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SEO 16 min read January 31, 2023

The Future of SEO: What to Expect in the Coming Years

The future of SEO
Garrett Sussman
Garrett Sussman
SEO Podcaster and Demand Gen at Ipullrank

Planning your prospective development steps is crucial to catch up quickly with upcoming trends. No need to bet whether your idea of news in SEO will be faithful — the market analysis and trying to think out of the box will surely help you gain more unexpected profits.

In today’s journey in the future of search engine optimization, we will discuss how to easily distinguish and trace different changes and trends that form a more significant image of the soon-to-be SEO practices. Let’s get straight into the topic!

SEO Definitions

From a terminological standpoint, search engine optimization is responsible for altering a website to make it more visible and valuable for SERPs on search engine platforms. Considering SEO promotion is an ongoing process of changes and modifications to boost ranking algorithms through internal and external upgrades, SEO tools offer crucial data to estimate your page's general well-being and productivity. They also aid in identifying aspects for potential growth and flaws that can impede your website from better ranking and gaining success in the SERPs.

Despite the basic idea of search engine optimization, its techniques are different on separate mediums. Even if you take the same context, like seeking the best futuristic movies, the list created will depend on the particular profile of the system itself. Give it a shot on Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Reddit, and even Amazon. 

The divergences lie in distinct interfaces and how the search is constructed. While Amazon is a commercial-based platform, its results will reveal exclusive products with the inner intent to sell you something. Reddit asks its community to define what great shows to watch and recommend to others. Considering how unique search engine opportunities are now, the future SEO will bring only more efficient formulas to the play. And people will define further development steps by their needs and demands. For more detail, keep reading this blog post!

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Google SEO

Although being a professional futurist isn’t precisely what SEO masters do, trying to check how people’s visions of this field might be realized years on is a magnificent experience. That’s why searching in the movies deserves special attention here. SEO impact is more sustainable and meaningful than people usually think. Such practices are going to exist for ages until the need for the search itself ceases. Without a doubt, it might be performed by different means, on other platforms, and so on.

Some current features that were only imaged some time ago have already become a reality. For instance, Back to the Future 2 was shoot in 1989 and depicted in 2015. One of its accurate Simpsons-like predictions was voice search. Created in 1999, The Matrix's point of view on the search paradigm in 2199 was more advanced and organized a Google engine model right in your head. The modern virtual reality tools and their fellow SEO gear are just a pioneer basis for that type of search thinking. Some steps have already been done, so people might quickly appear in 2045, as shown in Ready Player One (2018).

As of now, the most popular search engine is Google, and it indeed includes the best cinematography fantasies of the past. Stay tuned to see how far SEO in 2023 will reach.

The History of Google

To understand where SEO goes, you must understand what steps and achievements have been made. It is as simple as ABC to discover this evolution process — Google shows its past for any interested party. All you need to do is not miss this source of information before checking the latest in SEO. Here are some main milestones to highlight, without which modern search engine optimization would have been impossible:

  • PageRank — established in 1996, this algorithm is the core of what promotes web page ranking.
  • Synonyms — introduced in 2002, its name is quite self-explanatory.
  • Autocomplete — thanks to the advancement in AI, this service arose in 2004.
  • Universal Search — launched in 2007, the idea behind this technique was simple and forwarded to combine the various search types into well-structured results via merging.
  • Voice Search — “hey, Siri” and other analogs owed their existence to the introduction of voice search back in 2008.
  • Caffeine, 2010 — since the system evolved, it needed to produce faster results. Introduced in 2010, it provided a 50% booster for the general refreshment of the results.
  • Hummingbird — although this technology no longer serves Google, it was hit back in 2013. It was a revolution in the history of conversational searches because it focused on keywords in the queries.
  • RankBrain — one more improvement based on machine learning advancements. It was rolled out in 2015 and analyzed queries to find the genuine search intent.
  • Discover — created in 2016, the system provided users with a customized content stream.
  • Google Lens — this search widget was established in 2017 and performed as an image recognition technique.
  • Neural Matching — since 2018, this algorithm has been helping Google to connect words and concepts in queries.
  • BERT — the model was published in 2019, and it started working as a system to analyze context for word order in a query via pre-trained codes. So far, its expansion range has already exceeded seventy languages.
  • MUM — known as the Multitask Unified Model, this approach uses context across mediums like audio, images, and video to produce the best search results. It was established in 2021. One of its leading goals is to overcome language barriers for end users.
  • Multi-search — the revolutionary step of 2022 enables interested parties to explore data in amazing ways simultaneously.
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Google Now: How We Search

People define trends in search engines, which helps marketers and SEO specialists do their job efficiently. Whenever you seek something new in SEO, it is how people use the available tools to achieve their goals. Contemporary information sources are presented in text, audio, and video formats, but they must be combined and modified when interlinked with other spheres.

Therefore, further technological advances in AI will drastically impact every aspect of SEO. So it is essential to understand how its mechanisms operate and how data circulate search engines in general. Then it will be relatively easy to create and deliver long-term site and business development strategies.

