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Best Internet Marketing Tools To Boost Your Results

Best internet marketing tools
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It takes two to tango. In the same way, it takes two to do marketing - a marketing specialist and a marketing tool.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of marketing tools created for the experts to choose from. Is it a good thing though? How not to drown in this sea of software, plugins and online services?

Lucky for you, we've got your lifejacket - a list of Top 11 marketing tools. Read this article and find out what instruments will accompany you on your way of marketing adventures.

Online digital marketing tools

Here's a list of digital advertising tools for online marketers that will help you carry out marketing campaigns and analyze them, perform rank tracking, build your marketing strategies, and complete (or at least try to complete) tasks on time.
      With the help of this tool, you can find out what people are searching for. With this information, search volumes and seasonality of searches can be easily assessed.
      Google Trends popular search
      The explore function is the most interesting for SEO. Here you can compare the results of two and more keywords. You can check the region of search, time period, categories to see where this or that keyword performs better and will boost your website in SERP.
      Google Trends keyword comparison
      Here you can track the activity of the selected keywords, along with the activity of your competitors.
      Google alerts overview
      You can use it to find guest post opportunities, mentions without backlinks, monitor your business or your competitors', and simply get alerts for your brand mentions and be aware of your reputation.
      Another great tool from Google that will help you with your SEO. It helps you test different options of web pages and see how they perform against your specified objective. Google Optimize will monitor the results of the experiment and tell you what option is a winner.
      Google optimize helps you with seo
      Google Keyword Planner tool was designed to help marketers research keywords, find their search numbers, competition, ad pricing, choose the best keywords for their SEO strategy.
      google Keyword planner keyword research
      It's a great tool to get keyword ideas for your SEO and check them for compatibility with your strategy.
      Another go-to tool for any marketer. OWOX BI collects data from CRMs, ad services, call tracking systems, and other systems and builds any report you need based on this data. It has a free version, but you need to pay to get all the features.
      OWOX BI for seo overview
      This tool collects hundreds of suggestions for a given keyword. You can get a fresh look at trends from the Bing search system. It will suggest matching and relevant keywords to the ones you input. An easy way to collect new keywords for your marketing strategy.
      Bing keyword tool for keyword research
      Google Analytics should be present among your marketing instruments from the very beginning. Only a couple of minutes to add it to your website, but, as a result, you will be able to track every move of every visitor to your site.

      For example, you can check what devices your visitors use the most, and pay more attention to the optimization of your site for that device.
      google analytics for device research
      Also, after having optimized your ad campaign, you can monitor the results in terms of visitors.
      check user activity in google analytics
      This tool is not something you can ignore. Installing it will be essential for your marketing strategy.
      This is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides keywords research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, site audit, and detailed analysis of competitors' keywords and top URLs. With our tool, you will be just one step away from a detailed website analysis.
      serpstat website seo checker for seo analysis
      This marketing tool will be useful for digital marketing agencies, in-house SEO experts, and freelancers in digital marketing. You can use it for free, and if you want to have more features available - there's always a pricing plan that will meet your needs.
      Would you like to learn how to use Serpstat to boost your results?
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      Personal demonstration
      Leave a request, and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service for you, provide you with a trial period, and offer comfortable conditions for starting exploring the tool
      Hubspot is one of the top tools when it comes to marketing, sales and CRM systems.

      It has all-in-one marketing software, so you don't have to rip yourself apart and be pulled to different directions for every other marketing move.
      This tool will be needed at the beginning of your work as a marketer, and it will certainly be of help when you grow.
      hubspot marketing tool for marketers
      This tool helps you analyze page traffic and channel sites.
      With the help of SimilarWeb extension, you can get the main data about a website with one click.
      SimilarWeb for website analysis
      You can check the statistics of the website's visitors, where they come from, how long they spend on the website etc. And you can get even deeper estimations in the paid version.
      This one will help you boost the Google rankings. Also, it has an interesting feature - it shows the cost of the keyword.

      It allows you not only to check your website but also to check your competitors. You can get the data on their keywords, content, and media marketing strategies.

      It will also help you discover new ideas for your content by researching your niche. Actually, it offers many more functions, so try it out yourself.
      Ubersuggest to boost website rank
      SendPulse's landing page builder is a valuable marketing tool, offering an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for creating attractive, responsive pages. With a variety of templates, marketers can design professional pages without coding skills. Key features include built-in forms for lead collection, A/B testing for optimizing conversions, and seamless integration with SendPulse's email and CRM services. This enables businesses to effectively engage customers, nurture leads, and drive sales through targeted marketing campaigns.

      Biolink page is another versatile marketing tool from SendPulse that helps create a single, customizable link for use in social media profiles. This link directs users to a personalized landing page with multiple calls-to-action, streamlining access to important content and promotions. Key features include custom branding, analytics for tracking performance, and easy integration with other SendPulse services. By consolidating links and driving targeted traffic, businesses can improve engagement, generate leads, and enhance overall marketing efforts.


      If you're already using some of these tools - your marketing strategy is looking good!

      At the same time, these are just some tools in the wide choice of marketing instruments on our web. What other services do you use to save time for an extra coffee break? Share it with us.

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