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Serpstat updates 9 min read February 25, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About Rank Tracker: Customer Support Digest #2

Frequently Asked Questions About Rank Tracker: Support Service Digest #2
Михаил Златов
Mike Zlatov
Customer Support Specialist at Serpstat
You might remember our first Serpstat Customer Support broadcasting. So, after almost a year, we decided to renew the tradition of writing posts with answers to the most common user questions.

Today we have prepared a small selection of FAQ on the updated Rank Tracker module. Go!
— When will start the first check of positions after loading keywords?
— Checking begins on the same day when you created the project and loaded the keywords into it. All projects are checked at 00:00, according to the timezone that was selected in settings.
For example, the project was created on Wednesday, but you scheduled the checks only for Sundays. For the first time, Rank Tracker will check positions on Wednesday, and then they will be monitored every Sunday on a schedule.
— Where is the SERP History in the new Rank Tracker version?
We made the new version of the website Rank Tracker more concise and moved the SERP History report to the Keywords tab.
Launching Rank Tracker 2.0: New Opportunities And Features
— Why do I see data for one day in the History if the check was regular?
— Such a situation happens if you view the data for only one day. Choose standard intervals or enter the dates for which you want to see the results of the checks manually.
— Is the 3-day schedule missing in the new Rank Tracker?
— No, just the logic of this setting has changed in the new interface. To set the check every 3 days, select the "monthly" option and put down the dates 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28.
— Is it possible to monitor mobile search results or ads using Rank Tracker?
— Yes, you can! In Rank Tracker 2.0, you can check the mobile version of search results, as well as collect information about the positions in PPC. Read more about this feature in full instructions:
Serpstat Rank Tracker: A Complete Guide
— How often is keyword volume updated in Rank Tracker?
— Keyword volume in Rank Tracker is updated once a month.
Learn To Predict Demand And Sales With Serpstat Search Volume Crawling Service
— Why is the data for the URL not displayed if the domain is ranked in the top 20, and there is data on it?
— Perhaps this page was created recently and is outside the top 100. Low-frequency keywords may also be the cause.
— According to the schedule, the rank tracking project is scanned once a month, but I need an urgent check out of plan. How to start monitoring right now?
— It is necessary to create a new project with the same keywords and regions. Results for the new project will appear in a couple of hours.
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— The project already has keywords, and the tracking schedule is once in 7 days. The user adds more keywords a couple of days after the last check. When and for which keywords will the positions be checked?
— Think you have a project with 10 keywords and a once-a-week check schedule. The last check was two days ago. If you add 5 more keywords today, then positions for these 5 phrases will be scanned today. Then, throughout the project, the positions are scanned according to the schedule, that is, 7 days after the last check.

Whenever keywords are added, they are immediately checked for verification, and the next time the entire project is scanned according to a schedule.
— How to correctly add a list of keywords to a Rank Tracking project?
— To add keywords to the project, go to the Keywords section in the settings menu and enter the keywords manually or import them from a file in the .csv, .xls, .xlsx format.
A customized document for import should have three columns: keywords, URLs, tags.
Important! Don't forget about the UTF-8 encoding and parameter delimiters - commas.
— How to start rank tracking?
— After passing through all the stages of setting up a Rank Tracking project, it is automatically added to the List of projects, and the scanning starts.
— Can I work with Rank Tracker by API?
— Unfortunately, at this stage there is no google keyword position checker API possibility. However, the Serpstat API allows you to make many other awesome options:
— Can I view the collected project data in Rank Tracker after the end of the subscription?
— If you were a paid user and tracked positions in Rank Tracker, but the subscription has ended, he gets to the category of Registered Users.

For this category of users, access to the Rank Tracker tool and the Export section is closed. Therefore, they cannot go to their old reports or export them until they buy a subscription again.
Important! If a user downloaded projects during the subscription period, and less than 30 days have passed since the export, he can go to the Latest Reports section and download them with the status of Registered user.
— Why is the project lacking limits for tracking?
— Such a situation can occur in case of incorrect calculation of limits during project setup. It is important to remember that each monitored region multiplies the number of limits.
For example, 2 regions X 10 keywords = 20 limits will be spent. For active projects, limits are spent. If the schedule is Daily, the limits are also removed every day. Having spent the limits, you have to wait for the next charge.
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