Social SEO

How do you get SEO marketing news? This answer will considerably include your search engine optimization picture of the world. Depending on what matching mediums you consider the most convenient and functional in your particular case, the navigational, transactional, and informational values of the search experience will vary.

From a more professional point of view, social SEO stands for the related algorithms in media, where keywords in posts, hashtags, subtitles, and so on will influence the visibility and credibility of your content. Your need will customize the search project. While Spotify and iTunes are obviously more adjusted to checking the latest music industry trends, there are also more universal domains for enriching your knowledge, like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The target audience predetermines the usability of each available channel.

Media platforms actively use the advantages of SEO platforms in catching the most high-volume and trending topics. For example, using Serpstat Keyword trends, you will get the most popular Google queries at the city level in the selected country in real time.

Keyword trends

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Search Intent and SEO from Future Perspectives

Simply put, this term is applied to specify the main reason behind keywords in a user query. When trying tasty yet hassle-free dinner ideas, you will search for easy, comfy food recipes rather than cheap grocery products. The connection between SEO and search intent is how search engines are adapted to locate matching sites with satisfying information for a targeted inquiry.

Achieving search intent is a top priority for any system, and Google isn’t an exception — this part of the service is reflected in its guidelines a lot. The content relevance in SERPs will signify whether your target audience can effortlessly find your deals on the internet among thousands of competitive choices. If you lack to satisfy search intent in your SEO strategy, other tools won’t be efficient to the greatest extent.

Overall, there are four different types of search intents. The more aware you are of their peculiar features, the better.

Informational Search Intent

When the user's main objective is to seek and find the correct data to answer a particular inquiry, then informational queries come into the ground. Curiosity and longing for more knowledge for multiple reasons form the basis of this approach. According to Google, such requests are divided into “Know” and “Know Simple”. For organic search traffic, it is one of the most straightforward and efficient tools to introduce to your system.

Navigational Search Intent

The second category plays a role for those who want to visit a target site. You want to open YouTube and enter the app's name in the search bar. Obtaining a good ranking for the related term on your own web resource is possible if the connection is strong and your offer is advantageous for prospective users.

Transactional Search Intent

Here experts should focus on people who approve of and appreciate online shopping. They understand the search ease and might abandon your page quickly if some conditions aren't met. Your deals have to be brand-related yet contribute to the basic needs of customers — secure online purchases at the best prices. Your keyword tunnel might look the following way:

  • get an estimate quote;
  • consult service online;
  • service agency near me (New York, Boston, etc.).
  • Commercial Search Intent

    Unlike the transactional intent to complete an action, this is a matter of investigation before decision-making. For example, its funnel commonly includes keywords like compare, review, best, cheapest, and so on.

The Next Levels of Search

Popular methods of seeking new information depend on human senses. So it will be okay to suppose future technological updates will include something like smell-o-vision and taste-o-vision. They are already presented in real life. For instance, a sealed package of perfumes has a particular area with its smell on the box. It is just a matter of time before people can try products like in Willy Wonka but in a digital way.

Photos and Videos

In this case, you depict search as a real-world-image-seeking medium. Whether you apply online pictures or screenshots, search engine systems are already taught to provide related results. The more advanced AI technologies will become, the more accurate data can be found. Visual search is trendy in the fashion industry, but its use is more varied on Amazon and Pinterest.

A crucial innovation is a Multi-Search technique. In plain English, it enables interested parties to customize visual searches by descriptive keywords or phrases to ensure the outcome will be the right one.

Visual search opens new possibilities for image-based and inspiration-driven linkage. Additionally, it can shorten the purchasing process, enabling fans to go from viewing a snapshot to shopping in seconds.

Voice Search

Undoubtedly, it is one of the gaining-momentum trends in the e-commerce industry. According to research, the percentage of people using voice search from the start of the pandemic is constantly increasing, 11% monthly, compared to 2019. The adoption of this technology is only growing — compared to 46.9% of regular users in the US in 2022, this percentage is expected to increase by at least 48.2% by 2025.

To adapt their SEO strategy, professionals must remember that different voice assistances possess unique voice search sources. Alexa and Cortana use Bing for general results and Yahoo for local searches, whereas Google is self-employed. Since each of the aforementioned has its own community rules, it will influence your performance tactics.

Gesture Search

For another experience and the next level of search, it is also necessary to use other senses. This idea is quite popular in fiction movies and was partly represented by Google Lens. Although it is not as heavily represented in the market as other approaches, such advancements as augmented and virtual reality still utilize gesture search for end users' convenience. The ability to manipulate digital content in real space might find new forms of realization in improving digital controls via hand gestures.

Predictions for Google

When distinguishing what an image of SEO in 20 years might be, Google will undoubtedly play a significant role in future updates. What is next for Google? Aside from innovative discoveries, the improved connection between AI and SEO will result in the following:

Final Thoughts

The search engine future is expected to be bright. Much work is yet to be done to improve AI in SEO and other crucial technological performance aspects. Still, it will guarantee the best SEO practices for interested parties for private and commercial use.

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