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SEO Insights with GPT-4: Practical Case Study

SEO Insights with GPT-4: Practical Case Study
Yehorenko Mariia
Mariia Yehorenko 
Product/Project Manager at Serpstat

This case study delves into the advanced data analysis capabilities of GPT-4, revealing how it transforms vast volumes of SEO news into meaningful insights. It is the blend of innovative technology and practical SEO understanding.

I will explain the process behind generating meaningful SEO discoveries based on the initial data collection and the inner workings of ChatGPT+. 

What is GPT-4?

On March 14, 2023, OpenAI introduced GPT-4, an advanced AI model, to its ChatGPT Plus subscribers and Bing search engine users. This latest version, GPT-4, is a sophisticated multimodal model capable of processing text and image inputs. Based on these mixed inputs, the model responds with text outputs, such as natural language or code. Its performance remains consistent across various formats, whether dealing with documents containing text and photos, diagrams, or screenshots. 

The primary benefits of the revised GPT-4 compared to Chat GPT-3.5 are:

Compared to its predecessor, GPT-3.5, GPT-4 shows enhanced reliability, creativity, and a better grasp of complex instructions. Additionally, the model incorporates advanced techniques, like few-shot and chain-of-thought prompting, to enhance its capabilities further. 

Advance Data Analysis in GPT-4

In August 2023, OpenAI unveiled significant enhancements to ChatGPT Plus, featuring a notable advancement in data analysis capabilities. 


The Data Analysis mode enables users to conduct intricate data analyses, identify patterns, trends, and correlations, and visualize the results through simple natural language queries. 


This capability is particularly useful in market research, financial analysis, and scientific data interpretation. Additionally, it can autonomously create comprehensive reports.

AI Case Study for SEO

In the context of SEO, GPT-4's advanced analytics mode can be beneficial for:

Regarding the last point, it became even easier to generate SEO-drive texts with the Serpstat plugin for GPTPlus:

ChatGPT Plugins Serpstat

Please note! As of March 19, 2024, the Beta plugin model at Open AI has changed. Unfortunately, you cannot make a request through the Serpstat plugin, but we are working on other cooperation formats with GPT4.

However, keep in mind that you can access this data via the Serpstat interface (Summary report by domain, keywords, and backlinks) as well as directly through the API.

Within Serpstat, you will also find more options for filtering, sorting, and determining the number of results (the plugin displayed a maximum of 50 phrases). Thus, you can select keywords by topic and get recommendations for choosing similar phrases, search suggestions, and queries in question form.

However, today, we will mainly focus on its ability to process and analyze large datasets and transform them for professionals seeking data-driven insights.

Are you interested in more advanced keyword research? 

Discover the potential of Serpstat. Sign up for a 7-day free trial and explore our comprehensive keyword research and clustering features!

More Details

Data Collection

The Chat in Data Analysis mode can be instructed to focus on particular aspects of a dataset, providing customized insights. A few years ago, we established a private channel as a daily digest featuring the latest SEO news, each presented with a concise headline and a brief description. This case study explores how we employed this rich repository of information to extract valuable insights.

Serpstat Info

Our journey began with downloading the entire history of this Telegram channel. We compiled all the content shared since its inception in February 2022 into two separate files. One file contained news texts from the last year, while the other spanned over two years, providing us with a comprehensive dataset for our analysis.


To delve deeper into this data, we turned to ChatGPT+ with a paid subscription, explicitly choosing the GPT-4 model equipped with Advanced Data Analysis capabilities (formerly Code interpreter). 

Code interpreter

This powerful tool was about to play a crucial role in deciphering the trends hidden within the heaps of data we had collected. The process involved feeding the SEO news history files into ChatGPT.


Behind the Scenes: ChatGPT's Operation

ChatGPT ran a Python script under its user-friendly interface, extracting and processing the data from the uploaded files. This intricate operation set the stage for the insightful analysis that followed.

Python script

How to Generate Insights from SEO News?

Our immediate focus was on the current year's SEO landscape. We uploaded the 2023 news file and requested an analysis to identify the predominant trends and directions that SEO professionals should pay attention to, considering the ongoing SEO agenda of the year.

