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22 Tools To Boost Your B2B Business

22 Tools To Boost Your B2B Business​
22 Tools To Boost Your B2B Business​ 16261788249160
Nebojsa Radakovic
Digital Marketing Manager at
The current B2B market is a lot like a huge ocean that's constantly changing and only if you're equipped with the right tools, you can come out on top. All preferences aside, the fact remains that most of the tools available today will not only help you organize and optimize your business but actually streamline your business efforts and speed up your workflow.
A modern-day marketer has to be a jack of all trades that's able to stay on top of new trends and busy work schedules, in addition to successfully managing the tasks and to-dos by himself or the entire team.

Another crucial thing here is managing social media and ads as one of your priorities when promoting your business and sharing info about your product or a brand.

Finally, using adequate tools will more than likely help you improve your SEO and ultimately reach and engage with your target audience.

The following list offers tools that will boost your team's productivity and your company's overall efficiency.

      Productivity tools

      How it works: Organizing your business these days seems almost impossible without proper project management software. There's absolutely no doubt that Trello is the first tool that comes to mind. Using Trello gives you a well-organized layout or a visual overview of everything your team is currently working on.

      The online project management software famously uses the Kanban scheduling system, which was created by Toyota industrial engineer Taiichi Ohno to improve manufacturing efficiency. Trello adheres to various projects and management styles. No matter what type of business you're running, it's very easy to manage ongoing workflow, to-do lists, content marketing scheduling, etc.

      Price: Free
      How it works: Possibly one of the most popular and most effective tools for sharing media, information and content. With Google Drive, you'll have all of you crucial data and files, as well as images, safe and synched with your Google account. You can easily upload files and folders with you docs, sheets, slides, and so on. Files and docs (and images) can be shared and uploaded from your PC or Mac (or mobile phone, of course).

      Sharing files, editing docs and uploading (and sharing media) has never been easier thanks to Google Drive. More importantly, Google Drive synchronizes easily with Android-based smartphones to help you personalize every aspect of Google's tool, in addition to making any data transfer hell of a lot easier. It's also one of the primary platforms for creating, writing and sharing content, as well as editing texts.

      Price: Free
      How it works: Right now Slack is by far the most popular team and project management tool. It truly makes your managing duties easier as you can delegate work to teams without messy emails and/or missed Skype communications. You can set up different chat rooms for company's sectors or different projects.

      Price: Free / $6.67 / $12.50

      SEO tools

      How it works: If you're looking to track and boost your SEO this is the tool you cannot do without. Google's Analytics /Search Console supplies you with key info regarding organic-search traffic and general traffic performance. According to Google, they supply user queries, as well as impressions (or rather, how many times your URLs show up in search results). Post-click data is also included, in addition to other metrics that cover user interaction data such as landing page, bounce rate, and other specifics such as location data, and device data.

      Price: Free
      How it works: Okay, we've talked about the importance of SEO, and solutions such as Serpstat were devised to help you with just that. The handy keyword research tool features an impressive number of keyword suggestions for specified keywords.

      Additionally, Serpstat offers amazing filtering options and other great tools such as Rank Trackeк and Page Audit so there's no need to worry about staying in touch with the hottest keywords and topics.

      Price: FREE/ $19.00 / $69.00 / $149.00 / $299.00
      How it works: Another useful and very intuitive SEO tool at your disposal is Scrapebox. It has several functions including swift multi-threaded operation with multiple concurrent connections. The tool also offers solid choice customization options, so you can adjust everything to best suit your needs.

      All of the SEO options you get with this work splendidly and you get that for a reasonable price too. There are over 30 free add-ons included in this tool to help you pinpoint the kind of SEO strategy that's best for your online business.

      Price: $97
      How it works: This tool can be used to detect broken links, redirects, canonical issues, analyze meta tags, content, internal linking, and so on.

