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The list of Serpstat updates in brief


Quick filters in the Backlink research, new sidebar, and export to Google Spread Sheets in the Rank Tracker report

Team management: Improved
Directly, now we have a dark and light sidebar theme, and we hope you enjoy both of them :-) There will be a dark theme by default when you enter the platform, allowing you to switch. The main advantage of the new sidebar is its structure with a minimum of multi-level nesting.

Sidebar and header design update

Now, keywords in these reports have been sorted by date added in descending order.

Sorting in the Search suggestions and the Search Questions reports

In trigger mailings, we updated the letter's header and footer's design and fixed minor inaccuracies of the previous design.

Changing the design of the project mailing list template

Domain Batch Analysis: Improved
When creating a new project in Domain batch analysis, the domains will be sorted by name by default.

Sorting in the Domain batch analysis

Visual technical issues in the Multi-user participation functionality have been fixed.

Shortcomings in the Team management module

Search analytics: New
General: New

Quick Filters

Now, new abilities have appeared in the Backlinks' analysis reports: you can conveniently filter information from the column headings in a couple of clicks without loading the general filtering option.
We also conducted a full-scale investigation of the backlink databases of the most popular services. Notice the result in our article.
Backlinks research: New

Keywords language filter, new filtering in API, and sorting in the Keyword Clustering tool


We have even added two sorting options in the Keyword clustering:
-by the number of keywords in the cluster (the list of clusters on the left);
-by the frequency of keywords within the cluster.

Sorting by the number of keywords in a cluster has been added in the Clustering tool.

We have added the possibility to assign colors to tags. As a result, one current color can be used on multiple tags painted gray by default. This function makes the table with keywords easier to interpret.

Colorful tags in the Rank Tracker

Added the ability of the .getDomainKeywords procedure to receive keywords with a new, increased, or decreased position in SERP.
Our devs have marked keywords in the Google Ukraine database by language and added filtering by this parameter in the Keyword selection report.

Filter parameters in the API method "Top keywords by domain" have been expanded

Filter by the language of keywords has been added in the Search analytics report

API: New
Search analytics: New
Keyword Clustering tool: New
Rank Tracker: New

Additional purchase of credits in the profile, improvement of the TLD map, and constantly united credits for the modules of Search analytics and Backlink analysis


Keywords Batch analysis: Improved
Rank Tracker: Improved
Earlier, some keywords might be stuck in the Batch analysis, and it was also impossible to update or synchronize the frequency. Now, this report works correctly.

Bugs in the Keywords Batch analysis have been fixed

Search volume in N/A value for keywords with a definite position in the Rank tracker has been fixed.

The error in displaying the correct volume in the Rank Tracker

Being on the Profile page, you can buy any needed credits instantly.
The Backlink analysis shows the distribution of referring domains by top-level domain on the main dashboard. The analysis can be carried out both by country and domain zones. The table also shows the ratio of zones by region. It has become more apparent, and now it is more suitable for analyzing the data.

Implemented additional purchase of credits in the profile

The TLD (top-level domain) map on the Backlinks dashboard has been updated

General: New
Backlinks Research: New

The possibility of setting an order for the Tasks lists when adding new checklists has been added.

Now you can customize the order of categories and their elements in checklist templates using drag & drop.

Constant and united credits for Search analytics and Backlink analysis reports have appeared.

We conducted research and found out that users do not have time to spend up to the end of the available payment plan credits for each module.
Spend the credits on the functionality you need more, and at the end of the subscription, the credits will not "burn out" to zero. Read more about credits systems and how it works in the article.
Rank Tracker: New
The SERP History report has made this functionality more visible to users. However, we retained the old button for switching from the Project overview report.

Transferring the SERP history in the Rank tracker to a separate report in the sidebar

New user profile, new filters for API, and improved reporting

Team management: Improved
Now, when setting up a mailing list, the first letter will be sent to the specified mail list immediately, and the rest - according to the schedule.
Also, to avoid spam mail of added users — we have limited the number of the first mail sending. Now it cannot be sent more than once per each project.