Advanced Data Analysis

2023 SEO insights:

1.SEO Job Market: There are multiple mentions related to the latest jobs in search marketing, suggesting a dynamic job market and the importance of staying informed about new opportunities and requirements in the SEO field.
2.Business Development and CRM: Discussions around business development techniques and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software used in SEO suggest that technical and relational skills are crucial for SEO specialists.
3.Antitrust Developments: The frequency of updates regarding Google search antitrust trials indicates that legal and regulatory changes could have significant implications for search marketing practices.
4.SEO Tools: There are several mentions of Serpstat, an SEO tool, highlighting the importance of using such tools for competitive analysis and improving SEO strategies.
5.Partner Management Software: The mention of new software for partner management implies that collaboration and partnership management tools are valuable for SEO professionals in optimizing efforts and resources.
6.Content Marketing: Insights into content marketing techniques and strategies are prevalent, suggesting that content remains a critical component of SEO.
7.Technical SEO: Frequent references to technical aspects of SEO imply that a deep understanding of the technical factors that influence search rankings is necessary.
8.Algorithm Updates: Keeping track of algorithm updates and their effects on search rankings is emphasized, indicating the need for SEO specialists to adapt their strategies promptly.
9.Data Analytics: The use of data analytics tools and the analysis of search trends and patterns are mentioned, underscoring the importance of data-driven decision-making in SEO.
10.Legal and Compliance: Regular updates on legal matters related to SEO practices suggest that compliance with regulations is a key concern for SEO specialists.

The insights we derived were illuminating. They provided a clear direction based on the collated SEO news from 2022 and 2023. These discoveries on the SEO agenda not only highlighted the key trends in the industry but also offered a glimpse into the evolving nature of SEO practices over the past two years:

Анастасія Вороніна

The analysis of the SEO news content provided insights into several tools, features, and areas of knowledge that SEO specialists need to be familiar with to stay competitive in 2024:

1.Search Engine Updates: Keeping abreast of updates from Google, Bing, and other search engines is vital. This includes understanding algorithm changes, new features, and best practices for optimization.
2.AI and Automation Tools: With the mention of AI, it's clear that SEO specialists should be using AI-powered tools for tasks such as keyword research, content creation, and data analysis. Tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard, or others that use AI to enhance search and content strategies are becoming increasingly relevant.
3.Content Optimization: Content remains a key focus, so tools that help in creating, optimizing, and analyzing content performance are essential. This could include content management systems (CMS), SEO plugins, and analytics platforms like Google Analytics.
4.Local SEO: Tools that help manage and optimize local listings, such as Google My Business, are important for businesses looking to attract local customers.
5.Social Media Integration: The mention of Twitter suggests that SEO isn't just about search engines; it's also about visibility on social media platforms. Tools for managing social media presence and integrating it with SEO efforts are important.
6.Advertising Platforms: Knowledge of advertising platforms like Google Ads and the integration of paid search with organic SEO strategies is crucial. Microsoft's partnership with Snap indicates that SEO specialists should be aware of the opportunities in sponsored links and ads on various platforms.
7.Analytics and Data Interpretation: The importance of data suggests that SEO specialists need tools to gather, analyze, and interpret data to inform their strategies. This could include advanced analytics platforms, heat mapping tools, and user behavior analysis tools.
8.SERP Analysis Tools: Understanding how search engine results pages (SERP) work and how to optimize for features like featured snippets, local packs, and other SERP elements is important. Tools that analyze SERP features can give insights into how to optimize content accordingly.
9.Voice Search and Conversational AI: With advancements in voice search and conversational AI, tools that help optimize for voice queries and understand natural language processing are becoming important.
10.Technical SEO Tools: Tools that help with the technical aspects of SEO, such as site speed optimization, mobile-friendliness, schema markup, and crawl error resolution, are fundamental.
11.Collaboration and Integration Tools: As mentioned with Google Workspace, tools that facilitate collaboration among team members and integrate various aspects of SEO work can enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
12.Market and Competitor Analysis: Tools that provide insights into market trends and competitor strategies are essential for benchmarking and staying ahead.

Our year-long observation of trends in the SEO industry, analyzed using GPT-4's advanced data analysis capabilities, has yielded insights that could serve as a valuable foundation for shaping SEO strategies in 2024. 


GPT-4's advanced analytics mode offers a powerful tool for data analysis across various fields, including SEO. 

One of the standout features of GPT-4 is its Advanced Analytics mode, which is especially relevant for data analysis and interpretation tasks. The mode offers a powerful tool for data analysis across various fields, including SEO. Its ability to process and analyze large datasets and its advanced language capabilities make it a valuable asset for professionals seeking data-driven insights.

Our comprehensive analysis highlights current trends and provides a predictive framework for future planning in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Nevertheless, as with any AI model, it's essential to use GPT-4 responsibly and critically evaluate its output, especially in scenarios where precision and accuracy are paramount.

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