      Moreover, it has a bunch of inner tools such as Web Scraper, Internal PageRank Calculator, XML Sitemap Generator and Validator, Source Code, and HTTP Headers Analysis tool. Netpeak Spider allows exporting lots of custom and pre-defined reports, including the Express Audit of the Optimization Quality in PDF.

      Price: 14 day of free trial / $19.00 / $51.30 / $96.90 / $182.40

      Social Media tools

      How it works: You won't be able to go far when promoting a business, product or brands, unless you spread the word via social media. This is why it's vital to establish a strong presence on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and even Twitch (especially if you have your heart set on reaching audiences via live streaming). More importantly, you need to think about creating pages on Facebook and Twitter and, naturally, a profile on Instagram.

      Mind you, you'll need a tool to help you manage all this at once and Buffer is more than capable of scheduling and handling all of your daily content for each of the major social network sites. All you need to do is create the posts, schedule them and Buffer will do the rest. Once you start using this, you'll wonder how the hell you managed to work without it.

      Price: Free, but there's also 'Buffer For Business' (starting at $99/month).
      How it works: If you're on the lookout for a solution to manage conversations, followers, and engagement on Twitter, Tweepi is a terrific option. It actually allows you to improve upon your engagement. It's an extremely cool social media management tool. You can analyze and manage your Twitter followers, extract and examine personal data of your Twitter account, as well as info about your followers and the people you follow. You easily filter out followers and analyze multiple Twitter accounts, so you can focus on getting better and more valuable connections via Twitter.

      Price: Platinum ($7.49/month) and Silver package ($14.99/month)
          How it works: Mention is a real-time monitoring platform for following brand or keyword mentions across the web social media and other major sites. It is one of those tools that helps you better understand your audience and act accordingly. After all, you are here for them.

          Price: $29 / $99 / Custom
          How it works: Following the vast space of the internet is almost unfairly simple with Buzzsumo as just typing in the keywords will produce worthy inputs. With it, you'll able to track the performance of your and your competitors' efforts and understand which topics and practices resonate the best with your audience.

          Price: $79 / $139 / $239 / $499+

          Design tools

          How it works: The data presentation and visualization tool gives you an opportunity to create content both written and visual and turn it into infographics. This is an incredibly helpful tool that can be used in various fields such as marketing, business, education, etc. You can use a huge assortment of presentation tools and templates, and of course customization options so you'll be able to fine-tune your project to suit your own style.

          Visme offers basic (free), standard ($13) and complete ($22).
          How it works: To put it as simply as possible, the Snipping Tool is used for snapshots and is a utility usually accompanying any version of Windows. The screens you've taken can be stored and easily edited in PNG, GIF, or JPEG or as an MHTML file. You can share the image, of course. It is useful when you don't have time to work with Photoshop.

          Price: Free
          How it works: This is one of those tools/services you cannot do without in modern-day web content creation, especially if you're starting out. Pixabay has a staggering collection of photos covering all sorts of categories from nature, technology, science, and entertainment, to more personal photos that cover topics such as family, health and so on.

          There is also a rich library of user-submitted images and illustrations on offer, so regardless of what you're looking for to accompany your online written content, Pixabay will no doubt supply you with appropriate photos.

          Price: Free
          How it works: Much like Pixabay StockSnap is an extremely useful tool for grabbing the necessary images for your digital marketing campaigns, online publication content, etc. StockSnap has a vast number of free images available (that's right, they are completely free to use). A great majority of these images is high quality so you don't have to worry about your web page appearing unprofessional.

          Price: Free
          How it works: The user-friendly and well-designed player is actually a video CMS platform, which you can easily fire up on any device (mobile or desktop). The MOW Player is very simple. All you need to do is drag and drop videos, get the codes and you may then monetize your video content at will. The best part of all, it's crammed with features and it's a totally free service.

          The video platform includes detailed metrics engagements. Last but not least two awesome features: Video Article (helps you solve low video view problem) and Storyteller (helps you create a video out of your blog posts).