Improved distribution of reports

Search by keywords added to the SERP history report, and now you do not have to return to the Project overview to choose the keyword you are want to check.

Search in the SERP history report

The semantically related search queries section now filtering by the search volume parameter.

New API Filter in the Related keywords section

Backlinks research: Improved
Now, charts on Backlinks Dashboard are updated correctly, once a week.

Domain and Backlink Graphs in the Backlink analysis fixed

The distribution of pricing plan credits among team members has been fixed. Now that feature works properly.

Fixed credits distribution in the Team Management tool

Rank tracker: New
API: New

Updated user profile

We have updated the main user profile page to make it more suitable and comprehensible.
General: New

More options for filtering reports, transferring keywords between projects and other updates


Team management: Improved
Rank tracker: Improved
If an owner of the multi-user team did not have active projects, he could not go to the selection of projects of other members and view projects. Now this is possible regardless of the activity of the projects.

Inability to view projects of a team member

Filtering by featured snippets in the "Project overview" report did not work. When clicking on the "Select featured snippets" field, the list with featured snippets did not open.

Filtering by the list of featured snippets

Keyword batch analysis has a 12-month frequency trend graph. Now this graph can be exported and get detailed information for the last year. For Google sheets, .xls, .xlsx, .csv formats, the frequency dynamics is in a new tab. In PDF format, information is displayed as a graph.
Now you can move keywords from Keyword batch analysis and other search analytics reports (analysis of sites, pages, keywords) to Clustering. If you move keywords to an existing project, the keywords will be added to a new cluster, but clustering will not start automatically. You need to go to the project and re-cluster the semantics, taking into account the added. If you transfer keywords to a new project, the settings window will appear. After that, the clustering process will start automatically.

Frequency trend export

Moving keywords to Keyword clustering

Keyword batch analysis: New
Keyword clustering: New
Backlinks: Improved
In reports on incoming and outgoing links, filtering by link attributes has been improved. Corrected data accuracy for the "between" clause for all link analysis reports.

Filtering by link attributes and the "between" condition

In the External links reports, the filtering has been corrected for cases when several values were entered for the url_from and url_to parameters.

Filtering for multiple values

For some domains, the New referring domains, Linking pages dynamics, and New and lost links charts have not been updated since June 28th. Users have addressed such a problem and now the charts are updated every week, according to plan.

Updating charts for individual domains

Filtering misspelled keywords

New filtering for keywords in the interface and API, optimization of batch analysis projects

Search analysis: Improved

Now the Clustering, Text analysis and Search engines storm tools have been moved to the side menu for quicker access to them.

Moving reports to the side menu

General: New
API: New
Sometimes for the report Competitors in the analysis of keywords PPC, changing the list of competitors to those entered manually, the report did not show data on them, but displayed data for competitors by default.

Manual competitor list

In the Subdomains report, after clicking on the link in the "Keywords for SEO" column, the wrong number of keywords was displayed and the search was performed using a different database than was originally set.

Base change when switching between reports

Keyword batch analysis: Improved
The searched domain did not appear in the first place of the table in the Competitors report.
Because of this, it was difficult to compare searches for a domain and competitors in terms of the number of keywords and visibility.

Domain display in the Competitors report

If a user without saved projects has run out of credits for keyword batch analysis, a warning that the credits has run out did not appear.

Expired credits warning in Keyword batch analysis

When more than one project keyword was selected and the data was updated by a keyword, another copy region was added to update the data.

Regions duplicating when updating data by a keyword

Previously, when clicking on the chart, and then changing the position of the mouse, the tooltip remained on the chart, and later overlapped a part of the report, for example, the export window.

Improved display of the Domain comparison graph

Some users were unable to create projects with 100,000 keywords. The problem was eliminatedm, and now it is possible by adding up to 10,000 keywords at a time.

Creation of projects up to 100,000 keywords

Keyword clustering: Improved
For some users, adding pages to project clusters was not possible. The functionality is now working properly.

