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Serpstat updates 74 min read May 14, 2024

Changelog: The List of Serpstat Updates in Brief


Backlink tracking, global market analysis, new API opportunities, and re-released Serpstat plugin in ChatGPT


Tools: New

Link Tracker

Monitor a list of backlinks and their status to improve your link-building efforts in the new Link tracker tool. Find out if a link is placed correctly — the right attributes or tags are used, the link is accessible, and the page is opened for indexing.

Learn details in the guide.

Search Analysis: New

230 countries in Market research

Analyze the market in any of the 230 countries available for Google and the US for Bing.

Market summary

Get summary information on an industry or niche in Market research to assess the general market conditions.

API: New

Rank tracker project status

See if the Rank tracker is currently checking your project's positions using the API method RtApiSearchEngineProcedure.getProjectStatus. Once it's done collecting the data, check your positions with the RtApiSerpResultsProcedure.getUrlsSerpResultsHistory method.

Top pages by keyword

Use the API method SerpstatKeywordProcedure.getTopUrls to find a list of pages that rank for keywords similar to the one you've chosen.

Keyword batch analysis: Improved

Collecting keywords in an existing project

Collect keywords within an existing Keyword batch analysis project. For this, open your project, go to Settings, add new keywords, and select reports to collect more similar keywords from.

Search Analysis: Improved

Merged Domain analysis and URL analysis modules

Analyze both domains and URLs in a new module — Site analysis. Switch between "domain" and "URL" in the dropdown menu on the left of the search bar.

Look how to do it in the video.

Merged SEO and PPC reports in Site analysis

Use the SEO/PPC switcher at the top of the report, to see organic or paid information on a website's keywords or competitors.

See the details in the video.

Competitors report export

We've previously accelerated and enriched the Site analysis — Competitors report for Google US and Google UA, but the export data stayed in the old version. Now, the exported file includes the updated data.

API: Improved

Enhanced Competitors by domain method

We've created a new version of the SerpstatDomainProcedure.getCompetitors method. The new SerpstatDomainProcedure.getOrganicCompetitorsPage method returns the same data as the interface, which is accelerated, enriched, and more precise.

Updated Top by keyword method

Get Google's top 100 search results for the analyzed keyword in the new SerpstatKeywordProcedure.getKeywordFullTop API method. The new method allows you to sort the results by 13 parameters and indicate the number of results to receive in the response. The old SerpstatKeywordProcedure.getKeywordTop method is deprecated.

Tools: Improved

Serpstat plugin in ChatGPT

Since OpenAI disabled their plugins, we've recreated our Serpstat plugin in the GPT format. Use the Serpstat GPT to research domains, keywords, and backlinks.

General: Improved

Fixed page shake

We've fixed issues that sometimes lead to a page shake. Now, reports are opened smoothly.

Bing search results analysis, bulk keyword collection, Text editor with AI generation, and Spanish interface


Keyword Batch Analysis: New

Collecting keywords in bulk

Collect keywords from 4 reports in up to 5 search regions in Keyword batch analysis. Enter a list of keywords and select reports to collect keyword variations from: 

  • Keyword selection
  • Related keywords
  • Search suggestions
  • Search questions

Export to Google BigQuery

Export Keyword batch analysis and Domain batch analysis data to BigQuery. Use BigQuery to enrich exported data with new metrics and dimensions.

AI Content Tools: New

Text editor

Craft blog posts, social media posts, ad copies, and other text content in Text editor. Add your text manually or generate an article with AI. Add images to break up the text and format it.

Tools: New

Airbyte connector

Use the Airbyte source connector to integrate Serpstat data into your workflows. Synchronize and analyze the data by connecting Serpstat to other destinations, enhancing the depth and accuracy of your insights.

Reportz.io integration

Use the integration to create reports and dashboards in reportz.io with Serpstat data. The integration provides access to a domain's summary information, SERP rankings, and metrics for keywords it ranks for.

Search Analysis: New


Research domains, URLs, and keywords in Bing organic and paid search results. For a start, there is 10M keywords in the USA search region.

General: New

Spanish interface

Switch your workspace to Spanish and navigate through tools in your preferred language. ¡Descubre todas las posibilidades de Serpstat ahora en español!

SDR and SDO history

Monitor SDR (Serpstat Domain Rank) and SDO (Serpstat Domain Optimization) score history in My projects. You can see the SDR over the past 6 months and the SDO score for the whole time your project has existed. Open the full chart to see the detailed breakdown by dates.

Search Analysis: Improved

Data request

If the platform doesn't find any results for your query, you'll see the “Request more data” button. Click it, and we’ll receive the request and start searching for more data related to your request. If we find more relevant information, we'll display it in about a week.

KW. difficulty in Domain vs Domain

Analyze the keyword difficulty in the “Domain vs Domain” report, filter and sort all columns, except Position.

Position colums for Domain vs Domain paid results

View positions for all total and unique keywords for paid search results.

Keyword Clustering: Improved

Clusters duplication

Clusters are no longer duplicated when you cluster keywords.

Site Audit: Improved

“N/A” indicator if 0 pages scanned

If the audit fails to scan even a single page, you'll notice that the SDO score, issue count, and virus count display as 'N/A' — it means there is no information to calculate metrics.

HSTS issue

The tool now displays the “HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) not supported” issue for a specific page where it occurs, rather than for the website's main page.

General: Improved

Interface language change

Pages no longer change their interface language when you open a different tool or open a page in a different tab.

Market analysis, Google BigQuery export, fast-loading domain's competitors list and more API filters


Search Analysis: New

Market research

Perform a market or niche analysis in a new Domain analysis report — Market research. The report contains a rating of up to 1M domains divided by categories. So far, the report is available only for the United States database.

Export to Google BigQuery

Export all reports from Domain and URL analysis, Keyword research, and Backlink analysis to BigQuery except Overview reports, Market research, and Links Intersection.

API: New

Tags in the Rank Tracker Position history method

Use parameter "withTags" (true/false) to get keywords' tags information in response to the RtApiSerpResultsProcedure.getUrlsSerpResultsHistory method.

General: New

Dark interface theme

Go full dark with a new theme by switching it at the bottom of the left sidebar. Or stay on other sides: contrast or light.

Search Analysis: Improved

Accelerated Competitors report

Get an extended and more accurate list of competitors in Domain analysis with our refined Competitors report in a few seconds. The report was improved and sped up only in the interface for the US and Ukraine databases.

Keyword Difficulty in Tree view

Check the Keyword Difficulty metric in the Tree view report. Evaluate keywords pages rank for and adjust the SEO strategy to aim for higher or lower difficulty.

Corrected BigQuery export

We have fixed issues that led to an incorrect data sets export format. Export large data sets and store them in Google BiqQuery in a proper format.

API: Improved


Now, filters for the API method SerpstatDomainProcedure.getDomainKeywords are the same as in the Domain analysis — Keywords report in the interface.


More AI-powered tools, Google Analytics integration, API for Team Management and ChatGPT plugin


General: New

Abnormal changes in metrics

Get AI-based insights about abrupt changes in visibility, traffic, or keywords data of your projects. Promptly analyze them to amend the SEO strategy.

Google Analytics 4 in Custom reports

Integrate your GA4 data to a customized report in Serpstat. Connect your Google Analytics account and display the data as a dynamic graph and a table to enhance the report with detailed insights.

AI Content Tools: New

Social media

Generate posts and video ideas for social networks with the AI content tool. Receive texts optimized for each social media and drive more traffic to your website.

Search Analysis: New

Export to Google BigQuery

Besides the "Referring domains", you can now export all Domain analysis reports to Google BigQuery datasets.

