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Serpstat updates 13 min read May 23, 2022

19 Major Updates Of Serpstat: Keyword Trends, URL Indexing Inspection, PPC Rank Tracking, New API Methods And More

19 Serpstat spring updates so that not only the sun warms your heart

Technical Support Manager at Serpstat
We are a Ukrainian platform, and we continue to develop and support Ukrainian business and our users. Since the beginning of the year, many new tools and improvements have been added to Serpstat. In this article, we will tell you about the most important of them!

We also remind you that we regularly update the Changelog with a list of changes every 2 weeks. There you'll be the first to know what's new, and you'll find videos with clear descriptions.

New report in Search Analysis

You won't pass by the new unique report for trending keywords collection, because you can find it only in Serpstat! And below we have described other important recent updates of the Search Analysis module.
The new Keyword Trends report helps to determine the most popular Google queries at the moment. This will help create the most relevant content for your site, be the first to pick up hot topics and attract more traffic because the data in this report is collected in real time based on the chosen country and city. Find more in the video.
Keyword trends
In the report for domain's competitors search and analysis of the Domain analysis module, we have added the option to change the proposed list of competitors, delete irrelevant ones, and save a customized competitors template list. This is especially helpful when social networks and/or aggregators (wikipedia, olx, amazon, facebook) are offered in the list of competitors for your domain.
Been lacking a data gathering process indicator in Keyword Batch Analysis? We added it! Now, after you press "Update data" for the keywords, a green indicator will appear at the top of the project indicating the percentage of the update process. Learn more in the video.
Keyword Batch Analysis progress bar
Work in the Keyword Batch Analysis has become easier not only because of the reason above – we have also added the option to create groups and subgroups in the project, so that the keywords can be divided into categories. For example, for content analysis for new pages of the website and convenient work with groups of keywords. Find more about the update in the video.
Keyword Batch Analysis project groups
Use case: If you work with the structure of the website and your task is to add a list of keywords page by page, groups and subgroups will help you do it right. Get a list of keywords from the Keyword Research or add your own to the report.

Then gradually filter and add the desired keywords to groups or subgroups. This way you get the most efficient pool of keywords that are ready to be added to a particular page.

Each step is described in detail in the Tutorial.

Expanding the database of Backlink Analysis

Our team has been leading up to this moment and finally, even giant websites such as Facebook or Amazon can be analyzed! The dashboard loads in a split-second and the data is more accurate.
Data on large domains such as, or is now available on the Dashboard. Moreover, the data in the report has been optimized, became more accurate and loads faster now :)
The database of malicious links has expanded, thanks to the Bundestag Security Institute. The BSI monitors websites and identifies which ones violate the law or are fraudulent. You can detect the presence of malicious domains donor or domains acceptors in our Malicious Sites report.

More opportunities in Rank Tracker

Track domain's positions even for paid search, work with target and factual URLs, and customize the interface to your liking!
Two new columns have been added to the Project Overview report: the factual URL and the target URL. You will be able to quickly locate the added keywords and optimize the site structure. Unnecessary columns can be hidden to generate custom reports. More details in the video.
Rank Tracker project overview
Optimized the addition of keywords to the project - now you can add keywords containing "+" or ".", such as "version 2.0" or "A++ refrigerator".
In the Rank Tracker, it is now possible to track positions for paid search. Track PPC keywords for which your advertising campaign is launched. To do this, when creating a project, you need to select the paid SERP type. You will be able to detect a decrease in position in time and suspend advertising or choose other more suitable keywords for promotion.
To learn more about the benefits of working in Rank Tracker, we have attached an article for you below.
If you are storing your position history in several places at once, we can transfer this historical data and historical data of your competitors to the Rank Tracker absolutely for free. It'll take around 2-3 hours.

Contact our Technical Support Team for further assistance. :)

New methods and filters in API

In addition to upgrading to the new API v4, our team has added many new methods and filters. Read about the changes below.
We completely switched from API v3 methods to API v4. With v4 version, the API functionality becomes wider due to new filters and reports, and working with large datasets is faster.
Improved many of our current methods by adding new filters to them. For example, we added filters to the Сompetitors in organic search results method:
  • visible
  • traff
  • minus_domains
  • exluded_competitors
  • keywords
  • relevance
And to the method Top by keyword:
  • top_size
  • position (from/to/equal)
  • url
  • domain
  • minus_domain
  • subdomain
More filters in the video.
We added a special element Local Pack to Google SERP results in SERP crawling. Local pack is a block with a map above the organic search results on Google. The local pack displays a list of local businesses and public places that match the user's search query.

The option to analyze results for the Local Pack is currently available only in SERP crawling. Learn more about the update in the video.
We also added results from "People also ask" block to SERP crawling. "People also ask" is a block that suggests popular questions similar to the user's request.

Now, if there is such a special element in the results, you can get a response for it in an additional block with a list of questions. More details in the video.

General improvements

We tried to make every detail faster and easier. It'll take fewer clicks while navigating between reports since Serpstat will remember your search history. And it will take less time to export files.
While in a blank report, one click takes you to a recent report thanks to the list of recent queries under the search bar. Learn more in the video.
Latest checks Serpstat
You no longer have to wait and download reports one by one - now you can do it in bulk! Go to Latest Reports and check the boxes next to the reports you'd like to download. In the upper right corner, click "Operations" and "Download". All checked reports are exported in one archive.
Latest reports Serpstat

New Tools

The list of additional tools has been expanded with new ones that will help you in your work. Hurry up and read how to work with them below!
We have added a new URL indexing inspection report to check whether a page has problems with indexing directly from the interface. You can detect issues related to the access to the page for indexing, display in search results, optimization for mobile devices, the attribute "rel="canonical"" and others. To use the report, you need to connect to Google Search Console. Learn more about the new tool in the video.
A new Search engine IP tool for checking search engine bots by IP. You can enter up to 100 IP addresses at a time and see what bot they belong to.
Search engine IP
The tool will allow you to determine whether Google or Bing is actually scanning the site, which will help you take timely action if suspicious or malicious activity is detected.
Would you like to know how to use all the perks of Rank Tracker in Serpstat?
Leave a request and our specialists will explain how to analyze your competitors and track search results and market share!
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