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Marketing 10 min read October 15, 2019

9 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Viral Marketing Campaigns

9 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Viral Marketing Campaigns
Dmitry Chervony
Larry Kim
CEO & Founder of MobileMonkey, Inc
Have you ever seen a social media post that's been shared thousands of times? That post went viral.
Marketing campaigns can go viral, too, in exactly the same way. Whether you're a growing marketing agency or a brand on the upswing, when you create a viral marketing campaign, it can result in an increase in your brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales.
Keep reading for a list of nine ways to improve your brand's chances of creating a viral marketing campaign!

#1 Focus on high-quality content before investing in advertising

There's no point to marketing or advertising at all if your brand's content is not up to par.

So before you start investing money into your advertising, work on creating compelling content for your brand on your website or various social media channels. And try new Facebook ad objectives like click-to-Messenger Facebook ads that rock unmatched engagement and viral potential.

Once you make your viral marketing campaign, people checking out your brand need to be easily hooked. If you don't have high-quality content on your site already, you likely still won't increase your sales or revenue.

#2 Keep it short

There's no chance that an audience is going to spread a message that takes forever to read or is too complicated to understand.

If you want to make a viral marketing campaign, it's important to keep your message short and to the point. That's why content that often goes viral consists of short videos, single images, or hashtags.

If you want to establish a viral marketing campaign, consider going after one of these easily-digestible content formats.

#3 Make it visual

Things that go viral are typically appealing to users quickly scrolling through social media or other webpages.

To create a viral marketing campaign, your brand needs to hold to a strong and distinct visual aspect to your content. This can be done most simply by adding videos or images to your content.

In order for your marketing campaign to be a viral marketing campaign, the visuals need to capture attention in some way. Make them funny or surprising; anything that will make an audience member want others to see it.

#4 Make it interactive

Some of the most famous viral marketing campaigns have had interactive aspects. Consider the Old Spice campaign "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like." The advertisements were short and humorous, appealing to their audience by using an attractive man that is intended to make other men feel like they should use Old Spice.

Old Spice went beyond their humorous advertisements, though. They pushed their viral marketing campaign to the next level by interacting with their audience directly.

In just a couple days after the emergence of the viral marketing campaign, the main character of the ads, played by Isaiah Mustafa, made around 200 short videos answering questions that audience members asked him directly via social media channels.

An interactivity hack that's easy to launch and will get your brand noticed today? Adding a conversational chatbot to your campaign like the band the Gorillaz did when they launched their new album with a kooky chatbot, and generated over 6 million conversations as a result.

#5 Know your audience

Though it might seem obvious, you won't create a viral marketing campaign without first knowing the audience that you intend to market to.

Who is your content going to resonate with?

It's people that create a viral marketing campaign in the end, by sharing what they like. And there are a lot of different types of people that use social media.

Different viral marketing campaigns are going to appeal to different audiences. Do you want to pull at heartstrings? Do you want to make people laugh? Are you selling beauty products, hunting gear, or dog walking services?

These are all important things to consider when determining the audience for your viral marketing campaign.

#6 Work the audience's emotions

Working your audience's emotions is a necessary step to create a viral marketing campaign. People rely more on their emotions to make most decisions (including purchases) that anything else.

No, this doesn't mean you need to make them cry; appeal to emotions like joy, surprise, even anger to make your viral marketing campaign stick with its audience.

#7 Use multiple marketing channels

Now that you have quality content that appeals to the emotions of an audience you thoroughly understand, you're ready to get your work out there and establish your viral marketing campaign.

It's going to be hard to make your campaign go viral if you're sticking to one platform, such as Facebook.

Utilize multiple marketing channels to optimize your chances of getting a viral marketing campaign. This means plastering your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Messenger automation, and web ads.

The more places your content is, the more people will come across it and eventually share it, and the more likely you'll end up with a viral marketing campaign.

#8 Partner with influencers

One way to ensure your content is featured on numerous marketing channels and seen by many viewers is to partner with influencers.

In this case, "influencer" can mean a social media influencer or even a celebrity.

Influencers reach hundreds of thousands of people every day across every social media channel, YouTube, websites, blogs, and more. And they are called influencers for the simple fact that they influence people to do or buy things.

If you partner with an influencer, your content is sure to be seen by that influencer's followers, significantly increasing your chance for a viral marketing campaign.

If you want a viral marketing campaign, make sure you're reaching out to influencers that appeal to your target audience or are in line with your product or brand.

#9 Monitor your campaign in real time

Finally, you've done it!

You've created the perfect content, optimized your visual imagery, partnered with the right influencers and accessed your target audience, and as a result - you achieved a viral marketing campaign.

Now that you have a viral marketing campaign, you can just sit back and let it do the work for you, right?


If you really want to reap the benefits of your viral marketing campaign, you need to keep up with it. Monitor your campaign in real time on all of the channels it's featured on - social media, websites, blogs, etc.

Respond to your audience; their comments, reactions, and posts. Interact with people who are interacting with your viral marketing campaign. Keep the momentum going. You can even set up an FAQ chatbot that will instantly and automatically keep all conversations going.

The more you keep up with your viral marketing campaign and the response it's getting, the more you will drive engagement, awareness, and sales for your brand.


Marketing is intended to help sell your brand. A viral marketing campaign drastically increases your brand's sales, engagement, and brand awareness.

In order to optimize your chances of getting a viral marketing campaign, you need to:

  • Focus on your content
  • Work your audience
  • Keep up to date with the campaign

Follow these simple steps and in no time, you'll be monitoring your own viral marketing campaign.

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