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Content Marketing 64 min read

Best Content Promotion Strategies: Asking Experts

Best Content Promotion Strategies: Asking Experts
Alexandra Tachalova
Alexandra Tachalova
Founder of Digital Olympus
What would you say if I asked you to name the top priority for a content marketer? If your answer is "producing content on a regular basis," 55% of content marketers would agree with you.
However, I am a big believer that no matter how well-written your piece is, it's not going to reach your target audience unless you spend 10X hours on content promotion.

Attracting a sufficient number of links and social media shares to every one of your posts is what's going to make you stand out from the crowd in a world where we are overwhelmed with information.
To help you get started, we asked 60+ well-known experts to share their favorite content promotion strategies. The most frequent recommendations were the following ones:

  • Involve influencers in your content to secure links and shares
  • Never stop promoting your old posts
  • Always find a way to repurpose your content
  • Ask your clients to contribute to your blog
  • Do some pre-outreach/pre-promotion
  • Share your content in relevant groups and communities.

Check out how exactly experts like Brian Dean, Robbie Richards, Kevin Indig, John Doherty, Justin Champion, Sujan Patel, Venchito Tampon, and many others are getting their content in front of their audience.

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What are the most effective promotion strategy?

Brian Dean, Backlinko

My #1 content promotion hack is to send new posts to your email subscribers. If you think about it, your email subscribers are your most loyal, dedicated fans.

In other words: they're the people that are most likely to spread the word about your content. Which is why I recommend announcing your best stuff directly to that group.

In my experience, newsletters are much more powerful than sharing on social media. For example, with one of our recent posts, the newsletter for 12x more clicks than our Tweet.
Jessica Foster, Keys&Copy

Repurposing content is a popular content strategy because it allows you to turn one piece of content into many, often bite-sized, pieces of content that you can circulate across multiple platforms. One method I use actually doesn't start with blog content – it starts with video. If you are a thought leader in your space, you can leverage your existing Facebook following to direct traffic to your site and drive opt-ins. This involves:

  1. Creating pre-hype by offering your followers a "teaser" (e.g. "Tune in tomorrow to catch my Facebook Live on '3 Strategies for Better Local SEO'")

  2. Conducting a tutorial via Facebook Live, bumping up your reach by encouraging followers to comment, like, and share your video.

  3. Include a link in the video description to a downloadable asset/content upgrade to generate leads. Remarket to these people via Facebook ads and/or email.

  4. Download your Facebook Live video and post it on YouTube. Include a little YouTube SEO magic to generate traffic that way. Again, include a link to your content upgrade in the description.

  5. Write a blog article targeting keywords relevant to Facebook Live (to generate organic traffic). Embed the YouTube video in your blog post.

  6. Create graphics that include quotes from your video or article. Post these graphics to social media with a short description, and a link to the article in the comments section.

  7. Repurpose your blog article as a LinkedIn article and/or on Medium, being sure to add a link to the original article.

  8. Optional: Create an additional downloadable asset to include in your blog post to capture leads this way.

  9. Gather feedback from your audience to improve the article, or conduct an additional Facebook Live on a branch-off topic.

  10. Once you have enough tutorial videos (in sequence), you can turn this into a free (or paid) email course that you can advertise on social media or via paid ads.
Justin Champion, Inbound Strategy Camp

Create a valuable piece of content and repurpose it in the most meaningful way possible. Do everything you can to stretch the value out of the content you create. For example, consider creating a comprehensive guideeducational website page/blog post with a form to access it → short YouTube video that you can feature at the top of the website page/blog post → series of fresh social media posts using snippets of content from your website page/blog post.

Once you have a quality piece of content in your possession, do everything you can to increase its exposure. Repurposing content allows you to extend the value of your content by changing it to serve a different purpose, like transforming the messaging of several blog posts to create a guide or reusing content from your guide to help you create an educational video series. The messaging is the same, but the channel or format in which it's consumed is different.
Joe Williams, Tribe SEO

Mention and link to an influencer in a blog post and then notify them through Twitter or email. The influencer may share the article but if you repeat the process a few times, you'll be on their radar and they may decide to invite you to future collaboration or return the favor by mentioning and linking back to you.

My number one content promotion tip is effective pre-outreach. If you already have a relationship with a blogger or influencer, they're much more likely to share and link to your content. Pre-outreach can take months before you ask for a favor but it can be speeded up in a number of weeks. By leaving a handful of blog, Twitter or LinkedIn comments, you'll appear under their radar. The better your responses, the more you'll get noticed.

