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List of snippets

List of snippets for Google:

Type Description
  a_box_c_converter  Currency conversion calculator
  a_box_card  Card with information about tournaments
  a_box_color_picker  Color picker (color palette)
  a_box_dictionary  Fragment of the dictionary (transcript, transcription of the   request, interpretation)
  a_box_dtime  Shows local date and time
  a_box_earthquake  Information about earthquakes in the area
  a_box_flights  Flight information table
  a_box_fsnippet  Large information snippet
  a_box_g_converter  General unit converter
  a_box_map  Map with routes and addresses
  a_box_nutrition  Nutrient values for foods
  a_box_population  Population dynamics graph
  a_box_some  Dates, addresses, etc.
  a_box_sports  Information about sporting events (who? when? where?)
  a_box_stock  Chart with stock quotes
  a_box_translation  Block for translation
  a_box_weather  Weather forecast
  a_box_when_is  Reply to a request for an event date
  ads_bot  Contextual advertising block at the bottom
  ads_rhs  Contextual advertising block to the right of search results
  ads_top  PPC block on top of search results
  also_asks  List of questions related to the request
  bests  Links to reviews, top rated products / services
  calc  Online calculator
  car_loan_calc  Car loan calculator
  discover_places  Popular destinations
  graph  Schedule for request
  kn_graph_brand  Information about the desired organization
  kn_graph_card  Information card
  kn_graph_carousel_list  Carousel block  one row of dice, each transition to a different   search page
  kn_graph_carousel_table  Carousel block  several rows of dice with a transition
  kn_graph_disambiguation  Other search options, on the right under the knowledge graph
  kn_graph_health  Block with a description of the disease
  kn_graph_hotel_booking  Hotel room reservation is part of the knowledge graph
  kn_graph_local  Knowledge graph with map
  local_pack  Block with a card and 3 addresses
  map  Map
  mortgage_calc  Mortgage calculator
  pic  Examples of pictures for request
  refine_by_brand  List of products by brand to request
  related_search  Related phrases, tips
  research  A selection of articles on request, located among the snippets
  shopping_rhs  Shopping block on the right
  shopping_top  Shopping block on top of the top
  shopping_bottom  Shopping block at the bottom of the top
  snip_breadcrumbs  Breadcrumbs instead of URL
  snip_doc_type  Document format next to title snippet
  snip_https  https in URL
  snip_image_thumbnail  Image in snippet
  snip_info  Additional information  contacts, dates, events, founders,   chemical composition ...
  snip_reviews_stars  Article rating with stars
  snip_search_box  Search string inside snippet
  snip_sitelinks  Additional links inside the snippet to other sections of the site
  snip_twitter  Twitter posts section
  snip_video_thumbnail  Icon for video inside snippet
  snip_amp_logo  Icon on the right after breadcrumbs
  snip_best_answer  Framed text in a carousel snippet
  top_stories  List of news articles
  a_box_knowledge_game  In the SERP under the translator there is a block with a question   and answer buttons
  recipes  Block with recipes at the top
  app_store  Block in the middle of the issue with applications in the App Store
  podcasts  Podcast block in the middle

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