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5 Ways A Marketing Agency Can Use Serpstat

Serpstat for agencies
Anastasia Sotula
Blog editor at Serpstat
How many tools do SEO agencies use? Typically dozens.

Are all of them used to their fullest potential? Probably not.

What a missed opportunity to increase work efficiency! And also, a lot of money wasted.

In this article, we have collected Serpstat use cases that will help SEO agencies automate their work and get the most out of the service.

How to Find Potential Customers via Serpstat

Not sure where to look for potential clients to pitch your commercial proposal to? What if I told you that Serpstat could help you simplify this task?

Let's demonstrate it with an example:

1. The first thing we need to do is to select an industry of interest.

I'll take the furniture industry as an example and select the "custom furniture" keyword. Now we can type the keyword into the Serpstat search bar.
Serpstat offers 230 Google databases and Bing database for the US. Don’t neglect the keyword research in Bing if you’re targeting the USA to not miss the traffic share while optimizing.

Click "Search" when the region is selected:
Keywords selection, Serpstat
In the Keywords Selection report, you can see all the keywords that contain this phrase sorted by the search volume. I'm going to apply the filter to exclude toponyms (cities). I don't need them for this example, but you can skip this step if you do.
Keywords selection filter
Now you can select relevant high-volume keywords and copy them to the clipboard:
Keywords selection, clipboard
2. Now, let's move on to the API: the Serpstat Batch Analysis add-on for Google Spreadsheets. Read more about installation in the tutorial.

3. Then, paste keywords from the clipboard into the Google Spreadsheet.

In the list of add-ons, select the Serpstat Batch Analysis → Create report. Next, select the database, the range for analysis, and the Competitors report.
Batch Analysis add-on, Serpstat
Here you will get the list of websites that rank for the given keywords and their main SEO metrics.
Serpstat Batch analysis Google spreadsheet extension
Now you should go through the list and exclude irrelevant websites. That's it! The list of potential customers from the industry is ready.

4. All that's left is to collect contact information from the website, prepare a personalized offer and send out emails.

How to Prepare A Commercial Proposal For A Client

We have already compiled a list of potential clients. The next step is to prepare a high-quality proposal to convince the client that your services will help them achieve the best results.

Preparing an effective proposal usually takes quite some time, and also a specialist who will analyze all the data on the website, and highlight key aspects that require optimization.

That's where Serpstat can also be helpful! Let's see how you could automate this process.

With the Serpstat generator of SEO reports, you can prepare a proposal for a potential client much faster.

The tool will allow you to get:
  • One-click reporting on 20+ metrics, dozens of widgets, and graphs;
  • Customized templates for pre-sale and client reports;
  • White Label and branding of the report.
You find more information on the "Serpstat generator of SEO reports for agencies" page. Now, let's move forward.

To get a comprehensive report on a website's SEO metrics, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses go to the "Custom reports" tab. Enter the domain in the search bar or select a website from your existing projects.
Custom reports, Serpstat
It's done! You have a complete website report ready for download. All you need to do is add extra information if necessary.
Custom report, Serpstat
We have collected all the "numbers" and charts for you.
Custom report overview
Custom reports charts
Custom reports competitors
Read more about preparing a proposal in this article:

How To Create A Winning SEO Proposal With Serpstat: AdverMedia Experience

How To Prepare An SEO Report For A Client

You don't just have to deliver high-quality work and achieve results when working on client projects. It's also crucial to present your results in a clear and understandable way for clients.

It requires visually understandable data, with proofs and numbers, which often takes a lot of time and work, especially if you need to prepare monthly reports for many projects at a time.

However, you can automate the task with Serpstat. To create simple, clear reports and establish work transparency, you can use:

  • custom reports;
  • branded reports;
  • White label reports;
  • email reporting on a regular schedule.

Read more about these tools in the article "White Label SEO Reports For Freelancers And Agencies."

Here are some examples of reports you can make using our tools:
The primary purpose of preparing a proposal is for the agency's SEO specialist to dive into the project and identify:

  • Growth opportunities;
  • Project's current problems;
  • Which keyword clusters are bringing in the most income;
  • Strategy for working with the project.
At the assessment stage, we conduct competitor analysis, an express site audit, backlink analysis, calculate the growth potential for organic traffic, and prepare an individual plan of work and a link-building strategy.

We provide the client with a corresponding report with the audit results and conclusions for each section. Based on the analysis, we can determine the scope of work and set the service prices.

What kind of problems do we encounter?
Many clients have very confusing cases, and it takes a lot of time to figure everything out. We often encounter startups aiming for a niche with no demand and completely unclear business models. We need to spend a lot of time figuring out what exactly their business is and deciding whether we can help or not.
Just being a superb agency is not enough to win a good client. It's crucial to "make them fall in love with you at first sight."

And how do you make that happen? You need proofs, numbers, and graphs. At the proposal stage, simple and easy-to-understand reports are a must. However, manually collecting data is difficult, so specialized tools really help prepare such reports.