Search engine updates

Monitor Google algorithms updates on dynamic graphs of the Search Analysis module. Analyze how the updates affect your website's SEO and adapt to new changes.

API: New

Team Management methods

1. TeamManagement.addUser for inviting a new user to join your team.
2. TeamManagement.removeUser for removing an existing user from your team.
3. TeamManagement.activateUser for activating an inactive user in your team.
4. TeamManagement.deactivateUser for deactivating an active user in your team.
5. TeamManagement.getList for getting a list of all team members.

Tools: New

Serpstat ChatGPT plugin

Analyze keywords, SEO metrics, and domain backlinks directly in the ChatGPT using the Serpstat SEO tool plugin. Use the data for your further tasks in the chatbot: creating an SEO plan, SEO texts and articles, or new strategies.

Search Analysis: Improved

Columns in exported files and the interface

The order and the number of columns in the interface and exported files now match.

Keyword Batch Analysis: Improved

Keywords removal

We've fixed the bug in which keywords containing two or more words couldn't be deleted from the project.

API: Improved

Response for domains with and without WWW

Methods SerpstatDomainProcedure.getAdKeywords, SerpstatDomainProcedure.getAllRegionsTraffic and SerpstatDomainProcedure.getDomainsHistory returned different responses for domain names including and excluding WWW. The methods are now returning the correct and matched results.

Multi-user mode in Local SEO, new AI content tool, Google BigQuery and Looker Studio in reports


Tools: New

Teamwork in Local SEO

Work with your colleagues on projects together with a multi-user mode in the tool. Have access to each others' locations to manage them, publish posts, reply to reviews, and analyze statistics.
More details in the video.

AI Content Tools: New

AI content detection

The tool determines the percentage of the text written by artificial intelligence and human. Use the tool to check if a text was written using AI by your competitors, colleagues or yourself.
See how it works in the video.

Backlink Analysis: New

Export to Google BigQuery

Connect your Google account and export Referring domains report to your dataset in Google BigQuery.
See the video for details.

General: New

Looker Studio in Custom reports

Embed a report created in Looker Studio to your custom report. Viewers can interact with the charts but can't edit or share the embedded report.
Check the video for more.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Competitor and Mirror deletion in the project

Delete a Competitor or Mirror via Settings when there's no need to track them anymore within the project. Hover the cursor over the domain and click the trash can button.

False zero search volume

In some cases, the Rank Tracker could wrongly show Volume 0 for keywords after an automatic positions update. After necessary bug fixes, the issue was solved and Volume in the tool is correct for all keywords.

Progress bar freeze

We have fixed issues that led to the progress bar freezing after the keywords rankings update. The progress bar shows relevant information about the process of updating positions now.

Domain Batch Analysis: Improved

External domains and backlinks

The tool for batch analysis has 2 more columns: external domains and external links. Select these in the project settings to see the data in the report.

YouTube transcription, Sitemap ping, exporting reports with API and improvements of modules


Search Analysis: New

Graph in Top by keyword

Open a new graph in the Top by keyword report to analyze top-100 search results visually. Select an indicator by which you'd like to analyze SERP. Switch to logarithmic scale if needed.
Check details in the video.

General: New

Finding a project by ID

Search for a project by its ID in My projects. Team owners will also see projects of their team members in the results if there is a match. Previously, you could search for a project only by its name.
See more in the video.

AI content tools: New

YouTube transcription

Convert video content to a text in the YouTube transcription tool to use it as an article draft for your blog or simply to extract the main points of the video. Paste a link to the video and choose a language.
Learn about the update in the video.

Tools: New

Sitemap ping

Let Google know you've updated a sitemap or uploaded a new one with the Sitemap ping tool, so that the search engine gets alerted about the changes and recrawls them.
See the tool in the video.

API: New

New method for exporting reports

The SerpstatReportsProcedure.getLatestReports method provides you with a list of links to generated reports ready for export. This method is equivalent to Latest reports in the interface.
We explain this in the video.

AI content tools: Improved

Checking words that were mentioned once

Now we show words that were mentioned only once in a text in Bag of words. Previously, you could only see words mentioned twice or more. Analyze content of a page and the presence or absence of specific words in it.
Check this update in the video.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Adjusting columns width

Adjust the width of columns to customize the appearance of the report. It works the same as in other modules — click and drag the column border to the left or right.
See how it works in the video.

Data missing for a day

We've fixed an issue when information about the project's positions for a certain date could disappear for 1 day and then appear again.

Site Audit: Improved

All pages scanning type

Some domains could not be fully scanned by the “All pages” scanning type. Now you get any website fully scanned by Audit.
We tell about fixes in the video.

False issues

The tool could show false issues such as “Missing h1 heading” or “HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) not supported”. Now, the tool shows issues correctly.

New regions in Local SEO, tools in Content Analysis, API methods and filters, and more


Tools: New

New countries for Local SEO

We have expanded our countries list for the tool. Now you can also manage your locations in the Czech Republic and Austria.
See the details in the video.

General: New

Adding images to Custom Reports

You are now able to add images to your customized reports. Click "Add item" on the left and choose the "Image" block. The tool will add the block to your report, and you'll be able to import a picture in .jpeg and .png formats.

AI Content Tools: New

Article builder

With this new tool, you can generate an article step-by-step: generate a title, then the structure of the article, and a text for each paragraph separately. You can edit the generated text or skip unnecessary steps in the process.
See the video to learn more about the tool.

Plagiarism checker

The tool checks the uniqueness of the text and shows the % of plagiarism found. Also, a list of phrases and sentences provided, and URLs where the exact text was found.
We show how the tool works in the video.

FAQ Generation

The tool generates an FAQ list. Enter a keyword and get a list of generated questions. Then, you can generate answers to these questions.
Check the video to see how the tool works.

Ad generation

The tool helps to generate ads based on the keywords entered. You get a Title and a Description for an ad and a list of similar ads found in the Serpstat database.
See more in the video.

API: New

New methods

1.Method .getAllRegionsTraffic for showing domain's traffic in all countries the domain is ranking and summary traffic.
2.Method .getRegionsCount for getting a list of countries domain ranks for and sorting them by keyword count.

Check the video for more details.

New filters

1.We have added a new filter to the .getDomainsHistory method:
- during_all_time (true/false).
2. For .getKeywords method, we have added filtering by language:
- lang.
3. For .getRelatedKeywords method, we have added the same filtering options that are in the interface:
  • weight (from/to);
  • right_spelling (true/false);
  • region_queries_count (from/to);
  • difficulty (from/to);
  • concurrency (from/to);
  • cost (from/to);
  • keyword length (from/to);
  • geo_names (contain/not_contain)
  • types;
  • keywords.

Check out the video for more.

Keyword Clustering: New

New window for project creation and settings

We have simplified the window for project creation and settings in the Keyword Clustering tool, and now all steps for the settings are within a single tab.
See it explained in the video.

Search Analysis: Improved

Data in Top by keyword report

Previously, some data could be absent in columns External links and External domains of Top by keyword report. This has been fixed, and the data in the report shows correctly now.

Reports filtering

We have encountered a few cases when filtering has not been applied when exporting and have fixed it promptly.

Adding domains to Batch analysis project

After adding a list of domains to Batch analysis, they are now sorted in the same order as in the imported list by default.

Dividing keywords into groups in Keyword batch analysis

We have detected and resolved the issue which occurred when adding keywords in groups where, as a result, they could not be added.

