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Rank Tracker offers keyword tracking at global and local levels on a daily basis, while offering a unique opportunity to get positions of competitor domains for the tracked keywords alongside your own without creating additional projects or spending extra keyword credits. Another outstanding point about Serstat Rank Tracker is the analytics data on search traffic distribution for the tracked keywords  between your domain and competitors, as well as visibility fluctuations for chosen keywords. Serpstat makes keyword tracking easy and reliable, supports multilingual rank tracking and creating custom reports. Projects can be added to groups.

To start rank tracking, you need to create a project for your domain in the List of Projects. Go to this section and click on Create New ProjectEnter the domain name, give a name to your project, assign it to a group (optional) and click on Create. Upon that, you'll see the the project dashboard with a bunch of performance data: backlinks, site audit score, tracking rankings, SEO and paid keywords and so forth.   

To change the rank tracking settings of an existing project, click on on the gear icon on the project dashboard. To delete a project, click on the trash icon.

Rank Tracking Settings

Project Name

You can change the project name or add / alter competitors to track side-by-side with your domain.

Search Engine

You can add / change search engines or tracking locations.


Rank Tracker supports several options to add keywords

  • manual adding;
  • import from a CSV or TXT file;
  • selecting keywords from a list of suggested keywords.

In the project settings, you can add new keywords, delete existing ones or assign them into groups for slicing the analytical data.


You can set up tracking to daily, every 3 days or weekly updates.

Project Sharing

You can invite someone to your project with privileges of a user or an admin.

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