the evaluation, we take into account not only the quantity of traffic, but also its dynamic: fluctuations, spikes, and decreases. We move on to the second step if the traffic has a positive dynamic, without any doubt. Collaborator displays traffic according to Google Analytics and Similarweb.
Traffic, evaluating
Evaluating traffic and its dynamics via
Analyze the visibility of the web resource. Visibility helps you understand why there are spikes in traffic. For example, if the traffic grows sharply and visibility makes it clear that the site has begun to rank for new search queries at the top of SERP. An article from this resource would be a good choice based on such dynamics. Checking visibility:

STEP #1 From the site card, move to the Domain Analysis — Overview in Serpstat:
Domain card
STEP #2 Go to Domain Analysis — Overview and set the search base you are interested in:
Overview - visibility
STEP #3 Scroll down to the graph of visibility dynamics and examine the indicator for the entire period the domain exists in the Serpstat database: 
Visibility dynamics
Let's look at other vital parameters, such as the number of search queries at the top and SDR. Requests in the top graph is displayed to help you understand how the site performs and what it needs to improve. SDR will show you the level of trust, based on the backlinks profile.
SDR in
Analysis of the dynamics of queries in the top
Analysis of the dynamics of requests in the top of the search engine by domain
Динамика запросов
 Requests in the top graph 
There may be several atypical and disputable situations when evaluating these parameters:

  • Search queries at the top are growing, but the SDR level is low;
  • Keywords in the top are growing, but site traffic is decreasing;
  • Search queries in the top drop, but the SDR is acceptable;
  • Requests in the top number dropped, but the traffic increased.
If you are faced with such cases, you need to go to the site card and, if necessary - further in Serpstat. For more detail about the selection in these situations, see the video instructions (check English subtitles):


Considering just two or three parameters allows you to avoid low-quality sites and select the most attractive ones to order a guest post. We can switch to Serpstat for in-depth analysis of those sites that we already consider as donors. The work goes much faster and more effectively. The customer is happy :)
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