Keyword Clustering: Improved

Adding keywords to a project

The button for adding keywords to the empty project from the Keyword Clustering projects list now works correctly. It allows you to add keywords to projects in a fast and easy manner.

Backlink Analysis: Improved

Fixing the Dashboard indicators

We have corrected the display of the IP subnets count on Dashboard which could wrongly show 0 and negatively affect the SDR. Now, the information shown and the metrics calculated are correct.

AI Content Tools, Local SEO, new filters in API methods and improved reports


AI Content Tools: New

Description generation

Based on the added text that describes the content of the page, the tool will automatically generate relevant ready-made text for the Description meta tag.
See the video for more details.


The tool paraphrases the added text and creates a new unique text with the same meaning.
See the video for more details.

Grammar and spelling

The tool will check for grammatical and spelling mistakes in the text.
You can check it out in the video.

Article generation

The tool generates a ready-made article based on the added article title.
Learn more in the video.

Keywords extraction

The tool extracts keywords from the added text depending on the selected settings: language, number of words in the keyword, number of results, presence of stop words.
More about the tool in the video.

Bag of words

The tool extracts the most relevant keywords and indicates how often they are used in the text.
See the video for details.

Keyword patterns

Based on added keywords, the tool generates ready-made templates with gaps and a list of keywords that can be substituted in the gaps.
See the video for details.

Tools: New

New tool — Local SEO

A new tool that allows you to manage business reputation and company profile in various local directories through a single interface has been added.
Learn more about the tool's features in the video.

General: New

Exported reports are now displayed in the side menu of the Profile

You can now quickly download the latest generated reports from the side menu. Exported reports now open in a new tab.
See more details in the video.

API: New

New methods for project management added

The following API methods have been added:

See more details in the video.

New filter by query content added for the Keyword Research and URL Analysis API methods

Now for Keywords selection, Related Keywords, Keywords and Missing Keywords API methods, a content of a query filter is now available. To filter out keywords, you need to add a "filters" : {"keyword contain" : "keyword"} section to the API parameter request; the result will contain all keywords with the specified word.
See the video for details.

Search Analysis: New

New version of the Top by keyword report in Keyword Research

We improved the Top by keyword report and now you can go to the report from any other report of the Keyword Research module via quick links.
See more details in the video.

New search mode and recommended domains in comparison reports

A convenient input field for analyzed domain or URLs and competitor domains/URLs, as well as a field with suggested competitors, have been added to the Domain vs Domain, Compare URL and Link Intersect reports.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Exported reports now show expected URLs and URLs in SERP

Previously, when exporting the Project Overview, there were no columns with expected URLs and URLs in SERP in the file.

Well-established filtering by keywords

Filtering by keywords through the search box in the project now works correctly.

Search Analysis: Improved

Refinement of search by urls with anchors

The text after the hashtag means an anchor to a particular block of the page, now the part of the URL after the hashtag character is automatically cropped in URL Analysis.
See more in the video.

Keyword Clustering: Improved

Manually created clusters are included in the exported file

Previously, manually created clusters and keywords in them might not show up in the exported file. This issue has been fixed.

Improved navigation between reports, new version of the browser extension, Rank Tracker optimization


Search Analysis: New

The KW. difficulty column for all regional databases

Previously, the column with the indicator KW. difficulty in reports containing keywords was available only for some countries. Now, this metric in reports is available for any regional base in Serpstat.
See more in the video.

Domains and keywords validation in Batch Analysis

When adding keywords or domains to a Batch Analysis project, some keywords and domains may be invalid, which prevents them from being added to the project. Now, you can see reasons why they were not added and copy keywords/domains to the clipboard.
Take a look at the examples in the video.

General: New

Easy navigation between modules and reports within the project

When selecting Site Audit or Rank Tracker, the project for the analyzed domain will be opened immediately, if such a project has been previously created in the according module.
Check out the video for more details.

Tools: New

New version of Serpstat Website SEO Checker

In the 4th version of Serpstat Website SEO Checker the main emphasis was made on bug fixes and interface improvements. In addition, the extension has been fully switched to API v4 and the Ukrainian language has been added.
More details in the video.

Keyword Clustering: New

Volume indicator for Unsorted keywords

Previously, in Keyword Clustering projects, we displayed Volume only for those keywords that were distributed in clusters. Now, the Volume data is also available for the keywords that did not fall into any cluster and remained in the folder “Unsorted keywords".
See the video for more details.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Navigating to the report of a not completed project

We have detected and timely fixed the issue, where an error was displayed when you go to Position History of a not completed project. Now, when you go to a not completed Rank Tracker project, you will be prompted to finish the project's settings.

Creating a tag through the Tag Filter

Previously, in the Competitors and Position History reports, there might have been issues with creating tags through the dropdown box in the tag filter. This issue has been fixed, and the tags are now being created correctly.

Volume metric in the Project overview

Volume of keywords is now displayed correctly after an automatic positions update in the project.

Expected URLs in the Project Overview

We have fixed the display of URLs in the Expected URL column of the Rank Tracker Project overview. The expected pages are now displayed correctly after being added.

Search Analysis: Improved

Fixed filtering by keywords

The “Contains all (exact match)” by Keywords filter in the Keyword Research module has been optimized and is now applied without any issues.

Keyword Clustering: Improved

Importing keywords to a project

Our users encountered an issue when importing a file into the Clustering project, the project froze and keywords were not added. This issue has been fixed and file import now works smoothly.

Title generation, project creation in just 2 clicks, improvement of Keyword clustering and graphs in Backlink Analysis


Search Analysis: New

New report Title generation

The tool in the Content Analysis section generates text for the Title meta tag based on the provided text using artificial intelligence. The tool allows you to automate manual work while generating text for meta tags that clearly conveys the essence of the page content.
See more in the video.

General: New

Adding a domain to your project list in just 2 clicks

The analyzed domain entered in the search box can be added to the list of projects on the dashboard simply by clicking on the star on the right side of the search box. Then, if necessary, enter a project name, select a project group and click "Continue".
See more in the video.

Tools: New

API Batch Analysis extension for Google Spreadsheets optimization

It became even easier to work with the extension since we improved the selection of search regions, the selection of reports and other details that may not be obvious at first glance, but will make your work with Serpstat API Batch Analysis more efficient ;)

Keyword Clustering: New

Improving the logic of keyword distribution to clusters

Previously, keywords that didn't fit into any cluster were each displayed in a separate, single cluster, which could lead to having many clusters containing only 1 keyword. Now, all keywords that did not fall into any cluster are grouped into Unsorted.
See more in the video.

Keyword Clustering: Improved

Moving keywords between clusters

We fixed the process of moving the keywords found through the search bar from one cluster to another, which could result in an error and the cluster name changing to null.

Distribution of keywords with common URLs

Previously, there was a case when the cluster included not all the keywords that have common pages in SERP. We improved the functionality and now the cluster includes all keywords that have common URLs in SERP according to the set connection strength.

Read more about Keyword clustering settings features in our article: Keyword Clustering: Algorithms and Approaches of Popular SEO Tools

Backlink Analysis: Improved

Displaying the Linking domains dynamics graph

A graph with data and dynamics about referring domains on Dashboard is now available for large domains such as wikipedia.org, amazon.com, ebay.com as well.

Changing the scale on the Dashboard graphs

For more convenient and easy perception of the dynamics graphs, we have corrected the vertical scale. Previously, the scale began with the value 0, which made the dynamics a bit harder to perceive. Now, the dynamics graphs do not show the entire scale, but only those values in which changes occur with a small margin in both directions.

