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Getting a list of tasks with status (tasks.getList)

The tasks.getList method allows getting a list of required tasks with status.

General request parameters and instructions for using Serpstat API

Request parameters
Parameter Description Type Optional Value options
id The identifier of a current request can be set manually or automatically string no 1, test
method API method name string no tasks.getList
params Object with parameters object no
page Response page number int yes "page": 2
pageSize Answer size per page (from 100 to 1000) int yes "pageSize": 1000

Response parameters
Parameter Description
id Identifiers of the current request
result Contains the answer
Crawling identifier
se_id Search engine identifier
country_id Country identifier
lang_id Language identifier
region_id Region or city identifier
device_type_id Device type identifier
progress Task execution progress percent
keywords_count Keywords quantity in the task
created_at Date and time, when the task was created
parsed_at Date and time, when the task was completed

Request data:
  "id": 1,
  "method": "tasks.getList",
  "params": {
       "page": 1,
       "pageSize": 1000
Response data:
    "id": "1",
    "result": [
            "task_id": "2071484",
            "se_id": "1",
            "country_id": "23",
            "lang_id": "1",
            "region_id": "21176",
            "device_type_id": "1",
            "progress": "100%",
            "keywords_count": "3",
            "created_at": "2021-07-30 16:21:30",
            "parsed_at": "2021-07-30 16:25:45"
            "task_id": "2071492",
            "se_id": "1",
            "country_id": "23",
            "lang_id": "1",
            "region_id": "0",
            "device_type_id": "1",
            "progress": "100%",
            "keywords_count": "2",
            "created_at": "2021-07-30 16:54:54",
            "parsed_at": "2021-07-30 17:00:45"