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Audit basic information (AuditSite.getBasicInfo)

AuditSite.getBasicInfo — method returns basic report information.

Request parameters
Parameters Value Description
id any number or string A request id: the response contains the same id. Enter any number (number) or text (string) value
method getBasicInfo API method name AuditSite.getBasicInfo
params {...} / [...] The object with parameters {...}, it lists all the following parameters and arrays [...]
projectId (important) Project id
Audit project id


Response parameters
Parameters Description
id Response id corresponds the request id
result Contains the answer
reportId Report id
date Starting date of report
sdo Serpstat Domain Optimization index
highCount Number of high priority errors
mediumCount Number of medium priority errors
lowCount Number of low priority errors
informationCount Number of informative messages
virusesCount Number of pages with viruses
Audit progress, if the audit is over then the value is 100
0- ended on its own;
1- stopped by user.
specialStopReason Audit stopping code
checkedPageCount Number of scanned pages
totalCheckedPageCount Number of scanned URL (including pages, redirects, images)
redirectCount Number of pages where redirect was found
captchaDetected Captcha occurrence while parsing

Credits for this method are not deducted.

Example PHP Python
Request data:
 "method": "AuditSite.getBasicInfo",


Response data:

    "id": "1",
    "result": {
        "reportId": 123456,
        "date": "2018-08-19 00:01:46",
        "sdo": 87,
        "highCount": 110,
        "mediumCount": 1694,
        "lowCount": 248,
        "informationCount": 3151,
        "virusesCount": 0,
        "progress": 100,
        "stoped": 0,
        "specialStopReason": 0,
        "checkedPageCount": 1565,
        "totalCheckedPageCount": 1565,
        "redirectCount": 286,
        "captchaDetected": false