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Frequently Asked Questions About Backlink Analysis: Customer Support Digest #4

Frequently Asked Questions About Backlink Analysis: Customer Support Digest #4
Михаил Златов
Mike Zlatov
Customer Support Specialist at Serpstat
This is our regular Customer Support Digest about Serpstat tools, part 4 :)
Here we gathered questions and troubles that you may face while using the Serpstat Backlink Analysis tool. So, here's the new article with an FAQ about the competitor backlink checker tool to save your time!
New Links Intersection Tool: Find New Growth Points For Link Building!

Links Intersection tool allows you to compare the backlink profile of several domains and find common and unique donors for each analyzed site. Previously, you had to analyze each competitor separately and manually search for common sites in the reports. Now it is enough to find several competitors, enter their domains in the tool, and automatically find those donors who refer to them simultaneously!
— Why don't the indicators on the dashboard and in the detailed reports match?
— It's not a bug. We collect data from different sources; that's why it may vary slightly. There is the main index, it's enormous, and sometimes it takes too long to get some queries from it. To speed up this process, we made special data summaries for websites, which get updated about once a week.

For the dashboard, we gather data from these smaller tables, and the data for detailed reports is collected from the index itself. That's why the total number on the dashboard and in the detailed report may not coincide, but the difference usually doesn't exceed 1%. You can always find up-to-date data in detailed reports.
— What does Non-anchor Link mean in Serpstat Backlink Analysis tool?
— We don't use such a term. We use Empty Anchor Text: this is a link that doesn't have an anchor (<a> </a> - the text is equal to an empty line). It can be a text link, which is visible only in the code, image, or button.
Anchors Serpstat
— What period is used for displaying charts in the Active backlinks, Lost backlinks, and External links reports?
In all detailed reports, we display the charts for the year with a weekly interval (from Monday to Monday); in some cases - longer: for instance, if the crawlers were stopped for updating. You can navigate by dates on the horizontal axis of the charts.
Serpstat Backlink Analysis Tool: A Comprehensive Guide
— How does Serpstat identify malicious sites, and what does it mean?
— When analyzing sites with crawlers, we use a verification algorithm similar to the algorithms of Google Chrome.
Malicious sites are those blocked from viewing by Google Chrome (you see a warning if the content that you're trying to access is dangerous or deceptive).
Malicious site Serpstat
— Why don't you display data for large domains like facebook.com? Will you do it in future?
— There is a small number of websites (about 1500), gathering the data for which is very resource-intensive. For such websites, we use caching and update data about once a week. Currently, the caching is disabled because we are introducing global updates to the crawler and index. After completing the work, we will optimize everything to make it work faster, and then enable caching again - then the data on these large sites will become available again.
— How to see a specific anchor for each link or a list of links with the necessary anchor?
— This feature is still in development. It will be available in the relevant reports when we finish the development. We will also announce it.
— Where is the data for .gov and .edu domain zones? How can I see these statistics now?
— Now we have a universal report on all domain zones: it is located at the bottom of the dashboard, a table next to the domain map. There you can see the complete statistics for referring domain zones and countries.
TLD map Serpstat
How To Find Up To 44% More Referring Domains: Comparing Serpstat and Ahrefs Backlink Indexes
— Why are there fewer/more referring pages/domains in the new Serpstat index?
— The new Serpstat index, in most cases, is more relevant. Some of the domains/pages that were displayed earlier could be outdated and vice versa - the old index might not have all the relevant information. It also makes sense to check the Lost backlinks report - some of the data may be there. If there are examples of relevant backlink analysis that are not in the Serpstat index and they are older than 3 months, pass this data to the developers of the tool via support chat, and they will check it.
— How often is index data updated?
— Data is updated in the period from 1 to 70 days: the frequency of updating data for a particular website depends on its prevalence on the Internet. The more links it has from different domains, the more often data will be updated.
— Does the data blocked from indexing get into the index?
— Our crawlers comply with the basic rules for indexing data, first of all - the rules for robots described in the robots.txt. Individual blocks covered by noindex tags may be ignored in some cases. See detailed FAQ of the Serpstat Bot.
Quick And Easy Backlink Analysis With Serpstat API Is Now Available
— The dynamics (arrow and number) are sometimes shown next to the values on the dashboard. For what period is this data shown?
— We show total changes for 7 days.
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