API: Improved

Parameter "withQuestions" in the method of exporting search suggestions and questions

We fixed a problem when requesting the method of exporting search suggestions and questions with the parameter "withQuestions": false gave out search results containing search questions.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Manual keywords update in the project

Now, manual keywords update in the project works correctly. Selected keywords start their update as requested, and projects do not freeze.

List of Serpstat integrations, API v4 export method, recent queries in the search bar, new reports indicator on the profile icon


Tools: New

Quick access to the Serpstat integrations

For quicker access, we added the available integrations to the tools list: Browser extension, Serpstat in Google spreadsheets, Serpstat in Google Data Studio and Serpstat for R.
Watch more in the video.

General: New

Recent queries in the search bar

Blank reports now display a few of your most recent queries below the search bar for easier navigation to a recent report.
Watch more in the video.

Latest reports moved to the profile drop-down list

If you have any reports with the status "New", a green indicator will now appear on the profile icon, and you can go to the list of Latest reports via the drop-down list of the profile.
Watch more in the video.

API: New

Optimized partial row report export

The export of search suggestions and questions results, which was previously available in the API v3 method, is now available in the API v4.
Watch more in the video.

Backlink Analysis: Improved

Optimized partial row report export

When you perform a partial export of the "Malicious sites" report, the lines in the exported file retain their sequence.

The "Target URL" column is back in the report

We fixed the "Malicious pages - donors" report, where the "Target URL" column was not displayed, and returned it to the report.

Improved "Backlinks" report

When switching between "One per page/One per domain" options, the same results might be shown. This behavior has been fixed.

Optimized "Malicious sites" report

"Malicious pages - donors" now display the correct quick links, and "Malicious pages acceptors" now have quick filters fixed.

Search Analysis: Improved

Language data in Keyword Trends

When selecting Ireland, some data in the "Language" column may not have been displayed. This has been corrected.

Common keyword analysis with a Cyrillic domain competitor

Common keywords of the analyzed and competitive domains in the "Competitors" report, column "Common keywords", are now displayed without issues.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Improved data display in the "Positions History" report

The report displays the positions of a domain correctly when selecting a period of 2 or more dates.

URL indexing inspection, more API methods and filters, keywords transfer between modules


Tools: New

New report URL indexing inspection

The URL indexing inspection tool allows you to check individual pages on your websites and determine if there are any indexing issues. Such as, the ability to indexation, showing in search results, optimization for mobile devices, whether the page is canonical, and more.

API: New

Filters for common and unique keywords research

These are new filters for the Domains' unique keywords method:

  • right_spelling (true/false)
  • misspelled (true/false)
  • queries (from/to)
  • cost (from/to)
  • concurrency (from/to)
  • difficulty (from/to)
  • region_queries_count (from/to)
  • region_queries_count_wide (from/to)
  • keyword_length (from/to)
  • traff (from/to)
  • position (from/to)
  • keywords [«red», «iphone»]
  • minus_keywords [«blackberry», «nokia»]

New API v4 methods

You can now use the API to export results from the Keyword election report in the .csv format.

Now you can also export the results of the report "Organic keywords" for a domain in the .csv format.

Keyword Batch Analysis: New

Event history and progress bar of the project updating status

Data collection is now easier to track with the added percentage progress bar and event history at the top of the project.

Rank Tracker: New

Expected URL and URL in SERP analysis

Columns with URL in SERP and expected URLs have been added to the Project Overview report for easy tracking of their differences and to get a complete picture of the project. These columns can be hidden if preferred.

Search Analysis: New

Filters in Keyword Trends

In the Keyword Trends report, the indicators in the "City", "Date" and "Language" columns are now clickable and work as filters. Also, a multiselection of cities is available.

Site Audit: Improved

Creating a project via quick links

The process has been optimized, in which the scanning and the name of the project were not displayed, when creating a project through quick links.

General: Improved

Project names on dashboard

Regardless of the page scale, project names on the dashboard will be displayed even when the view mode is minimized with the hamburger icon.

Editing project names on the dashboard

Now, editing project names on the dashboard works correctly.

Search Analysis: Improved

Keywords transferring to Keyword Batch Analysis

Now, after transferring keywords from the Search Analysis reports to Keyword Batch Analysis, the report in which the keywords for the transfer were selected will display.

Navigation between reports is optimized

Now, when you go from the Keyword Research module, Top pages report, to the URL Analysis module, Keywords report, the filter containing the condition "contains" is applied without errors.

Cyrillic domain data mismatch

Data from Domain Batch Analysis for Cyrillic domains now matches the data in the Overview report of the Search Analysis module.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Working with selected tags

A procedure was corrected when selecting keywords with tags "all but" and further deleting/assigning URLs/manually updating positions, the action was applied to all keywords in the project, not only to the selected ones.

Adding keywords with "."

Now you can add keywords containing a period to the Rank Tracker.

Long tags

When you hover your cursor over the tags, a tooltip showing the full name of a long tag appears, which improves the ease of working with tags.

Keyword trends, new methods and filters in API v4, new payment system


Search Analysis: New

New report Keyword trends

The unique "Keyword trends" report helps determine the most popular real-time queries for the selected country and city, and use them to create a content plan to increase traffic. How to use the report is in detail here.
Watch more in the video.

API: New

New API methods in Backlink analysis

1.Method .getDistributionTLD for receiving data on top-level domain map.
2..getTopAnchors for receiving data on TOP anchor backlinks by popularity.
3..getDistributionSDR for receiving data on SDR distribution graph.Details are in the video.
4.The main API method for summary info from the Backlink analysis module has been changed: method .getSummaryV.2 will be a substitute for the main method and we'll stop supporting the current .getSummary method. The new method includes more link types, has no outdated parameters, and parameters names updated so that received data is more clear.

Details are in the video.

New filters in API v4 methods

Since we discontinue supporting API v.3 (about this in the video), new filters for API v4 methods were added:

1.New filters in Domains intersection:
  • right_spelling
  • misspelled
  • queries
  • cost
  • concurrency
  • difficulty
  • region_queries_count
  • region_queries_count_wide
  • keyword_length
  • traff
  • position
  • keywords
  • minus_keywords
2.New filters in Domain competitors:
  • visible
  • traff
  • minus_domains
  • exluded_competitors
  • keywords
  • relevance
3.New filters in Domain top URLs:
  • url_prefix
  • url_contain
  • url_not_contain
  • url
  • minus_url
  • pm_url
Keyword Batch Analysis: New

Creation of folders and groups

Create manually folders and divide keywords into groups in your project in Keyword batch analysis. Credits will not be spent for the distribution of keywords into groups.
Details are in the video.

Payment: New

Payment via Google Pay and Apple Pay

It is now possible to use Google Pay and Apple Pay e-wallets to pay your bill.
Watch more in the video.

Backlink Analysis: Improved

Displaying data on Dashboard

We have structured the data displayed on the dashboard: now the information is grouped by importance from left to right.
More info in the video.

Site Audit: Improved

Optimized launch of projects for domains with www

Sometimes an error would pop up on the page when auditing sites with a www. Now such websites are scanned correctly.

Domain Batch Analysis: Improved

Stabilized operation of projects

Now Domain batch analysis projects do not freeze when working with them.

Cyrillic domains analysis improved

Incorrect data could be displayed for Cyrillic domains.

Search Analysis: Improved

Multiuser work in Keyword trends

Team members now work without a 10 lines limit in Keyword trends, and the maximum number is 60K rows with results.

Filtering by URL

When running queries, the URL filter works properly.

