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Domain's competitors

Competitors report shows the distribution of positions, traffic, and the number of keywords for which a domain ranks in the top 100 Google or the top 50 Yandex. Suitable for analyzing both organic and paid search results.

The graph changes depending on the selected indicator for analysis. The screenshot below shows three options:
- traffic share (%),
- keywords quantity,
- average position.

Competitors 16261788667977

The table below the graph lists the top 100 competitors. Add to the graph up to 10 domains you are interested in by checking the boxes.
To analyze more domains, go to the API. We will be expanding the number of domains in the table shortly.

Let's see what the analysis is for by three indicators: traffic share, keywords quantity, and average position.
"Traffic share" — the share of domain traffic in the total traffic of all domains in the top 20 of the search engine.
It will show you part of your site's traffic, which competitor is in the lead, and what domain will help optimize your site: analyzing the semantics of a competitor and adding missing keywords, backlink profile, PPC.
This slice of the market shows an improvement in the site's rankings for specific phrases and growth in traffic.
To analyze market, divide the site into conditional segments and goods/products. Assign each group the appropriate mark and use the tag filter to analyze each group separately:

Competitors 16261788667978

This grouping will show you the complete statistics. Each group of keywords will have its competitors and its visibility in the search. You will see your place in every such niche in the market.

"Keywords quantity" — the number of keywords for which a domain ranks in search results.
The graph shows the quantity of the keywords changing in the analyzed domains — this will help you understand how actively competitors work with semantics and optimize the work on their side. After all, the more keywords a competitor has, the more chances he has to take the first positions, overtake you in traffic.

"Average position" — the average position of a domain for all keywords of a project. The domain's most frequent position in the search results is displayed as the best position.
Suitable for analyzing domain positions. Add competitors to the graph and see who is ahead of you in the average position. Analyze your competitor in the Domain analysis: Keywords report. Upload the keywords using a filter by Frequency and add them to your site. This strategy will increase your chances of positioning higher.

View graphs in the Competitors report within the desired period. It allows to see the distribution of indicators of competing domains in the top 100 search results and assesses the dynamics of their changes.

Competitors 16261788667978

At the top of the report, there are quick filters to switch between report modes quickly.

Competitors 16261788667978

To analyze paid search, configure positions' update for PPC in the project settings. To do this, go to the Search regions section and add the required SERP type, as in the screenshot below.

Competitors 16261788667978

To analyze metrics for paid SERPs, change the switch to "Paid" in the Competitors report.

Competitors 16261788667978