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Rank tracker

To start tracking positions in the "My projects" section, click the "Start tracking" button.

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Step #1  — you need to specify the general project settings:

Rank tracker 16261788667265

1. Tracking type  — using the tracking type, you can set the mode by which the project positions will be tracked.
There are 4 types of tracking:
- project domain only;
- whole site;
- by the exact URL;
- by URL prefix.

This setting affects the output of data on positions on all reports.
Site mirrors  — full or partial copy of the site content.
Competitors to track  — positions are saved only by the project domain by default, but if you want to track separately the positions of your competitors, you should add them to the "Competitors in top".
Tracking schedule  — the ability to configure a flexible schedule for the frequency of site tracking:
- daily;
- by weekdays ;
- by month days.

Rank tracker 16261788667265

Time zone  — set by default after project creation and coincides with the time zone in the user settings. This setting item determines which time zone the project will be checked for. The update takes place at midnight.
Manual removal of positions  — the ability to receive up-to-date information about positions at any convenient time.

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Step #2  — select search regions:

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Choosing a search engine:
- Google;
- Yandex.

Next, you need to select the type of SERP for which you will check:
- Computer Organic;
- Phone Organic;
- Computer Paid;
- Phone Paid.

The list of countries becomes available after choosing a search engine and depends on it.
The list of regions is available only for the Google search engine and is not required for it. When you select the Yandex search engine, the region field is not displayed.
The list of languages ​​ (optional) becomes available after selecting a country. The language is automatically set depending on the selected country as the official language or the most popular language if there are several of them in the country.
In the table, you can see all the search regions added to the project which will be checked.

Rank tracker 16261788667265

Step # 3  — keywords
Keywords can be added to a project in several ways.

Rank tracker 16261788667265

  • Add phrases manually.
    If you already have a ready-made list of keywords, you can add them through a text block with line breaks or download them using the "Import" button.
  • Add suggested keywords.
    This is an opportunity to quickly add keywords relevant to the domain and search engine/country to the project. After selecting the country and the search engine in the settings, the tool will offer 1000 unique keywords for this project.

The target URL is set so that you can check which URL is displayed in the SERP and whether the actual one matches the expected one.
Tags in the project are used for simplified data filtering by keyword categories. More than one tag can be linked to one keyword.
If all the fields are filled in correctly, the service automatically sends keywords to check positions.