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Analytics 7 min read January 15, 2021

Top 50 Most Frequently Searched Long-Tail Keywords In Canada, Australia, UK And USA

Updated: January 2021
what are the most searched things on google
Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Blog Editor
Every SEO specialist is familiar with the volume parameter, which determines how many times a month users search for this keyword. Using this indicator, specialists collect semantics, analyze most searched google keywords, and create effective advertising campaigns.
In this study, we have compiled the most googled long-tail keywords in Google US, UK, CA, and AU.
Most often, high-frequency queries consist of one to two words, while low-frequency queries include three or more words. However, this is rather an interesting feature than a rule that determines the popularity of a phrase.

There are so-called long-tail queries - long keywords with low frequency. It's a usual thing, so we decided to find unique long phrases with high frequency and there were a lot of them:)

First, we collected thousands of commonly searched keywords from our databases with a minimum volume of 100 queries/month, which users in the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia googled in 2020. We didn't include medium tail keywords, only the words that are 6-7 words in length. Then we removed duplicate phrases from the collection and made the infographics which you can see below. Let's go!

Top-50 in the USA

*click on the arrows to see the data
"Dude, What Movie Is This?" Or How Do Users Google Films If They Forget The Title

Top-50 in the UK

*click on the arrows to see the data
What People Are Asking Google: Funny Frequent Queries

Top-50 in Canada

*click on the arrows to see the data
Google's Most Expensive Keywords In The USA And The UK [Study]

Top-50 in Australia

*click on the arrows to see the data
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As a result, top keywords searched on Google included phrases related to popular social networks, films, music, TV shows, electronic devices, hobbies and other keywords.

If you like this research and would like to see something similar, write to us in the comments below! Submit your idea and soon we will prepare and publish a new one :)
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