The two main reason people reject promoting your content is that it isn't relevant, or they don't know you. Make sure your content is relevant and once you've caught their attention through pre-outreach, you'll be one step ahead of 95% of the other content promotion requests they receive.
Lilach Bullock, Lilach Bullock

The best way to boost your content promotion is through connections with influencers and relevant bloggers - a few shares from the right people can skyrocket your results in terms of social media shares and traffic back. Join communities, social media groups and develop relationships with relevant influencers and bloggers - it might take a while, but these relationships will prove valuable time and time again.

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Nick Dimitriou, Moosend


Partnering up with micro-influencers within our niche combined with the use of content aggregation platforms like Zest.is and GrowthHackers.


An additional hack that can help you nurture visitors although a kinda technical one is to use an email automation platform that will be able to track user actions on your website.

For example, when they visit a specific content piece on your blog you can trigger an automation that will email a sort of mini content digest that includes other relevant articles to the one your visitor has been reading! (It's required that you use a registration process on your website, to identify users).
Sameer Panjwani, Mondovo

I don't believe there's any hack that you can apply to all kinds of content. However, what I do know is that whatever hack you want to use, it'll only work if your content resonates with the audience. Hence my #1 rule when it comes to creating and marketing content is that your content should speak to one persona only. If the content speaks to one persona, you're going to be able to resonate with them better. After that, the hack per se would be finding a community/group online where such personas can be found and then you should try to seed the content through an influencer out there. It's not easy but if it's done well, it can work really well.
Miles Anthony Smith, Imaginasium

For lots of quality social shares (and clicks) from many big-name thought leaders with the ability to target just about any industry, QuuuPromote is hands down the most bang for your buck to promote content. At $25 per article for 30 days worth of exposure to various personalities Buffer feeds, you would have to pay considerably more to get the same number of social shares and clicks by paying to promote your posts directly on any social network. I typically get 100's of quality and relevant shares for each promotion.
Jason Barnard, Kalicube.pro

Community is the best vehicle for promotion. Build a community that trusts your brand by regularly offering content that is relevant and valuable to the audience you are targeting. The discussion within, by and around that community creates a natural buzz, starting a lovely ripple effect that moves out to the networks of your community.

To generate and maintain that buzz, it is vital that you are a good communicator and that you communicate consistently over time and with a personality that appeals to your audience.

Check out this podcast episode if you want to learn more about this strategy.

Never stop promoting your content. Most people continually create content, only to promote it for a few weeks and then let it die inside their blog archives. Instead, create evergreen content that you continue to promote and update so it stays relevant. Use feedback from your audience to improve your posts but updating and improving posts is one of the most underrated long-term promotion tactics we have seen.
iEva Zelca, Accuranker

Teaming up with clients to create case studies is a win-win. Your clients get to shine and showcase their success (by using your product or service) and you showcase your value by showing how your product or service is used to solve their problem. We have gathered a few different cases to show how different features of AccuRanker solve our client's problems. For example, our cases describe the benefits of tracking keywords in AccuRanker such as saving time by automating reporting and connecting different data sources and increasing productivity by providing live data instantly.

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Kosta Bankovski, Netpeak Software

Partner up with other players in your niche to do cross-promotion of your content. In other words, build relationships with relevant businesses that are not your direct competitors. There are lots of benefits you may bring to each other. For instance, cross-share your content via socials and newsletter, collaborate creating content, exchange guest posts, etc. Share your audience and get wider exposure in return, it's a win-win.
Nico Prins, Launch Space

My number one content promotion hack would be to leverage content sharing platforms. Two sites that I think are worth highlighting are Viral Content Bee and Zest. Viral Content Bee is great for generating social signals. Zest is probably the best platform I know of for driving visitors to your site. It's also a great place to search for content ideas for your site or a guest post.
Ryan Robinson, ryrob.com

My biggest content promotion hack is what I like to call my pre-linking strategy. Whenever I publish a new article on my blog, I'm carefully taking the time (during my writing process) to thoughtfully link to other influencers, brands, and startups that I want to build a relationship with. That way, once my new article goes live, I have an excuse to reach out to that person or company to let them know about their feature on my blog. This kicks off the new relationship from a place where I've already provided them some cool value—which makes me stand out from the dozen other people who pop into their inboxes immediately asking for something. Starting a relationship off like this makes it much easier to later explore more in-depth content promotion partnerships like guest posting or regular social sharing of each other's content. My advice is to play the long game and build real relationships.
Mahnoor Sheikh, Visme

One of our most effective content promotion strategies is that we repurpose our content in a lot of different ways. Repurposing content is a smart way to target more people and drive loads of traffic to your site.