          Price: Free

          Email tools

          How it works: MailChimp is one of the most popular email automation tools you can ever hope to use. MailChimp manages to send approximately 600 million emails every single day. That is jaw-dropping by any standard.

          As part of their free plan users may send up to 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers. There is also a pay-as-you-go option, which is satisfactory for any business. The marketing automation platform can help you boost your business and will offer extremely powerful data analysis.

          Price: Growing Business plan with $10 per month for 500 contacts and unlimited emails and the Pro Marketer with advanced email marketing options for an extra $199 per month.
          How it works: SendPulse's email marketing service offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to create and manage effective marketing campaigns. The platform features a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for designing professional emails, along with a variety of customizable templates. With advanced segmentation options, businesses can target specific audience groups and tailor content to their needs, increasing engagement and conversions.

          Additionally, SMTP server functionality ensures reliable delivery of transactional and marketing emails, boosting sender reputation and inbox placement rates. Integrated analytics provide valuable insights into campaign performance, enabling marketers to optimize their strategies and drive better results.

          By combining these features, SendPulse's email marketing and SMTP services empower businesses to create targeted, data-driven campaigns, enhance customer engagement, and achieve their marketing goals.
          How it works: Here's another handy tool that makes marketing automation and it's also possible to establish multichannel marketing workflows complete with an intelligent drag and drop editor. This tool makes it very easy to connect your website and automatically track and engage registered users.

          Price: Free, Light, Essential, Premium and Enterprise each with their own specific features and pricing.
          How it works: Sumo represents a range of tools crafted to boost traffic, build and follow, as well as analyze your growth. There is a number of cool features available, but it's safe to say that with Sumo you'll be able to handle email, analytics, and social sharing. The service offers several tools such as List Builder, Welcome Mat, Smart Bar, Scroll Box, Live Chat, Contact Form, Content Analysis, Google Analytics, Heat Maps, Image Sharer and more.

          Price: You can use a free trial, or Professional aka Sumo Pro ($48/mo), Small Business (Price – $79/mo), eCommerce (Price – $199/mo), Team (requires contact).
          How it works: Here's something you'll find particularly handy. is normally used to fish out email addresses. Using Hunter with Chrome gives you a chance to find a contact as soon as you visit a website. The tool also digs up names, job titles, social network accounts, as well as phone numbers. You can use Domain Search for email-finding, just click on the icon in Chrome and the email addresses will show up for the website you've opened in the browser tab. The email addresses are marked verified or returned with confidence scores.

          Price: Free
          How it works: Similarly to, Viola Norbert is used to finding public email addresses and social network accounts. The super-slick and intuitive lead generation tool is great for outreach, link building, PR recruitment, as well as business development. The tool effectively pairs lead generation with email verification. In other words, the emails you receive are valid. Additional data such as media profiles and company info actually drives conversion regardless of your business aim.

          Price: Prepaid Pay as you go! ($ 0.10), Valet ($39), Butler ($79), Advisor ($199), Counselor ($399)
          How it works: This particular service allows you to automate and accomplish diverse tasks that would normally take up way too much of your time. You create a feed, focus on a specific say twitter-handle and Allmails keeps an eye out for tweetings the search phrase you're after. It's fairly straightforward and user-friendly. It's also possible to locate email addresses, and it's very easy to control your mail activity, in general.

          Price: Freemium and Standard ($99)
          How it works: Get Prospect is a simple-to-use email finder that opens the door to features and opportunities. For example, you can sort your data by name, company, position, and so on. What's more, you may also export data to other apps such as Linkedin, Gmail, etc. You can send invites to team members and share newly found prospects.

          Price: Free, Silver ($99), Gold ($99), Platinum ($149), Enterprise ($199) and Infinite ($299)
          Hope that this list was useful for you! Share your opinion in the comments below.

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