SERP crawling

SERP crawling is the tool for getting search engine results for an extra charge. It includes the following API methods:

  • tasks.addTask — send keywords to crawl regular SERP and local results and get a task id for further queries;
  • tasks.addKeywordList send keywords with commas to crawl regular SERP and local results as an array;
  • tasks.getTaskResult — get a SERP Crawling of regular and local results using the identifiers;
  • tasks.getKeywordSerp  get the raw SERP in HTML format;
  • tasks.getParsingBalance — balance check on the account, used for SERP and volume parsing;
  • tasks.getList — get a list of tasks with status.

For getting Serp Crawling Tool results you should work with HTTP API for results of last tracking. API works using the JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol.

  • all you need to use are POST requests;
  • endpoint:
  • to get started with Serpstat API, create an access token. To do this, go to your profile and click the "Get API key" button;
  • data should be UTF-8 encoded;
  • the requested data is returned in JSON format.

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