Coming up with original, insightful content is challenging, and we try to make the most out of each content piece, whether it's an infographic, a blog post or an eBook. For example, we regularly repurpose our blog posts into videos, which we then share on various platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.

We also create a lot of infographics based on our blog posts, often using our very own platform. Visual content like infographics is great for sharing on social media. And the best part is that our infographics actually show people what they can create in Visme.
Marko Mijatovic, LeadQuizzes

We at LeadQuizzes send surveys to our email list asking for an expert opinion or advice on a particular topic. Then we write an article that includes and quotes some of the answers received. After the article is published, we reach out again to people whose insights we've used and ask them to share the article or link to it. We also tag and mention them on LinkedIn. This strategy has helped us secure more backlinks and produce content more efficiently.
Brendan Hufford, Clique Chicago

I have a recurring calendar event every Tuesday morning called "Content North Star" that reminds me of three things: "Original research always, Design is content, and Have something to say." The best content promotion hack is having something worth promoting. Something that has a unique "take" and genuine insights based on original data in a format that's well designed.

From there, it really drills down to "shoulder" content and what we can create around it to promote it as well. Promoting a blog post or video is great, but what if we create a Slideshare deck, a Medium post (to push big publications on their platform), a LinkedIn article, etc. all around the original article. Now we have so many assets to promote natively on each platform. Creating platform-native media to go with each big piece of content is extremely valuable. From there, a lot of our promotion is just about growing relationships with people who would want to share it and understanding why humans share things online. Let's be honest, most social shares are done by people who agree with the headline of an article and (often) haven't even read it.

As a bonus tip, I'd also add that you have to match the intent of people who want to read that article. I've utilized a really smart, age-old tactic from copywriters around the levels of awareness to make sure that the content precisely matches what a person is looking for when they're searching. SEO is increasingly overlapping with copywriting as a skillset and, as subsets of content marketing, it makes sense to continue to overlap tactics.
Vlad Calus, Planable.io

Being selective on the people you mention in your post. We recently published a brand management guide and quoted three specialists in the industry. That worked for us extraordinary for us. These are not influencers, but marketers working their butt daily. When we reached out to them they were genuinely happy and grateful we did this. So don't just "throw" an influencer in your post. Use real people, that will appreciate your effort.
Sujan Patel, Right Inbox

Include influencers in your content. Let them know you included them and use them to promote your content.
Michael Bibla, Atomic Reach

Our #1 promotion hack is to use new content as a form of re-targeting. It is a great way to introduce people who are familiar with your brand/content to new content that they may not come across otherwise.
Dario Zadro, Zadroweb

My number one hack to content promotion is social automation. Content promotion is exponentially more important than the article itself. Getting an article in the hands of an influencer is up there among promotion hacks, but I still lean on social as my top promotion method. There's a wonderful little tool called Missinglettr that automates the promotion process. I also build out IFTTT syndication to many different platforms to keep all social signals active. I firmly believe that having good social activity is a sign of trust, simply because it's natural to have a social strategy in the overall picture.
Ivan Palii, Sitechecker

The amount of published content grows each year. Users become more selective. So, my #1 content promotion hack is following. Before publishing a new piece of content you should spend some time to describe a clear value that users will get reading your content. Why does your content be better than published before on this theme? How the behavior of your audience should change after the reading? If we single out one key idea of the article/post, how will it sound? Only after answering these questions I turn to launching email newsletter or posting content on social media.

Somebody says that the goal of the first sentence is so that a person reads the second sentence. Keep this idea in mind each time you promote your content.
Kristen Vaughn, KoMarketing

Create content that leverages insights from influencers and experts in your space. This can be done by asking influencers to contribute to your content, or simply by referencing their unique perspectives and advice.

Once the content asset is live, reach out to the influencers mentioned and encourage them to share it. Not only will this boost your engagement on social media, but it will also help you get in front of new and highly targeted audiences.

