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How To Submit A Guest Post To Serpstat Blog?

serpstat guest posts

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Do you read our blog? Do you want to become a part of it and contribute to Serpstat blog via guest posting? Great! Here are the guidelines for you to follow to see your article live on our blog.
How To Become A Serpstat Partner Or Blog Expert: 8 Ways To Collaborate With Us

Why to write or what's the profit?

The value of guest posting cannot be underestimated. Are you an experienced digital marketer? Don't stay in the background, share your knowledge and experience with our readers to show what a great expert you are!

Here're some great reasons to write a guest post:
Share your experience with thousands of readers
Promote your company
Get high-quality, relevant, trusted backlinks
We'll promote your article on social media channels and add it to our weekly newsletter
We are happy that our product helps you achieve your business goals, and we'll be glad to share your experience. If you want to share a use case with our readers, please fill out the form below:

Publishing process

You suggest the topic and approve it with the editorial head (stacy@serpstat.com) to be sure it is relevant and isn't reserved.
You prepare the article plan (title, contents, basic info about each section). If everything is ok, then you can start working.
The topic selected should be strictly related to SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Analytics.
When your article is accepted, we prepare a unique illustration and post the article on a specified date.
After that we launch an advertising campaign in our social networks and include your article in our weekly newsletter. We also urge you to share it on your social media pages.
Mind that sponsored posts are not accepted! Only relevant unique articles that follow our guidelines.
You can see our guidelines and technical assignment template by clicking on the button below:

What to write about?

Our blog is all about digital marketing, thus feel free to share your experience and cover any topic devoted to SEO, PPC, and content marketing. Our readers are interested in different topics: from the simplest to the most complicated ones, from a simple guide to keyword research to the step-by-step guide to automated trigger emails.

Below you can find ready-made topic ideas that you can use. But don't forget that you can suggest an interesting topic yourself :)

Article topics

These are free topics you can choose for discussing. If you didn't find anything that fits, feel free to suggest new topics!
Free topic ideas for guest authors
What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Explained
A Complete White Hat SEO Guide
X Types Of Visual Content That Boost Your Traffic
SEO Checklist: The Easiest Way To Appear On The First Page
X SEO Tips To Rank On The First Page [Checklist]
Best Link Building Strategies For SEO: How To Do It Right In 2021
How To Measure The ROI Of Your SEO And Link Building Campaigns
Rich Snippets Guide: Why And How To Get Them
How To Convert Organic Traffic Into Qualified Leads
A Complete Guide To PPC Marketing Basics
Serpstat For PPC: Plan, Analyze And Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns
How To Do A Backlink Audit: Boost Your SEO In X Steps
SEO MythBusters: Destroying Thoughts About Google Search Ranking Factors
Solving Duplicate Content Issues: The Complete Guide
X Tips For Creating Content That Converts
X Content Marketing Skills You Need To Master
Content Marketing Trends In 2021 (Infographic)
How To Adapt Your SEO Strategy To Changing Trends
Ready to become a guest author? Fill out the form below, and I'll email you to discuss the details.
Or you can email me at stacy@serpstat.com ;)
Get access to 30+ marketing and SEO tools. analyze competitors, keywords, and backlinks for free..

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