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The Best Posts Of January And A Little Surprise To Warm You Up [Digest]

The Best Posts Of January And A Little Surprise To Warm You Up [Digest]

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
The last winter month has come, and it means that St. Valentine's Day is near! This month we decided not only to collect a digest of useful posts but also to hold a little contest with a sweet prize. Read till the end of the article ;)


Whether you are content marketing or conversion optimization expert, keyword research is a crucial task that you need to be doing on a regular basis. In this article, you'll see The Ultimate Keyword Research FAQ + A Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to discover the best keywords, optimize your content and/or landing page, and get the most of organic search exposure.
Search traffic remains one of the major sources of traffic and conversions to any website. Keep your organic search visibility in mind when working on your most important "money pages" (i.e. those that drive direct sales). In this article, you'll discover The Ultimate Guide For Your Product Page Keyword Research that will also positively impact conversions.
Adding images to your articles encourages people to read them, and well-chosen images can also back up your message and get you a good ranking in image search results. But you should always remember to give your images good alt attributes: alt text strengthens the message of your articles with search engine spiders and improves the accessibility of your website. This article explains all about Image SEO: Alt Tag And Title Tag Optimization.
If you're looking at a decrease in traffic since the Medic update, you may have heard that E-A-T is the fix to focus on. However, as Dan Leibson proves today, Sometimes All You Need to E-A-T Is A Sandwich.
It takes more than keywords and backlinks – both on-page and off-page – to start ranking a site and get above the fold of search results. Often knowing Robots.txt Best Practices And How To Optimize Your Rankings can help your rankings.

Content marketing

Content marketing
You spent hours (and maybe days) creating that content. It enjoyed solid exposure when it first went live but, months later, it's neglected and almost ignored. How can you put that old content to better use? Reoptimize it. Check out these 3 Tools To Optimize Your Old Content To Build More Organic Search Traffic.
Ever since the game of SEO started, link has always been one of the most effective SEO tactics. In fact, links formed the foundation of Google's original algorithm known as PageRank in 1998. Experts believe that link remains a key ranking signal despite the constant updates made by Google ever since then. Read the post and reveal 5 Secrets To Build A Strong SEO Foundation With Internal Link.
Like anything else we want to do for our business, blogging takes time and experience to work well. You can, however, get help making your blog as successful, and profitable, as possible! Read the post to learn 7 Steps To Create A Successful, Profitable Blog.
Content promotion isn't tweeting or upvoting. Those tiny, one-off tactics are fine for beginners. They might make a dent, but they definitely won't move the needle. Companies that want to grow big and grow fast need to grow differently. So what are the 5 Real Examples Of Advanced Content Promotion Strategies?


PPC is changing dramatically. In the last year alone, Google shifted AdWords into Google Ads, bringing countless new updates and features along with it. To meet these new changes, complacency isn't viable anymore. Here are 3 Ways PPC Will Change In 2019 And 3 Ways You Can Prepare For It.
It's been some time since Dynamic Search Ads made their appearance on the digital advertising scene. Originally released back in 2011, they've since gone through some serious upgrades. The more successful you are at targeting your ads towards the right users, the higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR) you should see.Learn all about Using Dynamic Search Ads For Higher CTR: The What, When, Why, & How.
Over the years, a lot has changed about PPC. Clients expect specialists to be more integrated with their overall business strategy and goals, and not just work in a silo. Gone are the days when PPC experts can just poke through an account's settings, list high CPL keywords, recommend some ad scheduling and call it a day. Learn How To Organize A Successful PPC Audit!


They say: 'The future of marketing belongs to mobile' but the thing is that the future has arrived. So, we should say: 'The present of marketing belongs to mobile.' Although everyone understands the importance of mobile presence, there are only a few businesses which can boast of their mobile marketing strategy. In this article, you'll see How To Optimise Your Marketing Strategy For Mobile.
Do you need to bring some organization to your social media workflow? Looking for tools to help? In this article, you'll discover How To Organize Social Media Marketing Tasks With 3 Tools which help you better organize social media posting, monitoring, and campaign execution tasks.
Online shopping — we all do it. Heck, it's arguably the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you're not advertising your products on Google Shopping, you're missing out. Check out this Ultimate Guide To Google Shopping In 2019 to help you better understand Google Shopping and get started with your first Shopping campaign.
Sometimes a product gets so popular that the brand name becomes synonymous with whatever it's selling. This is brand awareness in action. Without that awareness foundation, it's harder to achieve other goals down the marketing funnel. Why would someone buy something from you if they have no idea who you are? Check out How To Solve The 5 Most Common Brand Awareness Problems.
Check out Bellroy Marketing: 7 Million-Dollar Growth Secrets Of An E-Commerce Innovator (Case Study) to see 7 unconventional strategies you can use to get more traffic and higher conversions for your online store.


Did you know that Now Your Google Text Ads Can Show On YouTube Search Results, Too? Now, when Search text ad campaigns are opted-into Search Partners, your text ads may appear on YouTube search results pages when users search for keywords relevant to your campaign on the video platform — but solely on mobile.
How do you create a video that not only tells a great story but also drives real business results? In Forget Storytelling. 2019 Will Be The Year Of Storyselling you can see three things brands do really well with full-funnel video marketing that other advertisers could learn from.
It was announced that Reddit Launches Cost-Per-Click Ads, the platform's first performance-based ad unit. The CPC ads can be bought through the Reddit ad dashboard and will "complete the suite" of Reddit's ad offerings, along with cost-per-impression (CPM) and cost-per-view (CPV) ads.

Best posts of January by Serpstat

There is a tradition to present Valentine's cards on February, 14. We follow this custom, too :) We wrote few SEO Valentine's cards and launched a little contest.

How to take part:
Click on the button at the end of the article and you'll get an SEO-Valentine's card.
Make a screenshot.
Attach the screenshot in the comments to the Facebook or Twitter post.
The contest takes place till 14.02.2019.
Click and find out what SEO Valentine we've prepared for you :)

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