Your ultimate goal should be to find credible and authoritative influencers, with large and relevant audiences, who will offer unique insights and increase the quality of your content. There are a variety of tools that can help you find key influencers in any given industry. BuzzSumo and FollowerWonk are two of my favorites.
Lesley Vos, Bid4Papers

Adding a link to your promoted content to a PS of your marketing emails. Given that 79% of people read a PS first, before the email content itself (because of its visual advantage, the Zeigarnik effect, and a habit), it's a great opportunity to get more traffic to your content. Tip: add a reader's name to your PS. (It adds a personal approach to your message, which helps to boost trust and build loyalty.)
Jonas Sickler, Terakeet

Develop a comprehensive guide filled with videos, quotes, images stats, and great tips. Then, break it down into bite-sized pieces and share each one across your social channels and link back to the original guide.

Rather than simply sharing a url, you're providing valuable content that's customized to each platform. This will boost engagement and clicks, resulting in more traffic and backlinks to your ultimate guide.

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Ash Ome, Motif

Content marketing is a huge thing, and the distribution of the content plays a vital role. And that is why I take this seriously for every single piece of content I publish out there. In the beginning, I come up with a curated list of distribution channels where people are finding or reading similar kind of posts. Most of the time I share my content in relevant groups and communities to generate the initial traffic and send some social signals. For example, if I have a post on eCommerce marketing I will share that in relevant eCommerce Facebook groups to get noticed.

My number one content promotion hack is linking to influencers within the article and then letting them know about it. I call it The Link and Connect technique.

I know this is standard stuff, so standard that it is often neglected (because bloggers think it's ineffective); but it's actually a hack for those who understand the benefits of this practice. First, there are short term benefits.

Webmasters whom you inform that you linked to them are almost always more than happy to share your article with their audience. It doesn't cost them a cent, and it makes them look good.

Second, there are long term benefits.

So, as you keep deploying this tactic strategically bloggers will start to remember your name and your blog and will learn to associate you with something pleasant and helpful. This, in turn, opens the door to you get helped- by them. They will want to help you and it'll feel completely natural to do so.

Finally, this means the overtime you'll get to the point where you get links and mentions passively, and that's every link builder's dream and a pleasant situation to be in. Because now you can focus a bit more on other, non-link building activities to further grow your blog.

The best type of content promotion is when others do it for you.
Jennilyn Adefuin, CanIRank

Do some pre-outreach/pre-promotion. Before you even begin writing your article, you can start the process of seeing who would be interested in sharing your content. Reach out to influencers and bloggers, tell them about your article topic, and see if they would like to share their thoughts. After you've published your article, reach back out to the influencers you've included in your article, encouraging them to share the link with their team and their social networks. When you've featured someone in your content, they are much more likely to help you promote it as well.
Andriy Haydash, PROGMATIQ

Promoting content to a new audience comes down to leveraging other influencers. And the best strategy is to build a relationship with them first. A great way to do it is to ask them to contribute their opinion to your blogpost. Then, after it is published you should tell them to check out the article and share it with their audience if they like it. This strategy usually works very well for promoting your content to a new audience.
Aazar Shad, Userpilot

My number one content promotion hack is to use Slack as a social media tool. You'll be seeing a "fresh content channel" on your related community niche. I do it a bit differently. I first go to Slack and change the related keywords in the "preference notification" setting. If a user asks a long-tail keyword related to my content, I immediately get notified which leads me to place my content to the right user. It's reactionary but goes to the right person at the right time.
Qhubekani Nyathi, Wholesome Commerce

Bake promotion into the content creation process. How? Quote publicly available work by influencers like blog posts, books, and podcasts. Once the post is live, tag the influencers to let them know you included them so they can share the post with their myriad followers. You get boatloads of shares minus the outreach headache.
Nils Herrmann, Geckoboard

Before you start distributing your content, it's important to know where your target audience is active. Once you know this, it's easier to decide on the right channels for sharing. Through my own target audience evaluation, I've learned that groups on LinkedIn, Slack and Facebook are effective channels for me. But you might want to reach someone else, for example, people in B2B marketing. So, in this case, you'd need to research groups that are related to this topic or industry. One group that I can recommend to be active for all B2B marketers is the Facebook group "B2B Bloggers Boost Group."
Hunter Branch, Rank Tree

Out of everything our agency has done over the past 3 years, the most effective content promotion strategy we've seen is using a tool to find sites that have written about, mentioned, linked to, or shared similar content and reaching out to them. If your content is truly valuable and unique, you'll get lots of links and shares.
Irina Weber, SE Ranking

You can pitch your content to weekly roundups of the best articles. Getting links from popular roundups can help you boost your content's visibility, get organic traffic and improve your domain authority.