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How To Monitor Paid Search Results And Other New Features Of Rank Tracker 2.0

Launching Rank Tracker 2.0: Incredible Opportunities And New Features
Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Changes are the things that move us forward. Here in Serpstat, we do everything possible not to stand still. Launching Rank Tracker 2.0 was difficult for the whole team. Dozens of sleepless nights, liters of coffee and developers' tears, hundreds of days of hard work — all this led to creating a new version of the tool which was the longest-awaited. We are happy and proud to present you the latest version of Rank Tracker, and we hope that you'll love it even more!

Updates and new features

Recently our development team released Rank Tracker 2.0. The updated version has a variety of unique features and provides advanced ways to monitor the site's rankings in organic and paid search results. The new version of the tool simultaneously tracks top 100 competitors according to their positions, visibility, and traffic.
It became possible to spend all monthly limits for one tracking, not a certain limit every day. This is the most frequently requested feature. Shortly, instead of 2K keys for daily tracking on the Standard plan, the users receive 2K*30 = 60K trackings, which they control at their own decision. The user can spend all in one day or use them for the whole month.
One of the most useful options of the new Rank Tracker is monitoring positions in both organic and paid search results. Just select type of SERP when setting the project to view required reports.
Also, to save limits, you can pause the project by pressing the appropriate button.
In the new version of the module, you can track up to 50,000 keywords simultaneously. You no longer have to build small projects for a large site. In addition, up to 500 results are now delivered on the first page of the report.
For the convenience of users, the History tab in Keywords report will also display the search volume for each keyword. Sort your data by this column to take into account only high-quality keywords.

In the URLs report, you can track the minimum, average and maximum position in the period for the page.
As for the project's setting, you can now instantly add files in CSV, XLS, and XLSX formats with tags and URLs. You can also use the XLS format to download your reports. Before you export finished reports, you can set the time period.

How to work with the Rank Tracker

To track the rankings of your site, you should set up a project at Serpstat. You can do this on the List of Projects page or by using the menu on the right.
Here you should enter:

  • domain
  • project name
  • project group, new projects are displayed in the default group.
Click on Start Tracking and select required settings — competitors, schedule, search engine, organic or paid search, language, and keywords. New Rank tracker allows you to track keywords' ranking in several regions at once, as well as to track paid search results!
On the tab Keywords we add them manually (each from a new line) or import:
Bear in mind that filling domain, time zone, region, and keywords fields is obligatory. If you miss at least one item, the tool will not run.

After you've set everything up, the monitoring starts automatically. As a result, you get four reports:
Positions. This report shows which rankings your site had in the selected period.
History. Here you can see the history of changes within the selected period.
Competitors. This report presents competitors according to market share and visibility changes.
URLs. With this report, you can see the position of your site or category for keywords that have been added to the project.

Spoilers alert

Here are a few insights about our plans. Rank Tracker team is going to add several new features:
Color grouping to the Keywords History report
Project tracking calendar
Manual schedule setting for tracking
Recommended keywords to Rank Tracker project
Tracking separate keywords on demand
Selecting the number of competitors displayed
Getting competitors by tags (by groups of keywords)
Rank Tracker API
Protection of branded traffic

Limits and prices

On the table below, you can see the Rank Tracking limits for Serpstat plans. More information on our pricing and features is available on the Plans page.

Important notes:

  • You can spend monthly limits according to your needs because there is no daily limit.
  • To save limits you can pause your project by clicking on a corresponding button.
What do you think about our Rank Tracker? If you have any suggestions on improving the tools, please give your feedback in the comments below!

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