Adding URLs to Clusters

Recurring payment reminder

Transferring Keyword quality control projects

Domain and keyword batch analysis

Keywords quality control, new section for batch analyses, White label reports

Previously, the tool was located separately, but now it can be found in the Keyword batch analysis and work not only with Yandex, but also Google databases.
Now, with the recurring payment enabled, you will receive a reminder letter about the withdrawal of funds 3 days before. This will serve as your assistant in setting up your profile correctly. And the letter will contain a link to the profile settings, where you can change the card or cancel the recurrent payment.
Both reports are now located in the sidebar in Batch analysis section.
API: Improved

The export of Positions history takes place in Google Sheets to the Google Drive of your account, to which you give Serpstat permission.

Positions history export

Rank tracker: New
Search analysis: New
Previously, the data differed when analyzing the same domain with different register. Results are now register insensitive in reports: dashboard.getOrganicKeywords and dashboard.getAdsKeywords.

Data for different registers

If in the Rank tracker project you assigned one or several tags to a keyword, and then deleted it from the project and added it again, the previous tag will automatically be assigned to this keyword.

Saving tags for re-added keywords

General: Improved
The White label function did not work in Custom reports, in order to remove the Serpstat logo from the report.

White label in Custom reports

Rank tracker: Improved

A new API method for getting a projects list

The updated Competitors v.3 report

A new date for positions tracking

More opportunities for competitor and batch analysis, new API method and more!

The team has improved the Competitors report and now you can: analyze more than 100 domains in the API; visualize traffic, the number of keywords and the average position on the chart; analyze competitors in SEO and PPC without credits charging off; compare domains on the chart; generate a list of competitors manually.
The RtApiProjectProcedure.getProjects method returns a list of projects, as well as their status, access type, name and domain. The procedure will allow you to configure automatic integration with other services such as Oviond. Getting the project ID from this procedure, use the rest of the monitoring API methods to get project data without going into the interface.
In Rank tracker projects, the date for which domain positions are tracked has appeared opposite keywords.
General: Improved

The report data can be sorted by frequency and position in Custom reports. Create customized reports by combining data from all modules and arranging them in the desired order.

Sorting by frequency and position in Custom reports

When adding a new tag in the Project overview report, a list of already created tags that contain a part of the entered word will drop out. This way you will not accidentally create similar tags or get confused when searching for them and working with keywords.
And if, when searching for a tag, you do not find it in the project, the tool will offer to create and add this tag to the project.
The SERP History report, which shows the entire issue by day for a specific keyword, can now be exported in .csv, .xls, .xlsx formats.

SERP History export

Domain batch analysis began to work with the new index: it became faster and supports large sites such as Facebook, Amazon.
Get to know what tasks the tool can solve

Batch analysis supports large sites

Autocomplete when adding tags

Search analysis: New
Now the indicator is open for Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Bulgaria, Belarus, Japan, Latvia, India in the reports: Keywords selection, Related keywords, Domain analysis / SEO and PPC keywords, URL analysis / Keywords.

Keyword difficulty is open for 8 bases more

The Keywords batch analysis report has been updated with new features. To synchronize or update the frequency, update the SERP for a keyword or add keywords to a Serpstat database, mark the necessary keywords, click on the button in the form of an arrow in the upper right corner and select one of the operations.
How to speed up processes with the tool

Synchronization of frequency, search results and adding kewyords in Batch analysis

Rank tracker: New
The registration process through social networks is faster thanks to troubleshooting.

Improved registration via social networks

Now Serpstat users do not need to worry about the safety of their data, because when changing your password, you will receive a notification email.

Your account is even more secure

Advanced filtering and sorting functionality, new index for link analysis and other improvements


A new thumbnail graph with frequency dynamics for the last 12 months for each keyword in the batch analysis report.

Mini graph of frequency in Keyword batch analysis

All reports of the module have moved to the new index and all processes have accelerated. For example, for very large sites, the maximum load is now 15 seconds.

Backlink analysis reports moved to new index

Sorting and filtering by indexation, update and loss dates have been added to the reports of backlinks and external links.
We also added filtering by the date of the first link or domain detection in reports: Referring domains (except for the redirecting tab), External domains, Anchors, Top pages, Links intersect.

