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Why Serpstat Is A Must Have For A Marketer: Unobvious Cases And Comments

Why Serpstat Is A Must Have For A Marketer: Unobvious Cases And Comments
Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Usually, we talk about Serpstat's usefulness for SEO, PPC specialists, and content marketers. But what about a universal fighter - a "classic marketer"? In this article, I will go through all the modules of the service and explain why Serpstat is an essential tool for a marketer!
How to discover the market share of your site? How to analyze competitors' link profiles and find quality donors? How to determine a competitor's PPC strategy and estimate an approximate advertising budget? Look for answers to these and many other how’s:

Know the market share and search traffic by product groups/landing pages

The marketer needs to understand not only the traffic of his project in Google Analytics but also what proportion of the traffic the project takes in the context of the entire market/specific topics. It is the easiest way to find project growth points with depth to pages and categories.

Also, the marketer doesn't need to look for something in the service since the SEO specialist already sets up rank tracking for the project.

What tasks can be solved using the tool:
Analysis by region and search engine.
If you promote your large project throughout the country, you can check how much traffic the project receives among competitors. By adding large cities to monitoring, you can determine growth points by region.
Analysis by direction and page.
The Competitors section allows you to filter groups of requests by pre-assigned tags and see the proportion of traffic by sections on the site so we can determine which points we lose and on which we win. Accordingly, by identifying such growth points, we can optimize weak areas.

For example, we can revise and rewrite texts on pages, compare similar pages from competitors and our project. Or look in Google Analytics and analyze the behavioral experience on these pages. Also, see what competitors are offering in similar ways in SERP. That is, to analyze competitors' snippets. To do this, you can immediately open the cache by phrase. It may turn out that your direction is not worked out enough to compete.
Dynamics and retrospective. The tool can see the dynamics in the context of regions, sections, specific pages. Thus, determine the positive or negative dynamics and what is happening in the market.
Serpstat Rank Tracker: A Complete Guide

Find project competitors using Serpstat

One of the main tasks of a marketer is the analysis of competitors. However, before analyzing, it is necessary to determine them. Of course, if your project is small, you can carry out such an analysis manually, entering key search queries and choosing sites that are ranked in the top. However, such an analysis doesn't give accurate results due to personal search results, the history of the browser, and doesn't guarantee a high-quality outcome. Therefore, it is better to use specialized services.

With Serpstat, you can get a list of relevant competitors in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can find competitors in both organic and paid search.

To do this, enter the address of your domain in Serpstat search bar. For competitors in organics, we go to the report Site Analysis → Domain Analysis → SEO Research → Competitors, and for competitors in paid results - Site Analysis → Domain Analysis → PPC Research → Competitors.
As you can see, the reports for the two types of search results are entirely different. Therefore, it would be practically impossible to conduct such an analysis manually.

The advantage of automatic detection is in its formula. The service finds competitors by a group of keywords, and not one, as is the case with manual analysis of the results. The domains must rank by at least 20 identical keywords in the top to build the report.

Thus, Serpstat finds competitors who really need to rely on in terms of promotion or contextual advertising.
Zebo: How We Used Serpstat To Analyze Competitors And Check URLs

Evaluate the growth of your project in a niche in the top 100

Check Google Analytics? Nope. To assess the growth dynamics of your project in relation to the market, you need to conduct a batch analysis of domains by Visibility, Organic traffic, Improved keywords by position in the organic results, and the number of ads in contextual advertising. To do this, we use the report Batch domain analysis, where you can compare up to 100 domains across 50 regions at the same time.
Why Serpstat Is A Must Have For A Marketer: Unobvious Cases And Comments 16261788398611
In the report, we can find Visibility and Traffic indicators, a number of keywords in organic and PPC search, a number of PPC ads, a number of declined keywords, new, lost, and improved keywords.

More about indicators:

Visibility is a relative index developed by Serpstat that indicates how often the domain is shown in the search results for the keywords it ranks for. Simply put, Visibility shows how visible your site is in search. The higher Domain Visibility is, the more traffic it's likely to receive.

The best way to use this metric is to track how Visibility of your website is changing over time. Or to compare Visibility of sites in the same niche to see which one has a higher score. Visibility is most often used as a general ratio that shows the effectiveness of the SEO work.
What Is Serpstat Visibility And How Is It Calculated
Traffic is the potential amount of traffic on a site per month. This is an indicative metric that correlates with real domain traffic. Serpstat calculates the total traffic based on the CTR, the number of domain keywords and the domain position for these words.

Comparing these indicators for your site, you can understand how competitive your site is at the moment.

