Summary report

The getSummaryV2 method gives you general information about link profile: number of external links, referring IP addresses and subnets, number of referring domains and subdomains, domain authority indicator and types of referring links. The data set is similar to the Overview report.

The data in this report and all the detailed reports can differ slightly due to the algorithm for quickly calculating summary data.

General request parameters and instructions for using Serpstat API

Request parameters
Parameter Description
id required A request id: the response contains the same id. Enter any number (number) or text (string) value
method required API method name: SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getSummaryV2
params required The object with parameters {...}, it lists all the following parameters and arrays [...]
query required A domain of the analyzed site. Specify the domain without HTTP, HTTPS, and "/"
searchType optional Search type:
* domain - only domain (

* domain_with_subdomains - domain with subdomains (

Response parameters
Parameter Description
id Response id corresponds the request id

Contains the answer


Array which contains objects with data


Serpstat Domain Rank (SDR) — an indicator of domain authority


Number of referring domains


Change in the number of links during the last 7 days


Number of referring redirecting domains


Number of referring malicious domains

referring_malicious_domains_change Change in the number of referrin malicious domains during the last 7 days

Number of referring IP-addresees

referring_ip_addresses_change Change in the number of referring IP-addresees during the last 7 days
referring_subnets Number of referring subnets
referring_subnets_change Change in the number of referring subnets during the last 7 days

Number of backlinks

backlinks_change Change in the number of backlinks during the last 7 days
backlinks_from_mainpages Number of backlinks from mainpages
backlinks_from_mainpages_change Change in the number of backlinks from mainpages during the last 7 days
nofollow_backlinks Number of nofollow backlinks
nofollow_backlinks_change Change in the number of nofollow backlinks during the last 7 days
dofollow_backlinks Number of dofollow backlinks
dofollow_backlinks_change Change in the number of dofollow backlinks during the last 7 days

Number of text backlinks

text_backlinks_change Change in the number of text backlinks during the last 7 days

Number of image backlinks

image_backlinks_change Change in the number of image backlinks during the last 7 days

Number of referring redirects

redirect_backlinks_change Change in the number of referring redirects during the last 7 days
canonical_backlinks Number of backlinks rel="canonical"
canonical_backlinks_change Change in the number of backlinks rel="canonical" during the last 7 days
alternate_backlinks Number of backlinks from tag
alternate_backlinks_change Change in the number of backlinks from tag during the last 7 days
rss_backlinks Number of RSS backlinks
rss_backlinks_change Change in the number of RSS backlinks during the last 7 days
frame_backlinks Number of <frame> backlinks
frame_backlinks_change Change in the number of <frame> backlinks during the last 7 days
form_backlinks Number of <form> backlinks
form_backlinks_change Change in the number of <form> backlinks during the last 7 days

Number of domains to which the analyzed domain links

external_domains_change Change in the number of domains to which the analyzed domain links during the last 7 days
external_malicious_domains Number of malicious domains to which the analyzed domain links
external_malicious_domains_change Change in the number of malicious domains to which the analyzed domain links during the last 7 days

Number of links from the analyzed domain

external_links_change Change in the number of links from the analyzed domain during the last 7 days

Contains an object with data


Left credits of API lines for your pricing plan

5 API credits are spent per 1 request.

Request data:
 "id": "1",
 "method": "SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getSummaryV2",
 "params": {
     "query" : "",
     "searchType": "domain_with_subdomains"
Response data:
    "id": "1",
    "result": {
        "data": {
            "sersptat_domain_rank": 99,
            "referring_domains": 39678243,
            "referring_domains_change": -8178,
            "redirected_domains": 23066,
            "referring_malicious_domains": 4297,
            "referring_malicious_domains_change": 1259,
            "referring_ip_addresses": 2592040,
            "referring_ip_addresses_change": -2467,
            "referring_subnets": 450204,
            "referring_subnets_change": -302,
            "backlinks": 18587593816,
            "backlinks_change": 3562905,
            "backlinks_from_mainpages": 85215869,
            "backlinks_from_mainpages_change": 16543,
            "nofollow_backlinks": 2862744909,
            "nofollow_backlinks_change": 699731,
            "dofollow_backlinks": 15724848907,
            "dofollow_backlinks_change": 2863174,
            "text_backlinks": 14173884582,
            "text_backlinks_change": 4252754,
            "image_backlinks": 3320082305,
            "image_backlinks_change": -215956,
            "redirect_backlinks": 67626625,
            "redirect_backlinks_change": -107092,
            "canonical_backlinks": 132149,
            "canonical_backlinks_change": 111,
            "alternate_backlinks": 430280,
            "alternate_backlinks_change": 3740,
            "rss_backlinks": 23945,
            "rss_backlinks_change": 0,
            "frame_backlinks": 1022987204,
            "frame_backlinks_change": -370846,
            "form_backlinks": 2426726,
            "form_backlinks_change": 194,
            "external_domains": 120,
            "external_domains_change": 0,
            "external_malicious_domains": 0,
            "external_malicious_domains_change": 0,
            "external_links": 54230,
            "external_links_change": 0
        "summary_info": {
            "left_lines": 988479

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