Sorting and filtering by date

You can now filter keywords by Connection strength in the Related keywords report.

New filter by Connection strength for the report Related keywords

In all reports of the module, a button has appeared in the upper right corner for sending a list of pages for checking by Serpstat bots. This speeds up the data refresh process and keeps the reports up to date.

Tool for recrawling a list of pages in Backlink analysis

The "Оnly subdomains" filter will allow you to view data without taking into account links from subdomains.
New domains / links per week is a quick way to check the latest data from the last week.
And one more filter is "Only backlinks from main pages". Find out the number of referring domains / links from unique IPs.

New quick filters in reports

Fixed inconsistency between the scanning period of a project in the settings and the schedule of the Audit summary.

Correct display of the scanning period of a project

The Project overview has been added to the side menu in the Rank tracker module. Don't worry, this is just a new title of the Keywords report. All project data in place.

New name for the report Keywords

Now in the Project overview during the updating of positions, the positions from the last update are displayed for keywords. Previously, for all keywords the time of the update, instead of positions, only the loading animation was visible, and to analyze the data, you had to wait for new data to appear.

Positions are available even at the time of project update

Now, to filter keywords by tags, you don't need to use dropdown. In the Project overview report, click on the corresponding tag next to a keyword in the table and keywords with the tag of the same name will be filtered. To reset the filter, click on the cross next to the tag.

Simplified filtering in reports

Previously, the report was in the Project overview, and it was more difficult to get to it. Now, the Positions history has been moved to the side menu, which speeds up the navigation through the service.

New location of Position history

Search analysis: New
Backlinks: New
Audit: Improved
Rank tracker: Improved

New API methods to get link dynamics, task list, parsing balance and improve other reports


АPI: New
Previously, in order to understand the balance of money and credits on the account, you had to write to our manager. The tasks.getParsingBalance method returns the amount of money in the account, namely: the account balance and the number, accurate to hundredths; the cost of one punching for crawling the top and crawling the frequency with an accuracy of 4 decimal places.

New method for obtaining information about the account balance SERP Crawling

Many of you set dozens of small tasks for crawling top and in order to check the status of these tasks at any time, use the tasks.getList method.

New method for SERP Crawling to get a list of tasks and their status

The getBacklinksChangesHistory method returns the history of found and lost backlinks for the analyzed site, similar to the "Linking page dynamics" and "New and lost backlinks" charts in the "Backlink dashboard".

New method for getting a graph of new / lost links

With the release of a new tool for batch analysis, in the profile you can see new credits for tracking the balance on your plan.

New block with credits in the profile

At the top of the service there is a section with updates and new features of the service, as well as a changelog of changes that you are reading now :) Save to bookmarks and use the service to its fullest.

New blog category Serpstat updates

When searching for an article, if results are found in other language versions of the blog, a button "Show results in other languages" will appear to speed up the process of finding the desired material.

Optimized search for blog articles in different languages

General: New
Batch analysis: Improved
We added the ability to delete, swap and change the width of columns in Keyword batch analysis. This way you can focus on the data that matters most.

Configuring the display of the Keywords batch analysis report

Now you can add up to 10 000 keywords at a time to a project, which speeds up the creation of massive projects.
How to analyze up to 100 000 keywords with the tool

Up to 10 000 keywords to import into a project

Previously, the filter by date worked incorrectly, and the data was displayed in the same way as without the filter — this problem has been fixed.

Improved filtering in the "Malicious sites" report

Backlinks: Improved
The block with links has been supplemented with new data for the convenience of quick analysis, namely: the number of malicious domains-acceptors and -donors, active links and domain SDR.

Updated module dashboard in My Projects

Now add up to 50 000 keywords in one project!
Frequency is indicated for all keywords, and you can select the most ambitious clusters for pages without leaving the tool.
Thanks to a simplified interface and moving to the react technology, keyword clustering is faster.

And keywords can be manually moved between clusters — useful for collecting semantics for pages with unique or diverse topics.
How to group up to 50 000 keywords automatically using Serpstat "Clustering"

Updated Clustering tool

Clustering: Improved

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