Now, let's discuss how we use Serpstat and what data we collect from it for potential customers. Serpstat is our ideal ally in achieving our primary goals. Most often, we use Serpstat reports for:

  1. Estimating the scope of work on a new project and forming an initial action plan;
  2. Collecting data on the project to provide reports to clients;
  3. Attracting new clients: quick analysis of any website for preparing an offer to a potential client;
  4. Position analysis of our customers' competitors to identify their strengths;
  5. Keyword research to expand the keyword list of our clients' websites;
  6. Performing a site audit to identify and fix technical problems on our clients' websites;
  7. Backlink analysis to check their quality and naturalness and control the dynamics of backlink growth.
While the service has a wide range of tools for SEO tasks, it also allows you to generate "beautiful" and understandable reports. In addition to the report generation tool, you can also download data from any Serpstat tool and brand them.
serpstat отчет логотипы

How to Manage Teamwork and Workflow

Managing an SEO team, even if it's a group of highly-skilled professionals, is not easy. Team members make mistakes. Therefore, a manager should be able to efficiently distribute the workload, prioritize tasks, maintain reporting, and evaluate the effectiveness of the results.

Of course, management and workflow are huge topics that require a separate article,
which, by the way, we already have. Here I'd like to focus on one crucial point: how we could help you manage your workflow if you are a Serpstat user or willing to become one. And here's the answer: Serpstat Team Management.

This tool allows you to:
  • Distribute Serpstat credits among the team members;
  • Track the teamwork;
  • Receive emails with reports;
You can learn more about the features of the Team Management tool here.
Now, let's hear what managers and team leaders who use Serpstat for their work have to say:
  • Igor Oaklander
    Head of Marketing at Infomir
    With the "Team Management" tool, we distributed access to specialists for specific projects and credits so that everyone could use the tools they needed. For instance, our content marketer doesn't use the Site Audit tool but actively spends Text Analysis credits.

    We also found the Task List feature very useful. Setting up to-do lists for different projects and synchronizing them helps us avoid confusion when assigning and performing tasks. We've created several checklist templates, mainly for technical purposes, not to miss anything when creating a new project.

    Through the Team Management tool, the manager can monitor the status and performance of tasks from the checklists and set up automatic reporting on the team's work.

    Since Infomir operates in more than 150 countries, we must track website position changes in different regions quickly and monitor our competitors' strategies, both in SEO and PPC.

    Some of our projects are content-driven; we actively run blogs on our websites and publish an industry business magazine. Serpstat helps us at each content promotion stage: from selecting topics for our publications to tracking the website's positions in search results.
  • Eugene Kutsenko
    Head of SEO at Citrus
    As for Serpstat's Team Management tool, you can use it to see how many credits your specialist uses for different tools in percentage terms. However, this is certainly not enough for a complete team performance evaluation.

    As for me, it is better to pay attention not only to the amount of work done but also the degree of its impact on a team's final result.
  • Vadim Ivashkevich
    Head of SEO at Seomarket UA
    Speaking of the Team Management tool, having a manager account makes it convenient to detect who wastes the credits and to prevent people from making mistakes. For instance, there was a case where our specialist burned all the API credits because he reloaded a file that was getting data from API. We detected it on time and prevented the loss of the credits. The most remarkable thing was that he didn't waste the credits of the entire agency, but only his own, because we previously distributed them with the Team Management tool.

    The tool is also helpful for determining which team member runs the analysis most often and who does not use the tool at all. Perhaps, the person is not familiar with many service features, and our budget is wasted on "simple tasks"?

How To Combine SEO And PPC Data In One Service

Digital agencies work with vast amounts of data daily. Sometimes they need plenty of tools to collect and interpret SEO and PPC data, create reports, and monitor team performance. All-in-one solutions with advanced features can help organize all the information in one place.

For example, Serpstat has several tools that could help you save time processing information from various sources. They include reports and tools that allow you to:

  • Analyze any website's SEO metrics;
  • Collect and analyze organic keywords;
  • Conduct PPC research;
  • Collect and analyze keywords for PPC;
  • Analyze the website's backlinks;
  • Check websites for technical/SEO errors;
  • Tack the website's rankings in search results;
  • Use keyword clustering and text analysis;
  • Use the API for each tool with user-friendly integrations that allow you to use the API even without programming skills.

And that's not even the whole list of sources to get data from. Let's take a look at some impressive agencies' cases that already use all the advantages of Serpstat:
  • With Serpstat, we managed to reach the following goals in a highly competitive niche:
    • increased our monthly traffic by 2.5 times and the total traffic by two times within one year
    • grew our conversion rate by 1.6 times in a year (compared with the previous year). And that's not even all!
  • With Serpstat we make simple and clear reports for clients on their projects.

    It helps us to show the effectiveness of the SEO approaches we use, helping them to see the growth of their projects. Read more here.
    Daniel Ricardo
    Digital Marketing Director at Strategy Plus
  • With Serpstat we made our organic traffic grow by 153.74% in six months, increased our click-through rate in organic search and improved our website rankings for a group of keywords.
  • With Serpstat we boosted our sales to Google visitors by 9 times in a year. We also increased the number of monthly visitors to our site by several times.

    Valentina Bakhtalovskaya
    FireSEO Digital Marketing specialist
  • With Serpstat, we create advanced FAQ blocks for customers' websites to help them attract more visitors from the organic search.
    Maria Romanovskaya
    Leads-Up SEO-specialist
  • With Serpstat we simplify our routine tasks. The service helps us analyze our competitors, assess the profitability of projects, evaluate the SEO potential of websites, devise a digital strategy, and find effective marketing tools. Read more about it here.
    Eugene Kudryavchenko

Wrapping Up

So, by now you might have realized that Serpstat may be an irreplaceable assistant for your work. Great! All that's left is to see how many Serpstat credits you need for your project(s):
Not sure yet? You can sign up and get a free 7-day trial!
I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions about the service's features, we are always happy to assist you. Contact us via chat any time!
To keep up with all the news from the Serpstat blog, subscribe to our newsletter. Also, follows us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter ;)

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