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How To Become A Serpstat Partner Or Blog Expert: 8 Ways To Collaborate With Us

How To Become A Serpstat Partner Or Blog Expert: 8 Ways To Collaborate With Us
Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
One cannot underestimate the value of expert content. Every day, thousands of users face various problems and can't find a way out. Who else but a practicing specialist can offer a solution? Serpstat has 8 ways of collaborating with experts to create content that can answer most of the questions of both experienced specialists and beginners.

Why it is cool to collaborate with us

Every month, 250K readers visit our blog for useful advice. If you don't want to stay in the background, just share your knowledge and experience with our readers! It's a brilliant opportunity to show how you improve and develop the area, to help people with their businesses, and to share knowledge with people who want to learn.

Here're some more great reasons to contribute:
Become a real tutor for thousands of readers.
Promote your company or brand.
Get high-quality, relevant, trusted backlinks.
Become an honored guest of our social media and newsletter.
Participate in different activities and have fun :)

Activities you can take part in

#1 Interview (with one expert)

Everything is very simple here - we select a topic, the editor prepares questions that you answer, and then we publish an article based on your interview. Most often, topics are those the specialist knows best, updates of search engines, or tips and tricks on a specific topic.

#2 Round-up (several participants)

Serpstat editorial office chooses the topic that is usually a controversial (e.g., Black Hat SEO), broad (Trends of the year) or urgent (Core Update) question. Along with other experts, you share your opinion, advice, useful tips - everything that will help you cover the subject. If you want us to reach you during the preparation of the material, leave your contacts, and we will add you to the expert database for cooperation.

#3 Study (comment for the research)

Another type of activity is contributing to our study. We prepare research on one topic, design an infographic or several graphs, and ask experts for their comments concerning the issue or results of the study. The article with comments is actively promoted in social media and newsletters. Experts who leave their contacts get a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the research before publication, express their opinion and take part in creating the content.

#4 Guest post

Our blog is all about digital marketing, thus feel free to share your experience and cover any topic devoted to SEO, PPC, and content marketing. Our readers are interested in different topics: from the simplest to the most complicated ones. You approve the topic with the editorial head. After discussing, writing, and publishing, we launch an advertising campaign in our social networks and include your article in our weekly newsletter.

#5 Use case

Another way of contributing is writing a use case. We are happy that our product helps you achieve your business goals, and we'll be glad to share your experience with our readers. If you want to tell how you use Serpstat to fulfill your tasks, please fill out the form below. The editor will contact you for additional details. After discussing, writing, and publishing, we launch an advertising campaign in our social networks and include your article in our newsletters.

#6 Twitter Chat

As for Twitter chats, we conduct them every Wednesday at 12 PM ET, they last for 1 hour on our Twitter channel by hashtag #serpstat_chat. The speaker sends us 2-3 topics, we choose 1 together, then the speaker sends us 6 questions she/he'd like to discuss during this Twitter chat and prepares answers to them in advance to have time to interact with other attendees during the Twitter chat.

#7 Webinars

Serpstat hosts webinars twice a month usually on Thursdays at 12 PM ET. The webinars are interactive as attendees may ask questions via the chat. Webinars usually last for about 30 minutes. In the beginning, a speaker greets the audience, shares the presentation, and then and at the end, answers questions sent by subscribers in advance or via the chat. The webinar's recording is then placed on Youtube.

#8 Affiliate program

The Serpstat referral program is open to bloggers, digital agencies, media, and SEO and PPC specialists.

Talking about Serpstat in their resources, partners share promo codes or referral links to receive a commission of up to 30% on each payment of their subscribers and customers. Each new referral is fixed to the partner, so once the referral is buying a Serpstat subscription, the partner receives a commission.

We help partners to induce referrals to purchase: we regularly offer discount and trial promo codes, as well as provide informational support. The accumulated funds can be withdrawn to a PayPal or WebMoney card or spent on the purchase of any Serpstat plan (in this case, we multiply your commission by 1.5). Payments are made weekly, without delay, and the minimum amount for withdrawal is $50.
Serpstat Affiliate Program: How Does It Work?
If you don't know where to start or you want to participate in several activities, please fill in the form below:
Start your collaboration with Serpstat
Activity you want to take part in
We're looking forward to receiving a message from you concerning our cooperation :)

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