Make a monthly report for new keys and competitor pages in the top 100

Next, we look at the new and improved pages of the competitor, which appeared in the top 100. You can do this using the Overview Report. Click on new or improved keyword within the domain:
Why Serpstat Is A Must Have For A Marketer: Unobvious Cases And Comments 16261788398614
We get into the corresponding report, where we see a new keyword, the position of the domain on it, and the page that is ranked by it.
Why Serpstat Is A Must Have For A Marketer: Unobvious Cases And Comments 16261788398615
Our databases are updated daily in the background, and every two weeks we conduct a large-scale update of the databases. Therefore, significant numbers may appear in this report.

As a result of such an analysis, we will find out by what new keywords competitors began to rank, in which positions or which pages appeared in the search. You can sort the report by all the necessary parameters.
Our Trip Around The World: Serpstat Collected Google Databases From All The Countries

Find and analyze the most popular pages (traffic and visibility)

The marketer must understand which categories and products the competitor develops, and which pages are most popular among users.

How to analyze the most traffic pages of competitors? There are many ways to get around your SEO competitors. But first, you need to find out which pages they promote and which bring the most traffic. An SEO competitor analysis allows us to understand where the competitor gets transitions from and take advantage of his experience. Competition in niches is snowballing, and you need to make a lot of effort to advance to the top.

Cases of a complete absence of competitors at the start of the project are very rare. Therefore, competitive analysis is one of the main tasks of a promotion strategy at all stages. When we know the main competitors of the project, we can begin to analyze the most traffic generating pages.

You can identify them using the Top Pages report:
Why Serpstat Is A Must Have For A Marketer: Unobvious Cases And Comments 16261788398617
We look at the popular pages of competitors and analyze their content. This is a good source of new ideas for both content projects and any other sites.

Analysis of competitors and the pages with the most traffic should be checked regularly. So you will always know your competitor and will be able to respond quickly. But even more interestingly, with the help of the service, you can collect pages with the most significant number of backlinks, combine the report with traffic pages and... Here you have the hottest topics for promotion!

Remember! No need to repeat after the competitor! This analysis helps to monitor how your competitor is promoting and what methods work for it.

How to find new channels for marketing activities?

We get a list of leading pages by niche in terms of search traffic, as well as Facebook reposts. Next, we look at their organization in terms of marketing, not semantics:

  • page / article structure;
  • usability;
  • general appeal;
  • product offers or interesting content, etc.

We also pay attention to the age of the page when it comes to articles. Perhaps the content is from 2015-16, and the search engine ranks it in the first positions "from memory." Be sure to look at the length of the text, the placement of text on the page, if we are talking about e-commerce.

Perhaps they missed something on their site and are not using the full potential of the page. Therefore, we analyze the leaders and take useful tips.
Important! For analysis, select pages of sites similar to yours.

Analyze categories, products, or services to launch sales and marketing activities

When working on a project, you need to know which pages of the site have sound potential. To find such pages of categories, products, or services for conducting marketing activities or promotions, you can use the Tree View report.

In this report, you will find a list of all pages of the site in a hierarchical order. To see the pages that need to be promoted, in the report Tree View, open the filters, set Position by keyword from 11 to 30, and click Apply.
Why Serpstat Is A Must Have For A Marketer: Unobvious Cases And Comments 16261788398620
We get a list of pages that can be pushed up to the top 10 by marketing efforts, or by setting up internal linking or new backlinks.

Find out a competitor's PPC strategy and calculate an approximate advertising budget

Often, to understand whether your project is effective, you need to use the analysis of contextual advertising of your competitor. Using Serpstat, you can check ad campaigns and find out information about competitors: from simple tricks to an approximate budget.

To find out what services/products your competitor advertises in search, enter the domain in the Serpstat search bar, go to Site Analysis → Domain Analysis → PPC Analysis→ Landing Pages.

In the report, you will also see which groups of keywords a competitor's advertising is configured for.
Why Serpstat Is A Must Have For A Marketer: Unobvious Cases And Comments 16261788398622
In the report you will see:
ad and its landing page;
keyword used in advertisement;
estimated cost-per-click;
competition level.
This information can be used for:
analysis of product offers that a competitor uses on landings;
analysis of landing pages for unique tips - countdown timer, StopExit, etc.;
analysis of the structure of the competitor's advertising campaigns.
How to find out the approximate budget of a competitor for advertising?

To find out the approximate advertising budget of a competitor, you need to take a few simple steps:
Enter the competitor's domain in the Serpstat search bar and go to the PPC Analysis → Keywords section. This tab lists most of the key phrases of a competitor used for contextual advertising.
Export this list in a convenient format - Excel or Google Spreadsheets.
Why Serpstat Is A Must Have For A Marketer: Unobvious Cases And Comments 16261788398623
You will need only three columns:

  • Position
  • Volume
  • CPC
You can leave columns with the domain not to forget which domain you are analyzing and keywords to see the difference in cost per click for each keyword.
Further, to evaluate the budget, you need an additional indicator - CTR. There is a pattern: the higher the position, the better the CTR. Based on our experience and research, we created a table with CTR by position in contextual advertising.
Add these values to your table and calculate the budget for each keyword using the following formula:
Budget = cost-per-click * number of requests * CTR
Add these values to your table and calculate the budget for each keyword using the following formula:
There's also a way that will help you find out the competitor's advertising budget in just a few clicks. To do this, use the Serpstat API console.
пакетный анализ доменов Serpstat
choose search engine and region;
select Ad Keywords method;
enter domain and download report.
пакетный анализ доменов Serpstat
Click SQL → SQL Snippet→ Group by domain.
пакетный анализ доменов Serpstat
In the grouped data, we look at the column traff_cost - this is the competitor's estimated budget for the context.