Acceleration of the SDR chart, new API filters, optimization of data storage in Audit


Site Audit: New

Deleting audits detailed data

In audit projects, we no longer store detailed audit data, except for error priority and SDO indicators. This data will be stored for a limited number of months, from 3 to 60 months, depending on the pricing plan. The exact date is indicated in the user profile. After the expiration of this period, the data will be deleted. This will speed up the receipt of the information on relevant audits for all users.
Get more info in the video.

Backlink Analysis: New

SDR chart speeding

Now on the updated and accelerated links dashboard, the SDR distribution schedule has earned an order of magnitude faster and is available for any domains. The data in it has become even more accurate.
More in the video.

API: New

New filters in API v4 methods

1.New filters in Domain's ads:
  • position (from/to/equal)
  • queries (from/to/equal)
  • cost (from/to/equal)
  • concurrency (from/to/equal)
  • right_spelling (true/false)
  • url
  • minus_url
  • pm_url
  • difficulty (from/to/equal)
  • region_queries_count (from/to/equal)
  • region_queries_count_wide (from/to/equal)
2.New filters in List of domain URLs:
  • url
  • minus_url
  • url_contains
3.New filters in Domain history:
  • keyword
  • minus_keywords
  • right_spelling
4.New filters in Domain summary:
  • visible (from/to/equal)
  • traff (from/to/equal)
5.New filters in Keyword competitors:
  • domain
  • minus_domain
  • visible (from/to/equal)
  • traff (from/to/equal)
  • relevance (from/to/equal)
  • our_relevance (from/to/equal)
6.New filters in Keyword top:
  • top_size
  • position (from/to/equal)
  • url
  • domain
  • minus_domain
  • subdomain
  • region_queries_count (from/to/equal)
  • region_queries_count_wide (from/to/equal)
  • cost (from/to/equal)
  • keyword
  • minus_keywords
  • concurrency (from/to/equal)
  • weight (from/to/equal)
  • domain
  • url
  • cnt (from/to/equal)
Keyword Batch Analysis: Improved

Domains list view

Sometimes, when switching to the Keyword batch analysis report, the list of projects was not loaded and an error was displayed. Now the error has been fixed.

Backlink Analysis: Improved

Malicious sites information update

In February there was a delay in updating the data. The team found the cause and returned a timely update in the Malicious sites report, i.e. every 24 hours.

Customizing the display of reports

In the Backlinks report, columns were incorrectly dragged to display in the report if they crossed the page border.

Search Analysis: Improved

Quick transition to service reports

In the Keywords report, a quick transition to other reports did not always work.

General: Improved

Filtering in My projects

On the My projects page, the applied filter did not work when switching to other pagination pages.

Google my business crawling

When requesting local search results for the US Texas, the result was displayed in Russian. The language now matches the selected region.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Projects' data update

There were isolated cases when the user sent the project data for updating, but the process hung and did not end.

Adding keywords with linked URL

When re-adding keywords with a target URL in the project settings, this URL was not saved and crashed after a page refresh.

Speedup in Backlink analysis, new API filters and parameters, People also ask in SERP crawling


Backlink Analysis: New

New aggregates: analysis of large domains, collection of data on the dashboard in 1 second, accurate data

The team added new aggregates to the dashboard of the backlink module. This allows you to get data for large domains like samsung.com, amazon.com on the dashboard.

The analysis speed takes 1 second! This is true for domains of any size.

And indicators for domains on the dashboard have become much more accurate: a difference with detailed reports of up to 10% is possible.

Improved work concerns the dashboard of the Summary report, Domain batch analysis, Custom reports and API (getSummary method).

Search Analysis: New

Sending cyrillic domains to IndexNow

When submitting cyrillic domains to IndexNow, the tool converts domain names to punycode format.

API: New

SERP crawling statistics

The user profile now shows SERP crawling statistics: how much money is in the account and the cost of updates.

Filtering and a new parameter in the API Top domain keywords

Now in the method Top domain keywords of the search engine there is filtering by the main domain or a domain with subdomains. As well as the ability to get data on the keywords of a subdomain + the main domain, or on one of them separately.

New filters in API v4 methods

1.New filters in Keyword ads:
  • keyword
  • keyword_length (from/to/equal)
  • domain (contains)
  • minus_domain
  • region_queries_count (from/to/equal)
  • region_queries_count_wide (from/to/equal)
  • subdomain
  • url (contains)
  • position (from/to/equal)
  • cost (from/to/equal)
  • concurrency (from/to/equal)
  • types (equal)
  • difficulty (from/to/equal)
2.New filters in Related keywords:
  • weight (from/to/equal)
  • right_spelling (true/false)
  • region_queries_count (from/to/equal)
  • region_queries_count_wide (from/to/equal)
  • keyword
  • minus_keywords
  • cost (from/to/equal)
  • concurrency (from/to/equal)
  • difficulty (from/to/equal)
  • keyword
  • minus_keywords
  • right_spelling
4.New filters in Keyword info:
  • keyword
  • minus_keywords
  • cost (from/to/equal)
  • concurrency (from/to/equal)
  • found_results (from/to/equal)
  • region_queries_count (from/to/equal)
  • region_queries_count_wide (from/to/equal)
  • right_spelling
5.New filters in Keywords selection:
  • cost (from/to/equal)
  • right_spelling
  • keyword
  • minus_keywords
  • region_queries_count (from/to/equal)
  • keyword_length (from/to/equal)
  • difficulty (from/to/equal)
  • concurrency (from/to/equal)
6.New filters in URL keywords:
  • cost (from/to/equal)
  • keyword (from/to/equal)
  • position (from/to/equal)
  • concurrency (from/to/equal)
  • keyword_length (from/to/equal)
  • url
  • url_contains
  • difficulty (from/to/equal)
  • traff (from/to/equal)
  • right_spelling (true/false)
  • region_queries_count
  • region_queries_count_wide (from/to/equal)
7.New filters in Top domain keywords:
  • position (from/to/equal)
  • queries (from/to/equal)
  • cost (from/to/equal)
  • concurrency (from/to/equal)
  • url / pm_url
  • keywords
  • minus_keywords

Details are in the video.

General: New

New special element "People also ask" in SERP crawling

In the SERP crawling results, results from the "People also ask" block on Google are now available, which allows you to see additional information on request. Within the issuance, where there is such a special element, you can receive data with an additional block in which there will be a list of questions.

WebMoney disabling

Now it is impossible to make a payment via WebMoney in the shopping cart.

If the WebMoney recurrence is enabled, the funds will be debited until the client disables it. That is, nothing will interfere with your work, and you will remain with the pricing plan. Referral payments via WebMoney are no longer available.

All users received a mailing list with a notification on 02/14.

Keyword Clustering: New

New logic for creating a cluster when transferring keywords

Now the process of creating a cluster occurs in 2 steps. First you create a cluster, and then transfer keywords to it.

Domain Batch Analysis: Improved

Optimized project update

Fixed a bug when updating a project through the project settings did not add data.

Backlink Аnalysis: Improved

Malicious sites information update

In February there was a delay in updating the data. The team found the cause and returned a timely update in the Malicious sites report, i.e. every 24 hours.

General: Improved

Credits additional buying

The window with credits buying did not open when pressing any of the buttons for repurchasing credits in the user profile.

Support chat

Chat with support on the main page in the "Where to start?" section did not open.

Analysis of domains with www

Live domains like www.ru or www.by were truncated to ru/by and no data was collected. Now such domains remain with www, and we remove www from other domains.

Ability to share custom reports, improved usability in the Rank Tracker, and a new SERP feature for SERP Crawling service


Custom Reports: New

Ability to share a custom report even with an unregistered user

Now, viewing Custom Reports is available to all users. Using this functionality, you can generate a convenient report on your taste, save it, and send the link to any user. This feature will appeal to SEO companies that provide reporting for clients.
Details are in the video.

