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Three Business Tasks We Solved With Serpstat: More SEO Clients, Automated Reports,
And Trackable KPIs For SEOs

Three Business Tasks We Solved With Serpstat: More SEO Clients, Automated Reports, And Trackable KPIs For SEOs
Olga Frolova
Olga Frolova
VP of Marketing at Artjoker
Our Internet marketing department faced the problems of acquiring more SEO clients, automating the SEO reports, and creating the easily tracked KPIs for SEO specialists.
Thanks to the Serpstat, we solved these problems and quickly reached a new level of development. Moreover, we started providing better-quality SEO services. In this post, I'll share the insights about how we dealt with all these problems. So, let's get started.
Objective #1

Increasing the lead conversion rate


There's no secret that a process of choosing an agency to promote your site could take up to several months. Business owners research lots of agencies, then analyze and compare them before making a decision. And the winner is always the agency that provides more value to the client and shows its expertise.

The lead-to-client conversion usually ranges from 10% to 15%, but you need to work out the entire sales funnel and be extremely persuasive in order to get one client.

And even if we consider only qualified leads, it could take a very long time. But we need clients now.


Since we started giving more expertise to the client at the pre-selling stage, we managed to increase the conversion to 50%. The most useful reports for us were the following:
Site Positions. The site position report allows seeing the current status of the site. Moreover, filters help us to prepare to keyword research and see: which cities to consider, how well the site ranks for the low-volume queries, and how many high-volume keywords the site already ranks for.

Besides, here you can analyze how effectively the website is performing, what pages are already visible and are ranking for at least several keywords. This is a faster way to achieve traffic objective than dragging keywords from the top 100 search results. We usually set the filter "Domain's position for a keyword" and pick the keywords the domain is ranking between 10 and 20 positions.
Domain's position for a keyword
Top pages. This report allows you to see the pages that drive the largest amount of traffic and then correlate them with the pages that client considers as high-priority and then predict the time needed for them to reach the top.
Competitors. Using this report, you can identify the market leaders and analyze the keywords they rank to provide your client with a traffic forecast and a link building budget. Usually, we use it together with the Backlink Analysis report.
Based on Serpstat toolkit, we create approximate promotion strategy and pass it to our client. Then we analyze the results of the first month and make the required adjustments.

Also, during this stage, we can solve the issues of "underestimation" or "revaluation" of link building budget. And the best advantage here is that the salesmen can carry out these steps themselves after two or three master classes from our technical specialists.
As a result, the customer's expectations are much closer to reality.
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Automating the process of creating the reports that meet client's needs


Often clients don't want to read lengthy reports, they just want to get the real results of the first working month. While SEO experts don't want to waste their valuable time on report creation, they prefer submitting the stats.


To save the time of our SEO specialists on taking screenshots, writing descriptions and generating manual reports for 10+ pages, we decided to go for the reporting automation using the API of various services. They give online statistics, informative graphics, and also generate comments according to the previous reporting period. Here is the part of report that was generated automatically:
site traffic
Using Google Analytics API, we built up the traffic data and consumer behavior in our Artjoker Digital reporting system. This system allows us to compare periods, assess consumer behavior from month to month, as well as commenting the project's status.

The second step was the work with the Pagespeed Insights API, which allowed displaying the site's current load speed. This is a crucial ranking factor, and it also affects the conversion, so we decided to create a separate block for this metric in the report.

This report displays the current load speed of the site and you can leave a comment to it, as well as read the detailed recommendations from Pagespeed Insights about how to increase the load speed.

The third step in the reporting modernization was based on Serpstat API. Clients often ask to show not only overall overview but also the comparison with the competitors. The graphs are the best way to visualize the data. We decided to add the graphs of the site visibility compared to competitors, as well as the graph of keywords increase.
visibility trend keywords trend
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Objective #3

Setting smart KPIs for SEO specialists


Clients want to get a return on investment from SEO, while the SEO specialist is more motivated since his/her payment directly depends on achieving KPIs.

What metrics should the SEOs monthly objectives be based on? This question has been discussed a lot. There are tons of different theories of what KPIs are the most crucial, but none of them is 100% accurate. We created our own KPI system to measure the results of our SEO team.


The first version of the KPIs we set was far from being ideal, but that was the best we could come up with back then. Here are the metrics we measured:

  • Keywords the project is displayed for in the Serpstat's search;
  • Distribution of CTR by position (according to world studies);
  • We also considered the results of keyword research + we expected that the number of keywords the website ranks for at the top of Google's search increases by 10-15% per month.

It was a shot in the dark, but we had no alternatives. Now we're using a totally new KPI measuring system which is based on Serpstat's API.
First, we collect the competitors' keywords taking into account negative keywords and get the traffic volume.
Then we enter our domain name.
Gather a list of queries which can be considered by clients.
Filter out popular aggregators and marketplaces.
Serpstat's API monitors competitors, their visibility, keywords they rank for, and provides you with an estimated increase in traffic for the next 6 months.
Our KPI calculator checks these metrics for compatibility with the overall site's picture. By the way, usually the error is not more than 5-10%. And then, the specialist can see the stats in the personal account. Then we measure the monthly results and the specialist receives bonuses for the achievement of objectives.

The project manager also has access to the project's data so that he can check how the project is going with dynamics by days in his personal account.

Thus, we get a set of SEO tracker tools with a convenient interface as well as solve the problem of KPI difference.


We have been using tools and services for optimizing the marketing processes in our company for years. Usually the key factors to choose are:
Is this tool multifunctional? It is very convenient to check links and queries as well as analyze competitors without switching from one interface to another.
Is the functionality of the new tool unique (at least 40% of features are unique )? If it's an alternative, then we discuss the pros and cons with the team and choose the perfect match.
What is the price? Of course, it's very cool having a bunch of convenient tools for automating the processes of SEO and PPC, but the payback could not be ignored.
Serpstat matches all our needs, and by the way, it satisfies the requirements of two our departments at once:

  • Our salesmen believe that this is the easiest tool and it is not necessary to be a technical person to work with it.
  • SEO experts rely on Serpstat because it gives the opportunity to be one step ahead of competitors, facilitates the projects'optimization and helps to achieve the desired objectives.

P.S. We are waiting eagerly for the keyword clustering updates to speed up the process of designing the SEO-friendly site's structure at the development stage.

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