We compare the estimated budget of competitors with ours and find out if competitors are more effective. If so, then it is necessary to analyze the domain of competitors and use the keywords that they use in contextual advertising.

Build a PR strategy based on the analysis of a competitor's link profile

A marketer needs to know which competitor's pages receive the most backlinks. These are pages that a competitor is trying to push to the top through the influence of link factors, which means he is investing money and time. Potentially, we can assume that these pages are the main focus of the promotion. Suppose we see sharp fluctuations in the increase in the link mass to specific pages of the site (categories, products, etc.), respectively, we can assume that the competitor focuses.

If the project budget is not ready for this, then you can influence the growth of positions or the retention of current ones by strengthening behavioral factors. For example, gather newsletters with groups of products on which the competitor is focused. Run promotions in specific categories, increase the flow of traffic and the interest of visitors to the page by the time spent on it, and the depth of view.

Among the pages leading by this criterion will be the pages that have received the most distribution among the audience (for example, viral content). You need to create the same (but better) viral content/longread.

Also, study donors of leading pages by links in detail to understand where to share our future content.

We go to the report Backlink Analysis → Backlink dashboard, and see how the volume of the link mass of the site has changed lately.
пакетный анализ доменов Serpstat
It is also useful to check which anchors your competitor uses most often. This information contains in the report Backlink AnalysisAnchors.
пакетный анализ доменов Serpstat
According to anchors, you can also quickly understand which pages are focused on link promotion: home or specific products/services.

Then we go to the Referring Domains report to see which sites the competitor most often works with. If your competitor actively collaborates with these sites, perhaps you should consider them as reference donors.

To understand which specific pages have the most focus, we go to Top Pages. We can see which categories and products bring the competitor the biggest amount of money; which pages involve the largest resources.
пакетный анализ доменов Serpstat
In the example, we see that the main page received the most backlinks. From here, you can get information on the competitor's link strategy.

Further, examining the link strategy, you can see precisely how the competitor interacts with the market in terms of PR (native or affiliate content). We can find from which blogs, news sites the opponent receives links. To do this, use the Active Backlinks report.
пакетный анализ доменов Serpstat
Export the report by new links. Sort the table and analyze which blogs and news resources the competitor works with. On this basis, you can build your PR and outreach strategy. The next step: to investigate the frequency of publications, find permanent sites for links, select donors in your own database for PR placements and lead generation.
How To Find Up To 44% More Referring Domains: Comparing Serpstat and Ahrefs Backlink Indexes

Identify project weaknesses

The marketer also needs to know about the vulnerabilities of the project. Here Site and Page Audit modules will be handy. The tool gives an overall assessment of the optimization level and the technical issues on the site. An SEO specialist needs to know all these metrics. However, some of them are important for the marketer to pay attention to.
Technical Audit Of A Page In 2 Clicks: Rate Your SEO Performance
Effective Site Audit With Serpstat: Tool Overview
You can evaluate the proportion of redirects, canonical pages - the ratio of the number of pages, and the number of errors. All of these visual charts suggest what you need to pay attention to.

Another important part of the audit from Serpstat allows us to analyze the overall site optimization and its performance. You can get information on the server response time, how optimized the pages are, and whether the image size on the site is large.

Find popular categories/products/competitor articles that you don't have

Analysis of competitors can be very tiring, especially when it comes to finding lost channels for the development of the project. However, using the Serpstat API console, you can collect this data in minutes without programming skills.
Moreover, the method is suitable for both content projects and online stores.

Read more about the method in the article:
How To Hack Your Competitors' Content Plan: Step-By-Step Guide

Automate working with substantial data arrays using the API

And finally, a little about the API. When working with large projects, a marketer needs to automate many processes:
collect trending topics for a content plan;
track trends in search results;
select pages for useful internal linking;
assess brand traffic.
Automate all of these options using the API. To simplify working with the Serpstat API, we created an API console. Using the console, you can upload data through the API without programming skills. We also have scripts based on the Serpstat API, with which you can automate the routine tasks of the marketer.

Read about all this in an article:
How To Automate The Work Of An Internet Marketer: All Tips And Tricks Of Serpstat API

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