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Changes Are Coming: Don't Miss Your Chance To Use The 40% Discount

Changes Are Coming: Don't Miss Your Chance To Use The 40% Discount

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
For the last year, Serpstat has seen a huge number of updates. We're constantly upgrading our product, and our developers don't sleep at night to have more time for improvements ;) We're not gonna stop.

Now we understand that we need to make some changes.
We cancel the 40% discount for 3-year subscription on October, 15.
We are doing our best to afford every possible feature for analysis. Unfortunately, this is not free. In this post, I'll remind you of all the updates we made in 2018 and show you what to expect and what's the profit. Let's go!

What did we achieve?

This year has become a year of updates. Let's remember the improvements we made this year:

New databases

Now we have 25 regional databases for 22 countries. You can find the full list of bases and search engines in the Statistics page. Along with this, we are constantly updating the files. Here you can see the data on the bases we implemented this year:

    Technical updates

    Here you got:

    • re-clustering without spending extra limits
    • strong, medium and weak clustering settings
    • fewer clicks while working within one project
    • increased number of recommended characters in our Site Audit tool from 100-140 characters to 300 characters
    • automated emails with your project's updates
    • "run out of limits" pop up
    • export keywords only without any extra data

    Serpstat API SDK

    To ease the life of our users, Serpstat team has developed a full-fledged SEO tool in the Google Spreadsheet that pulls Serpstat data via API.

    API (application program interface) allows to pull large amounts of data without using Serpstat website. You can also embed Serpstat analytics data into your own internal software or reporting system. The tool we created allows to get all the data found under Domain Analysis and Keyword Research sections without having to manually research search terms, URLs or domains one by one.

    New plugin for Google Chrome

    This plugin saves your time by showing website's key SEO metrics in your browser toolbar. It allows you to get:

    • number of keywords
    • overview
    • top 10 keywords
    • URL analysis
    • more data

    New SEO issues in the Site Audit

    We've been working hard to improve our Audit tool and presented 2 big pool of updates in April and July. They include:

    • new category connected with the content: now Serpstat shows Lorem Ipsum placeholder text, missing body text, too large page size, etc.
    • new issues are added to the already existing categories: now you can see multiple rel=canonical tags, multiple title tags, missing favicon, too long URL, cross-domain canonical links, H1 duplicates the title, too many URL parameters, missing character encoding, updated formula for calculating SDO.
    • updated Audit settings: it shows crawl duration in hours, max folder depth and crawl depth
    • updated Audit summary: no attributes on external links, rel="nofollow" attributes on internal links, new multimedia subsection, new markup subsection

    Updated Rank Tracker

    Rank Tracking tool now provides mobile search ranking data. Now you can track your website's rankings for the desired keywords, see the rank distribution history, and monitor organic traffic distribution between you and your competitors in the mobile search.

    Knowledge Base

    We totally finished Serpstat's Knowledge Base page. We combined several pages into one, now Knowledge Base includes:

    • Video tutorials


    Checklist is a to-do list which helps you monitor the process of carrying out the project tasks. You'll be able to:

    • promote and optimize your project
    • monitor the work of your team and what part of a task is in process
    • set tasks according to every project and optimize your work (projects are divided into groups on the topic, site, product)
    • control your own effectiveness

    Serpstat Multi-User Mode

    Now it's easier for you to assess your team's work, distribute plan limits, control Checklists, receive reports and much more. It allows you to:

    • control processes
    • stay secure
    • control limits

    Updates In Serpstat Reports

    The new features of our tool which will definitely simplify the work with your projects, such as

    • projects' view and mailing settings
    • Backlink Analysis
    • SEO
    • Rank Tracker
    • Keyword Difficulty
    • Special elements in SERP
    And this is not the full list of our improvements. We're going to add even more tools and features and, of course, new databases.

    Why are we doing this?

    There are several reasons for canceling the discount:
    We cannot afford such big discounts not to devaluate our product. We want to offer you the best level of service, so we need to develop and grow to meet your expectations.
    Our platform now has many features and tools; it's not the traditional SEO-tool anymore. We must provide value for money.
    We cancelled the export feature for free account users. Now only those users, who have a paid subscription can export reports. Those subscribers who have made the export earlier can download it in Account Details -> Latest Reports.
    Free account users now can't use the Rank Tracker.
    So don't waste your time and take the opportunity to get new features for the old price!

    What's the profit?

    You can buy a 3-year Serpstat Plan with a 40% discount till October, 15. Using our offer, you can:

    • Fix the price and number of limits for 3 years. As the number of plans and their limits will change till the end of the year, it's the perfect opportunity or you
    • Use the cheapest Plan. We'll cancel our Plan A till the end of the year, so everyone who wants to use this Plan can purchasу it with a 40% discount for 3 years
    • Save your money. Here you can see how much money you can save:
    Time is limited, so hurry up not to miss your chance! We have a lot of upcoming features and databases, so it's just the beginning :)

    If you have any questions or suggestions, you can get in touch with our support team and see all features of Serpstat in a personal demonstration!

    Learn how to get the most out of Serpstat

    Want to get a personal demo, trial period or bunch of successful use cases?

    Send a request and our expert will contact you ;)

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