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The Most Exciting Posts Of February [Digest]

The Most Exciting Posts Of February [Digest]

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Woohoo! Spring is here, so it's time to sum up winter results and meet our digest of the best posts. Here you'll find interesting and useful posts for SEO and PPC specialists and all involved in digital marketing. Let's go!


Writing a good article is not enough for search visibility and good user engagement. What really matters is how well you structure it to optimize it well and give clear answers to users' questions. Here are Four Tools To Better Structure Your Article For SEO And Usability.
For inexperienced people, keyword research may seem to be pretty 'scary': search volume, keyword difficulty, user intent – all these aspects aren't familiar to everyone. Being the most important factor in helping your site rank high for the relevant keywords, it's not the best decision to simply skip it. That's why you need The Ultimate Guide To Keyword Research For Your Online Store.
Social Media Is Not A Ranking Factor: Why It's Still Essential For Your SEO? Searching for SEO tips, you've definitely seen various articles on how social media influences your site ranking. Well, I've answered this question in the title. There's no direct connection between your SEO and social media activity. And still, the way social networks presence influences your ranking indirectly is too significant to ignore it.
We all know that featured snippets provide easy-to-read, authoritative answers and that digital assistants love to say them out loud when asked questions. This means that featured snippets have an impact on voice search — bad snippets, or no snippets at all, and digital assistants struggle. Learn about The Influence Of Voice Search On Featured Snippets.
You don't have to be a marketer to appreciate a good call to action (CTA), and it's easy to tell when users appreciate them. Because you know, conversions happen. But there are some sites that do it better than others, and as we'll see in the examples below, not all of them take place online and not every CTA is about getting users to do something. Sometimes, they're about preventing users from doing something. Check out these Call To Action Examples To Follow!

Content marketing

Content marketing
One of the increasingly important components of high-quality, high-ranking content is its structure. Content structuring is by no means a new tactic. Back then investing in better-structured content wasn't that obvious from an SEO perspective. So How (And Why) To Create An Effective Content Structure For Better Ranking?
Infographics, as we all know, are very important for content marketing. Each infographic takes a lot of time to produce. Once a copy has been delivered to the design team, your marketing department is in for several rounds of tweaking little details. Read the post How To Use Infographics For Lead Generation to reach the infographic success.
You create a piece of content that gets virtual cheers from your audience. It gets tons of shares and drives more traffic than your last three pieces of content put together. But the next piece you publish flatlines. What's going on? Why does some content attract a crowd, while other content is virtually ignored? If your goal is continued success, you must follow the same standards to create a strong foundation for every piece. Meet 3 Tips For Eyeball-Worthy Content!
Ninety-one percent of business-to-business (B2B) professionals use content marketing as part of their strategy. Still, that doesn't mean all the content they create is top-notch, compelling, or valuable content. But what does it take to become a good content creator? How do I become one that peers in my industry would look to for advice and opinions? It all starts with what you do before you put your fingers to a keyboard. Check out these 9 Habits Of Highly Successful Content Creators.


When it comes to marketing, you can't ignore pay-per-click advertising. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain web traffic, and promote your brand over your competitors. But with $10.1 billion dollars spent on PPC ads in 2017, it's also a great way to burn money. Learn about 5 Reasons Your PPC Campaign Will Fail.
Every job has its routine tasks that take a lot of time and efforts. Fortunately, in most IT specialties, they can be automated to work more productively. And PPC is no exception. In this post, you'll learn How To Automate Ads Creation In Google Ads Using PHP- And XML-Feeds.
Youtube Expands Advertiser Access To 15-second Non-Skippable Ads: what does it mean? Google recently announced that they'll be expanding the use of these 15-second non-skippable ads to all advertisers on Google Ads, display and video 360 participating in auctions. What does this mean for advertisers? Read in the post!
These days we can get more specific with our audience targeting on YouTube thanks to custom intent audiences for video campaigns, which use broad-match search terms people have actually searched on Google. Unlike affinity audiences, this allows you to try to target people who were actively searching for your product or service. Sound good? Learn how to Expand Your YouTube Ads' Reach With Custom Intent Audiences.


The number of active smartphone users has surpassed the one billion mark and, according to research, people check their phones 80 times on average within 24 hours. This, in turn, gives marketers an excellent opportunity for advertising. Check out the infographic on How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing To Their Advantage.
Digital marketing is predicted to change a lot in the coming years and it's moving fast. Technology is disrupting the way people discover your brand and consume your content, and now is the perfect time to prepare. Do you want to know The Easiest Ways To Embrace Big Trends In Digital Marketing? Then read the post!
Businesses still use webinars because they make great lead magnets with an incredible conversion rate. When done right, between 30% to 40% percent of those visiting the webinar landing page register. What's more webinar marketing can become a solid income building source by itself as well as a major sales driver. Sounds simple right? It is, but you'll first need to learn 6 Ways To Help You Enhance Your Webinar Marketing Strategy.
While the way that businesses have used marketing campaigns over the years has changed, the reasons have not. Every business wants to reach its ideal customer just when that customer needs it. With the constant flux of new technologies, the way that companies need to reach these customers has to evolve to make up the difference. Here are 6 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 And How To Adopt Them.
Whether you're new to email marketing or consider yourself an expert, you likely want the same: to send the best email marketing campaigns. But if you want higher opens, clicks, and conversions, you have to get your hands dirty and start optimizing your email campaigns. It's the only way to beat the average email open and click-through rates over the long-term. So how do you actually do it? Check out Email Marketing Best Practices For 2019!


New Google Featured Snippets Combine Content From Multiple Publishers: Google is now displaying featured snippets that pull content from multiple publishers and combine it into one result. The featured snippet answers questions for searchers by creating a listicle of sorts.
Google Ads Tests Large Image In Search Ads: Google is back at it, testing large images in their search ads. Google has done this for automative ads starting in 2016 but they started testing large images for search ads back in 2013.

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