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Report issues list (AuditSite.getReportWithoutDetails)

getReportWithoutDetails — this method returns the number of errors and information messages found by issues categories in a specific report.

Request parameters
Parameters Value Description
id any number or string A request id: the response contains the same id. Enter any number (number) or text (string) value
method getReportWithoutDetails API method name
params {...} / [...] The object with parameters {...}, it lists all the following parameters and arrays [...]
reportId integer Audit report id
compareReportId (optional) integer Audit report id for comparison


Response parameters
Parameters Description
id Response id corresponds the request id
result Contains the answer
categories Array of issue categories
key Issue category name
errors Array of errors and information messages within a specific category
priority Issue priority 
  • high 
  • medium 
  • low 
  • inforamtion
  • solved 
countAll Number of errors found or information messages
countNew Number of new errors found or information messages
countFixed Number of fixed errors or information messages

 Credits for this method are not deducted.

Request data:
   "id": 1,
      "reportId": 1,
      "compareReportId": 2
Response data:

    "id": "1",
    "result": {
        "categories": [
                "key": "pages_status",
                "errors": [
                        "key": "errors_400",
                        "priority": "high",
                        "countAll": 0,
                        "countNew": 0,
                        "countFixed": 9
                        "key": "errors_500",
                        "priority": "high",
                        "countAll": 0,
                        "countNew": 0,
                        "countFixed": 0