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Marketing 11 min read

Facebook Advertising Tips That You Need To Know To Generate Leads

Facebook Advertising Tips That You Need To Know
Lilach Bullock
Lilach Bullock
Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist
Facebook has consistently proven itself to be one of the most effective marketing channels of the last few years. This is probably why 94% of B2C marketers use Facebook to generate leads and conversions.

Facebook has a huge audience, but that's no guarantee that Facebook advertising leads to automatic results. With the huge crowd on Facebook (read: billions), it's easy to waste your ad budget on the wrong audience or ads.
Whatever you've been doing in 2019, you can adjust your Facebook advertising strategy to optimize it, keep growing and improve your results in 2020.

In this blog post, discover 7 Facebook advertising tips that you need to know for 2020:

#1 Create a buyer persona for better audience targeting

Targeting Facebook users isn't about getting as many views as possible – it's about getting the right people's attention. Reaching 50 users who could genuinely need your product or service is much better than reaching 200 people who aren't likely to buy.

That's why you need to create a buyer persona that captures the details of your ideal buyer, which you'll then be able to use when setting your targeting options.

Your buyer persona should include details such as name, age, location, gender, income, pain points, tone of conversations, and other necessary information.

By having these pieces of information, you can form a better strategy and create Facebook ads suited to your audience. Furthermore, you'll utilize the extensive Facebook ad targeting options to display your ads to these users.
Luckily, Facebook makes it easy to create your buyer persona. With Facebook Audience Insights, you can capture more details about your ideal audience from Facebook's huge database.
Use it to understand who these people are, what they like, what needs they have and so on – as I mentioned earlier, this will not only help you with your targeting strategy but it will also give you the data you need to create personalized ads that resonate with different audience personas and therefore increase your chances of converting more people.

#2 Implement lead ads to capture leads on Facebook

Taking users from Facebook to your landing page lengthens the lead capture process. As a result, your conversion rates may take a hit.

With Facebook lead ads, you have the ability to capture leads on Facebook without much effect on your audience's user experience. This is a win-win for both your audience and Facebook as they want to keep users on the platform.

With lead ads, there's an option to add the vital details you need from your leads. Additionally, you can add custom questions if your ideal question is absent on Facebook's list.
Apart from this, there's an option to optimize your ads for higher lead volume or to capture more qualified leads. If your target is to gain more qualified leads, a review screen is added to your ad.
And after you capture your lead, you can bring in more website traffic. You can achieve this through a link on the thank you page.
To download your leads, navigate to your Facebook page. Alternatively, AdEspresso helps to transfer your leads directly to your email service provider or CRM software. Another useful tool is Zapier, which has various zaps used to transfer lead ads directly to your email service.
Here's an example of Facebook lead ads from Facebook:
And here's the lead capture form:

#3 Use remarketing to recapture website visitors

Most people who visit your website won't buy during their first visit. In fact, Ad Roll estimates 98% of first-time visitors will leave without buying.

Despite this, you already have a connection with your visitor that can be leveraged. With remarketing ads, you can improve conversion rates and lower CPC.

The beauty of this is that Facebook allows you to target users based on a range of activities on your website. Whether a visitor viewed your product page or abandoned their cart, you can create an ad to take advantage of that visit.
In order to use remarketing ads, you'll have to install the Facebook pixel on your website. This will help Facebook track users' activities on your website.

Apart from remarketing to your visitors, you can also remarket to a customer list. Do you have a specific offer for a particular customer segment? You can upload their email addresses and advertise your offer to them.

#4 Ensure a match between ad and landing page

In the case you're using a landing page, you need to optimize it for optimum conversions. To do this, you need to understand why a Facebook user clicks your ad.

A Facebook user will click your ad or ignore it based on your offer and other ad elements. As a result of this, your landing page should provide more explanation about your offer to convince a visitor to submit their details.

Failure to do this, and a visitor will bounce off your page and you lose a conversion. By having a message match, you create continuity from your ad to your landing page.

Check out this ad from Outbrain:
When you click on the ad, you see this landing page:
The first thing you'll notice is that the obvious headline in the ad image matches the landing page headline. The yellow colour evident in the ad is also present on the landing page.

Here's another ad from Clearly Contacts:
When you click on the ad, it leads to this landing page:
Evidently, the ad offer has been repeated on the landing page for consistency.
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#5 Use lookalike audience to reach more potential customers

If one of your advertising campaigns produces great results, you can further improve upon these results. With Facebook's lookalike audience, you're able to target users who are similar to your current audience.

By doing this, you're sending ads with proven results to a bigger audience. And there's a big chance that you'll achieve similar results.
To create a lookalike audience, go to your ad options and select "Lookalike audience." You can then select your source audience and the countries you want to target.
Note that if you're targeting 2 countries, Facebook will target more users in the country with the biggest population.

#6 Use analytics to improve your strategy

To get better results from your Facebook advertising, you need to track your campaign performance properly, because this is how you can determine its success or failure and how you understand what works and what doesn't.

In fact, if a campaign doesn't work as you want it to, look at it as a learning opportunity rather than a failure: it will allow you to understand what you've done wrong so that you can create better Facebook ad campaigns in the future.

However, the metrics you track from your campaigns will depend on your goals. Are you trying to improve brand awareness? Capture leads? Or maybe boost sales?

Whatever your campaign goal is, you have to specify a set of metrics like reach, comments, number of leads, amount of sales, etc. that determines if you've achieved your goals.

To help with this, you can use a tool like the Agorapulse ads report, which provides vital details about your Facebook campaigns.
With analytics, you can easily see problems in your campaigns and update your strategy to eliminate them.

#7 Perform A/B tests on your ads

The best way to know what works with your audience is to carry out tests and track their performance. That's why A/B testing is a continuous process if you run marketing campaigns.

Therefore, you should test different elements of your ads and see how it affects your ad performance. Some elements you can test include:

  • Image
  • Ad copy
  • Headline
  • Offer

One best practice to keep in mind is to test a single element at a time so that you can know the change responsible for your results. You should also allow your campaign to run for some time to establish confidence in the results.

Through an A/B test of an ad image, AdEspresso cut down the cost per conversion of the ad by 50%.


Facebook advertising can bring in massive ROI for your business in 2020. But that's only if you optimize and personalize your ads for the right audience and use the right targeting options so that they can see it.

Incorporate these advertising tips into your campaigns and you'll have a greater chance of improving conversions on Facebook.

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