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Getting started

Outdated version: 3 (use newer APIv4). From 04/28/2021 APIv3 will go into support mode and will not develop.

All requests should be processed through this URL:


Tokens are used for authentication, you can create a token on your profile page. Parameter token should be added to all API requests.


Following parameters can be used for pagination:

  • page_size : number of results per page (default: 100, max: 1000)
  • page :  page number (set to the 1st page by default)

Return format

Requested data are returned in JSON format

Similar API requests as well as multiple export sessions of the same data via API are counted as unique ones, and influence the limit of API requests according to your plan.


The maximum number of results is 60 000. To get more than 60 000 results, please, use export report methods.