API: New

Brand-new feature "People also ask" in SERP Crawling

In the SERP Crawling service, results from the "People also ask" block on Google features are now available, which allows you to see additional request information.
Details are in the video.
Within the result page, where there is such a SERP feature, you can receive data with an extra block in which there will be a list of questions.

General: Improved

New opportunities for projects' mailing schedule in Rank Tracker

You can immediately get to the mailing list settings for definite modules from the My projects section and check if the mailing list is active. The icon with the envelope will be green; if mailing is enabled for one of the projects, you do not need to go to the project settings to check it. Inside the settings, by clicking on the button with the envelope, it is possible to understand for which module the mailing is active and for which — not, due to the switches highlighted in green (video).

The main improvements relate to Rank tracker. Now you can set specific dates or days of the week ( check this video ), rather than the frequency of mailings, and you can also select up to 5 regions simultaneously and receive information in one letter.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Smooth scrolling of SERPs and more obvious sorting in all reports

Previously, in all Rank tracker reports, when sorting the "Positions" column in ascending order, the data went from 1 to 100, although logically, the position should increase from 100 to 1. Now we have changed the sorting direction on all reports. Details are in the video.

In the SERP history, the loading of the report has been optimized, and the scrolling has become smoother (video fragment).

Malicious links from the Bundestag Security Institute, improved Competitors report, and in-depth analysis of local search results


API: New

Local pack in SERP Crawling

In the SERP Crawling response, you can see a new SERP feature, Local pack, for Google search results. The results are only available for this crawling service. You can read more about promotion in local search in the article.
More in the video.

Backlink Analysis: Improved

Malicious sites from the German Institute of Information Security

We have increased the base of malicious sites by collaborating with BSI, an information security institute that monitors sites that have been involved in violations of the law. Since such websites were created for fraud, you can check if you have such outbound links in the Malicious sites report.

Search Analysis: Improved

Ability to exclude irrelevant competitors from the list

Our algorithm shows many social networks, aggregators, and marketplaces in the Competitors report. We check the semantic proximity by a domain or a keyword. As a result, these competitors are ranked by a vast number of keywords and often cover the semantics of the analyzed domain.

It is possible to create your custom competitor template in the report, but now there is an option that completely excludes irrelevant competitors from the report. So now you can save the setting, add all unrelated domains, and continue working with this template.

General: Improved

Ability to bulk and effortlessly export reports

You can bulk download files on the Latest Reports page via checkboxes, regardless of browser blocked pop-ups. Previously, this factor on the user's side could impact our functionality, but this issue has been fixed now.

New features for a quick request for additional credits and projects transfer in the Rank tracker, White Label updates, and SERP history in PPC


General: New

Groups for projects shared by users

Previously, if projects were shared with a specific user, adding them to the project group was impossible. Now such projects can be added to one of your groups.

General: Improved

Branded charts in White Label

As part of the White label and branded reports, company logos on charts appeared in the interface and exported files. Enterprise customers' reports will only depict the company logo. Users with Standard and Advanced pricing plans imply two stamps: the company and Serpstat.

While importing your logo, it is possible to crop it.

It became easier to create a request for additional credits

A button for purchasing credits appeared in the sidebar, which opens a chat with the Support Service and ready-made request "I want to buy additional credits." Further, you only need to clarify which modules will be assigned credits for your manager.

Domain Batch Analysis: Improved

Accelerated accumulation of domain backlink data

Now, Domain batch analysis works noticeably faster, and our developers have accelerated the acquisition of data from the backlink index, all metrics collected from Backlink analysis.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Transferring historical positions from other SEO tools

When setting up a new project or swapping to the Project Overview report, you can see a message about the possibility of transferring projects to the Serpstat Rank Tracker module. A chat opens with a ready request when you click on the "I want to transfer projects" button. Further, the support specialist will conduct additional assistance. This message can be closed and will not appear again.

SERP history by contextual ads

We've made a separate tab for users who only track PPC regions. And now, access is open to show advertisements and cached results pages. Previously, you had to add organic regions and spend twice more credits to solve this task.

Improvement of the logic in switching the interface language, editing clusters, and the Search engine IP tool


Tools: New

The Search engine IP — a tool to find and identify bots on a site

The sidebar now has a Tools section containing a new functionality — the Search engine IP. The tool aims to check which bot is crawling the site's pages, whether Googlebot or Bingbot. You can check up to 100 IPs.

General: Improved

The preferred interface language is now kept using cookies

We have changed the behavior of the interface language now. When you select the preferred language in the upper right corner on any service's page, it is saved in the profile. In the future, we will, wherever possible, open pages within the selected language.

Keyword Clustering: Improved

The possibility to create clusters in the finished project to make the semantic core more complete and accurate

Previously, it was possible to create a cluster only while transferring keywords. Now, in the created clustering project, you can create several empty clusters, load keywords, and move them. The button is always available on the left in the list of clusters.

Faster Clustering project editing

Previously, when deleting clusters, a required reload of the clustering dashboard was needed; the data in the project was updated for a long time and pulled up for several seconds. Now the cluster disappears immediately, and the deletion logic has been improved.

Updates in Clustering, new response parameters in the Rank Tracker, API methods, and sidebar changes


API: New

Landing pages and frequency in the Rank Tracker API

In two methods of the public API, we added the keyword frequency parameter in the region and the expected URL previously linked to the project. Now you can get all the data from the project using the API. Available methods:

Rank Tracker: New

Adding new keywords to the project in the Rank Tracker became easier

In the Project overview and Positions history, a button to add keywords has appeared in the Project Overview and Positions history in the Rank Tracker. Previously, new words could only be added in the project settings. By clicking on the button, the expected settings tab immediately opens.

General: Improved

The moving from the profile page to the project dashboard

Now, you can return to your projects and the sidebar, right from the credits page. This feature was implemented with the "My Projects" tab for quick access.

Refinement of the sidebar structure

The new sidebar has better rare nesting, and the Task Lists can be found in the sidebar, just below Custom Reports.

Keyword Clustering: Improved

Single-click export by cluster or project

In Keyword clustering, we combined the export for the entire project and a separate cluster; now, it can be done by clicking on one button choosing the desired option.

Quick filters in the Backlink research, new sidebar, and export to Google Spread Sheets in the Rank Tracker report


Backlink Analysis: New

Quick Filters

Now, new abilities have appeared in the Backlinks' analysis reports: you can conveniently filter information from the column headings in a couple of clicks without loading the general filtering option.

We also conducted a full-scale investigation of the backlink databases of the most popular services. Notice the result in our article.

General: New

Sidebar and header design update

Directly, now we have a dark and light sidebar theme, and we hope you enjoy both of them :-) There will be a dark theme by default when you enter the platform, allowing you to switch. The main advantage of the new sidebar is its structure with a minimum of multi-level nesting.

Search Analysis: New

Sorting in the Search suggestions and the Search Questions reports

Now, keywords in these reports have been sorted by date added in descending order.

General: Improved

Changing the design of the project mailing list template

In trigger mailings, we updated the letter's header and footer's design and fixed minor inaccuracies of the previous design.

Domain Batch Analysis: Improved

Sorting in the Domain batch analysis

When creating a new project in Domain batch analysis, the domains will be sorted by name by default.

Team Management: Improved

Shortcomings in the Team management module

Visual technical issues in the Multi-user participation functionality have been fixed.

