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Sending keywords with commas to crawl as an array (tasks.addKeywordList)

The tasks.addKeywordList method allows sending keywords with commas to crawl as an array.

General request parameters and instructions for using Serpstat API

Request parameters
Parameter Description Type Optional Default value Value options
id The identifier of a current request, can be set manually or automatically string no 1, test
method API method name string no   tasks.addKeywordList
params Object with parameters object no
keywords Keywords with commas for parsing array no
["samsung, iphone", "nike, adidas"]

Search engine identifier

int no 1 — Google
2 — Yandex
country_id Country identifier
Country (for Google) is indicated in the document
int no If Yandex is chosen, country_id should be set as 1, default (ss well as Yandex accepts only region_id as the setting for crawling). 23 (USA)

Region or city identifier.
Region is indicated in the document

int yes  Google;
no — Yandex
21176 (Texas)

Language identifier.
Language is indicated in the document

int yes Language of country by default 1 (English)

Device type identifier

int yes Desktop 1 — Desktop
2 — Mobile

Response parameters
Parameter Description
id Identifiers of the current request
result Contains the answer
Crawling identifier
blocked_keywords Keywords with special symbols, which were rejected, credits won’t be charged

Error Description
You have no keywords after filtrating, blocked keywords: [list of blocked keywords] If all sent keywords were invalid
Required parameter '[parameter]' missed A parameter is missed
Task (id=x) with such parameters has already been created today You have already created a task with such parameters
No such se_id Invalid se_id
Invalid type id value
Invalid type_Id

Request data:
    "id": "some_id" ,
    "method": "tasks.addKeywordList",
    "params": {
         "keywords": ["samsung, iphone", "nike, adidas"],
          "typeId": 1,
         "seId": 1,
         "countryId":  23,
         "langId": 1
Response data:
    "id": "some_id",
    "result": {
        "task_id": "2071492",
        "blocked_keywords": []

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