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Google's Most Expensive Keywords In The USA, Canada And The UK [Study]

Updated 2021
Google’s Most Expensive Keywords In The USA And The UK [Study]
Андрей Белоусов
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Have you ever wondered which keywords are the most expensive on Google AdWords? Serpstat has conducted a study to determine how expensive the ad clicks are in various niches in the USA, Canada and the UK.
Now digital marketing experts actively debate about the news that Google is less and less likely to give you the first positions in search results for free. So the question arises: what brings better benefits — SEO or SEA? Nevertheless, we cannot deny that SEA has great potential.

We want to share with you the results of the study, that show which keywords are the most expensive.

The USA, Canada and the UK: the most expensive keywords

Continuing our research marathon that goes over the past couple of months, we decided to analyze paid search. What for? To find out which keywords in Google Ads for USA, Canada and the UK have the highest CPC.
The infographic below shows how much advertisers pay when the user clicks on an ad.

The United States


The United Kingdom

How can you run the SEA analysis of your industry?

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If you set up advertising campaigns in Google Ads, you probably know how easy it is to waste money and get no results.

If you did not consider the list of the most expensive keywords when planning your advertising budget, our infographic will be helpful.

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