Keywords language filter, new filtering in API, and sorting in the Keyword Clustering tool


API: New

Filter parameters in the API method "Top keywords by domain" have been expanded

Added the ability of the .getDomainKeywords procedure to receive keywords with a new, increased, or decreased position in SERP.

Search Analysis: New

Filter by the language of keywords has been added in the Search analysis report

Our devs have marked keywords in the Google Ukraine database by language and added filtering by this parameter in the Keyword selection report.

Keyword Clustering: New

Sorting by the number of keywords in a cluster has been added in the Clustering tool

We have even added two sorting options in the Keyword clustering:

  • by the number of keywords in the cluster (the list of clusters on the left);
  • by the frequency of keywords within the cluster.
Rank Tracker: New

Colorful tags in the Rank Tracker

We have added the possibility to assign colors to tags. As a result, one current color can be used on multiple tags painted gray by default. This function makes the table with keywords easier to interpret.

Additional purchase of credits in the profile, improvement of the TLD map, and constantly united credits for the modules of Search analysis and Backlink analysis


General: New

Implemented additional purchase of credits in the profile

Being on the Profile page, you can buy any needed credits instantly.

The possibility of setting an order for the Tasks lists when adding new checklists has been added

Now you can customize the order of categories and their elements in checklist templates using drag & drop.

Constant and united credits for Search analysis and Backlink analysis reports have appeared.

We conducted research and found out that users do not have time to spend up to the end of the available payment plan credits for each module.

Spend the credits on the functionality you need more, and at the end of the subscription, the credits will not "burn out" to zero. Read more about credits systems and how it works in the article.

Backlink Analysis: New

The TLD (top-level domain) map on the Backlinks dashboard has been updated

The Backlink analysis shows the distribution of referring domains by top-level domain on the main dashboard. The analysis can be carried out both by country and domain zones. The table also shows the ratio of zones by region. It has become more apparent, and now it is more suitable for analyzing the data.

Rank Tracker: New

Transferring the SERP history in the Rank tracker to a separate report in the sidebar

The SERP History report has made this functionality more visible to users. However, we retained the old button for switching from the Project overview report.

Keyword Batch Analysis: Improved

Bugs in the Keyword Batch analysis have been fixed

Earlier, some keywords might be stuck in the Batch analysis, and it was also impossible to update or synchronize the frequency. Now, this report works correctly.

Rank Tracker: Improved

The error in displaying the correct volume in the Rank Tracker

Search volume in N/A value for keywords with a definite position in the Rank tracker has been fixed.

New user profile, new filters for API, and improved reporting


General: New

Updated user profile

We have updated the main user profile page to make it more suitable and comprehensible.

Improved distribution of reports

Now, when setting up a mailing list, the first letter will be sent to the specified mail list immediately, and the rest - according to the schedule.

Also, to avoid spam mail of added users — we have limited the number of the first mail sending. Now it cannot be sent more than once per each project.

API: New

New API Filter in the Related keywords section

The semantically related search queries section now filtering by the search volume parameter.

Rank Tracker: New

Search in the SERP history report

Search by keywords added to the SERP history report, and now you do not have to return to the Project overview to choose the keyword you are want to check.

Backlink Analysis: Improved

Domain and Backlink Graphs in the Backlink analysis fixed

Now, charts on Backlinks Dashboard are updated correctly, once a week.

Team Management: Improved

Fixed credits distribution in the Team Management tool

The distribution of pricing plan credits among team members has been fixed. Now that feature works properly.

More options for filtering reports, transferring keywords between projects and other updates


Keyword Batch Analysis: New

Frequency trend export

Keyword batch analysis has a 12-month frequency trend graph. Now this graph can be exported and get detailed information for the last year. For Google sheets, .xls, .xlsx, .csv formats, the frequency dynamics is in a new tab. In PDF format, information is displayed as a graph.

Keyword Clustering: New

Moving keywords to Keyword Clustering

Now you can move keywords from Keyword batch analysis and other search analysis reports (analysis of sites, pages, keywords) to Clustering. If you move keywords to an existing project, the keywords will be added to a new cluster, but clustering will not start automatically. You need to go to the project and re-cluster the semantics, taking into account the added. If you transfer keywords to a new project, the settings window will appear. After that, the clustering process will start automatically.

Team Management: Improved

Inability to view projects of a team member

If an owner of the multi-user team did not have active projects, he could not go to the selection of projects of other members and view projects. Now this is possible regardless of the activity of the projects.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Filtering by the list of featured snippets

Filtering by featured snippets in the "Project overview" report did not work. When clicking on the "Select featured snippets" field, the list with featured snippets did not open.

Backlink Analysis: Improved

Filtering by link attributes and the "between" condition

In reports on incoming and outgoing links, filtering by link attributes has been improved. Corrected data accuracy for the "between" clause for all link analysis reports.

Filtering for multiple values

In the External links reports, the filtering has been corrected for cases when several values were entered for the url_from and url_to parameters.

Updating charts for individual domains

For some domains, the New referring domains, Linking pages dynamics, and New and lost links charts have not been updated since June 28th. Users have addressed such a problem and now the charts are updated every week, according to plan.

New filtering for keywords in the interface and API, optimization of batch analysis projects


API: New

Filtering misspelled keywords

Now in the methods for domain analysis: Top keywords by domain, Domains intersection, General and unique keywords, Domain's ads and for keyword analysis: Related keywords, Keyword info, Keyword's search suggestions, Keyword ads, Keywords selection.

General: New

Moving reports to the side menu

Now the Clustering, Text analysis and Search engines storm tools have been moved to the side menu for quicker access to them.

Search Analysis: Improved

Manual competitor list

Sometimes for the report Competitors in the analysis of keywords PPC, changing the list of competitors to those entered manually, the report did not show data on them, but displayed data for competitors by default.

Domain display in the Competitors report

The searched domain did not appear in the first place of the table in the Competitors report.

Because of this, it was difficult to compare searches for a domain and competitors in terms of the number of keywords and visibility.

Base change when switching between reports

In the Subdomains report, after clicking on the link in the "Keywords for SEO" column, the wrong number of keywords was displayed and the search was performed using a different database than was originally set.

Improved display of the Domain comparison graph

Previously, when clicking on the chart, and then changing the position of the mouse, the tooltip remained on the chart, and later overlapped a part of the report, for example, the export window.

Keyword Batch Analysis: Improved

Expired credits warning in Keyword batch analysis

If a user without saved projects has run out of credits for keyword batch analysis, a warning that the credits has run out did not appear.

Regions duplicating when updating data by a keyword

When more than one project keyword was selected and the data was updated by a keyword, another copy region was added to update the data.

Creation of projects up to 100,000 keywords

Some users were unable to create projects with 100,000 keywords. The problem was eliminatedm, and now it is possible by adding up to 10,000 keywords at a time.

Keyword Сlustering: Improved

Adding URLs to Clusters

For some users, adding pages to project clusters was not possible. The functionality is now working properly.

Keywords quality control, new section for batch analyses, White label reports


Search Analysis: New

Domain and keyword batch analysis

Both reports are now located in the sidebar in Batch analysis section.

Transferring Keyword quality control projects

Previously, the tool was located separately, but now it can be found in the Keyword batch analysis and work with Google databases.

Recurring payment reminder

Now, with the recurring payment enabled, you will receive a reminder letter about the withdrawal of funds 3 days before. This will serve as your assistant in setting up your profile correctly. And the letter will contain a link to the profile settings, where you can change the card or cancel the recurrent payment.

Rank Tracker: New

Positions history export

The export of Positions history takes place in Google Sheets to the Google Drive of your account, to which you give Serpstat permission.

API: Improved

Data for different registers

Previously, the data differed when analyzing the same domain with different register. Results are now register insensitive in reports: dashboard.getOrganicKeywords and dashboard.getAdsKeywords.

General: Improved

White label in Custom reports

The White label function did not work in Custom reports, in order to remove the Serpstat logo from the report.

Rank Tracker: Improved

Saving tags for re-added keywords

If in the Rank tracker project you assigned one or several tags to a keyword, and then deleted it from the project and added it again, the previous tag will automatically be assigned to this keyword.

More opportunities for competitor and batch analysis, new API method and more!


Rank Tracker: New

A new date for positions tracking

In Rank tracker projects, the date for which domain positions are tracked has appeared opposite keywords.

The updated Competitors v.3 report

The team has improved the Competitors report and now you can: analyze more than 100 domains in the API; visualize traffic, the number of keywords and the average position on the chart; analyze competitors in SEO and PPC without credits charging off; compare domains on the chart; generate a list of competitors manually.

A new API method for getting a projects list

The RtApiProjectProcedure.getProjects method returns a list of projects, as well as their status, access type, name and domain. The procedure will allow you to configure automatic integration with other services such as Oviond. Getting the project ID from this procedure, use the rest of the monitoring API methods to get project data without going into the interface.

Sorting by frequency and position in Custom reports

The report data can be sorted by frequency and position in Custom reports. Create customized reports by combining data from all modules and arranging them in the desired order.

Autocomplete when adding tags

When adding a new tag in the Project overview report, a list of already created tags that contain a part of the entered word will drop out. This way you will not accidentally create similar tags or get confused when searching for them and working with keywords.

And if, when searching for a tag, you do not find it in the project, the tool will offer to create and add this tag to the project.

SERP History export

The SERP History report, which shows the entire issue by day for a specific keyword, can now be exported in .csv, .xls, .xlsx formats.

Search Analysis: New

Batch analysis supports large sites

Domain batch analysis began to work with the new index: it became faster and supports large sites such as Facebook, Amazon.

Get to know what tasks the tool can solve

Keyword difficulty is open for 8 more databases

Now the indicator is open for Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Bulgaria, Belarus, Japan, Latvia, India in the reports: Keywords selection, Related keywords, Domain analysis / SEO and PPC keywords, URL analysis / Keywords.

Synchronization of frequency, search results and adding kewyords in Batch analysis

The Keywords batch analysis report has been updated with new features. To synchronize or update the frequency, update the SERP for a keyword or add keywords to a Serpstat database, mark the necessary keywords, click on the button in the form of an arrow in the upper right corner and select one of the operations.

How to speed up processes with the tool

General: Improved

Improved registration via social networks

The registration process through social networks is faster thanks to troubleshooting.

Your account is even more secure

Now Serpstat users do not need to worry about the safety of their data, because when changing your password, you will receive a notification email.

Advanced filtering and sorting functionality, new index for link analysis and other improvements


Search Analysis: New

Mini graph of frequency in Keyword batch analysis

A new thumbnail graph with frequency dynamics for the last 12 months for each keyword in the batch analysis report.

New filter by Connection strength for the report Related keywords

You can now filter keywords by Connection strength in the Related keywords report.

Backlink Analysis: New

Sorting and filtering by date

Sorting and filtering by indexation, update and loss dates have been added to the reports of backlinks and external links.

We also added filtering by the date of the first link or domain detection in reports: Referring domains (except for the redirecting tab), External domains, Anchors, Top pages, Links intersect.

Backlink analysis reports moved to new index

All reports of the module have moved to the new index and all processes have accelerated. For example, for very large sites, the maximum load is now 15 seconds.

Tool for recrawling a list of pages in Backlink analysis

In all reports of the module, a button has appeared in the upper right corner for sending a list of pages for checking by Serpstat bots. This speeds up the data refresh process and keeps the reports up to date.

New quick filters in reports

The "Оnly subdomains" filter will allow you to view data without taking into account links from subdomains.

New domains / links per week is a quick way to check the latest data from the last week.

And one more filter is "Only backlinks from main pages". Find out the number of referring domains / links from unique IPs.

Site Audit: Improved

Correct display of the scanning period of a project

Fixed inconsistency between the scanning period of a project in the settings and the schedule of the Audit summary.

Rank Tracker: Improved

New name for the report Keywords

The Project overview has been added to the side menu in the Rank tracker module. Don't worry, this is just a new title of the Keywords report. All project data in place.

Positions are available even at the time of project update

Now in the Project overview during the updating of positions, the positions from the last update are displayed for keywords. Previously, for all keywords the time of the update, instead of positions, only the loading animation was visible, and to analyze the data, you had to wait for new data to appear.

Simplified filtering in reports

Now, to filter keywords by tags, you don't need to use dropdown. In the Project overview report, click on the corresponding tag next to a keyword in the table and keywords with the tag of the same name will be filtered. To reset the filter, click on the cross next to the tag.

New location of Position history

Previously, the report was in the Project overview, and it was more difficult to get to it. Now, the Positions history has been moved to the side menu, which speeds up the navigation through the service.

New API methods to get link dynamics, task list, parsing balance and improve other reports


АPI: New

New method for obtaining information about the account balance SERP Crawling

Previously, in order to understand the balance of money and credits on the account, you had to write to our manager. The tasks.getParsingBalance method returns the amount of money in the account, namely: the account balance and the number, accurate to hundredths; the cost of one punching for crawling the top and crawling the frequency with an accuracy of 4 decimal places.

New method for SERP Crawling to get a list of tasks and their status

Many of you set dozens of small tasks for crawling top and in order to check the status of these tasks at any time, use the tasks.getList method.

New method for getting a graph of new / lost links

The getBacklinksChangesHistory method returns the history of found and lost backlinks for the analyzed site, similar to the "Linking page dynamics" and "New and lost backlinks" charts in the "Backlink dashboard".

General: New

New block with credits in the profile

With the release of a new tool for batch analysis, in the profile you can see new credits for tracking the balance on your plan.

New blog category Serpstat updates

At the top of the service there is a section with updates and new features of the service, as well as a changelog of changes that you are reading now :) Save to bookmarks and use the service to its fullest.

Optimized search for blog articles in different languages

When searching for an article, if results are found in other language versions of the blog, a button "Show results in other languages" will appear to speed up the process of finding the desired material.

Keyword Batch Analysis: Improved

Configuring the display of the Keywords batch analysis report

We added the ability to delete, swap and change the width of columns in Keyword batch analysis. This way you can focus on the data that matters most.

Up to 10 000 keywords to import into a project

Now you can add up to 10 000 keywords at a time to a project, which speeds up the creation of massive projects.

How to analyze up to 100 000 keywords with the tool

Backlink Analysis: Improved

Improved filtering in the "Malicious sites" report

Previously, the filter by date worked incorrectly, and the data was displayed in the same way as without the filter — this problem has been fixed.

Updated module dashboard in My Projects

The block with links has been supplemented with new data for the convenience of quick analysis, namely: the number of malicious domains-acceptors and -donors, active links and domain SDR.

Keyword Clustering: Improved

Updated Clustering tool

Now add up to 50 000 keywords in one project!

Frequency is indicated for all keywords, and you can select the most ambitious clusters for pages without leaving the tool.

Thanks to a simplified interface and moving to the react technology, keyword clustering is faster.

And keywords can be manually moved between clusters — useful for collecting semantics for pages with unique or diverse topics.

How to group up to 50 000 keywords automatically using Serpstat "Clustering"

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