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Spring Vibes: The Best Posts Of April [Digest]

Spring Vibes: The Best Posts Of April [Digest]

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Better late than never: April is over, so now it's the time to show you the best posts for SEOs, marketers and PPC specialists published in April. Enjoy!


Question-based queries help guide your content strategy and dominate Google's featured snippet top spot, so it's important to have a full understanding of what your customers and prospective customers are asking. Read the post if you want to know How To Boost Local Business Visibility With Question Research And Optimization.
As web users get harder and harder to engage, search intent as a marketing concept has become a hotter topic. But where does the concept of search intent stand in content marketing context? Should you account for it in your content marketing strategy? Check Why You Shouldn't Ignore Search Intent Optimization!
Who doesn't want their website to hit the first page of search results? Well, considering the fact search engines provide ten sites per one results page, only the most experienced ones can achieve it. So, what can do small business to stand out? Having lots of other tasks to solve, being short of money and time, the business owner needs a simple and efficient strategy for how to get the desired result. So How A Small Business Can Nail SEO And Hit The Top In 2019?
Now, Google is getting better and better with understanding natural languages. That is the way us humans use and interpret language without even thinking about it. Before, that was not the case for search engines such as Google, they can only understand language in a very rigid way, word by word, meaning by meaning. Whereas, us the human users, can process the meaning behind each word or each sentence fluidly based on our own prior knowledge and the context presented. Let's take a look at Understanding Entities For SEO – Optimising Content To Rank.
Link building remains the SEO industry's white elephant. Many proclaim that link building is spammy, dead, and even harmful to your SEO. But link building remains a primary part of an effective performance-based SEO strategy. And when executed properly contributes to higher organic search rankings, so here are 15 Advanced Link Building Tactics And Tips To Boost Your SEO.

Content marketing

Content marketing
Thorough content marketing planning has lots of benefits, including higher productivity and efficiency, more effective marketing collaboration and all the many benefits that come with it, and better goal setting and achievement. Here's Your Ultimate Guide To Productive And Informed Content Marketing Planning as long as one year ahead.
Want your business to grow without increasing your marketing budget? Then make sure you produce SEO friendly content. If your website shows up on the main page, you'll get more clicks, shares, likes, and engagement. If nobody ever finds your page, then even the best-written articles are pointless. Look at these Tips And Tools To Write SEO-Friendly Content!
If you're looking to increase your general and voice search visibility, then you should start thinking about incorporating unique How-To content into your SEO strategy. But how do you find the best topics to cover and frame that in a way that puts the reader before the search engine? Take a look at The Link Building And Voice Search Power Of 'How To' Content .
Growing your content marketing program across the org is just as much about efficiency as it is about expansion. Producing more content without clear goals or objectives isn't an accomplishment. If anything, it'll give executives a reason to doubt your entire content program. So How To Grow Your Content Marketing Program?


You may have a great product and provide perfect service, but your online content won't have an impact unless it is pitched to an appropriate audience. It doesn't matter how persuasive or engaging it is. So if you want to pull in customers, you need to know How To Find Your Target Audience On Social Media.
According to HostingFacts, mobile e-commerce will be responsible for 67.2% of e-commerce sales by 2021. Today mobile devices are so closely intertwined with people's everyday routine, that not optimizing your marketing strategy for mobile users is almost a crime. OptiMonk has 7 Steps To Optimizing Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy For Mobile Era for you.
In the email marketing world, direct mail's digital twin skulks around in email inboxes everywhere, even though online marketers have access to information that can enable them to personalize their marketing materials to each member of their target audience. They're called email blasts. Learn Why Email Blasts Should Be A Relic Of The Past.
Today's marketers are in a whole new world, as technology allows you to gather fresh leads online while also improving customer retention. However, poorly designed email campaigns damage reputations and send pitches straight to the spam folder. Many newbies (and even seasoned marketers) commit common faux pas when deploying emails. What are the 10 Email Marketing Mistakes You're Making — How To Avoid Them?
Traffic is your blog's foundation. It's the breeding ground to harvest your commissions and sales from. It's the driving force behind your future empire that allows you to benefit from a highly automated, hassle-free blogging lifestyle. And in case you ever want to sell your blog (well, you don't have to!) traffic is again one of the most important metrics to score your blog's overall value. So How To Keep Hustling When Your Traffic Doesn't Respond To Any Of Your Efforts?
It is difficult to overestimate the role of monitoring and analytics in social media. These are important stages for successful business development and effective promotion on the web. In this article, you'll find 20 Social Media Analytics Tools That Will Uncover Hidden Insights. The list includes services for analytics and work optimization on social networks, tools for scheduling posts and social media monitoring system.


Digital marketing is an essential part of brand promotion. It involves various methods, such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, influencer marketing, paid campaigns, and so on. All these efforts have one common goal – driving new customers. To reach the objective, you should lead all your prospects to the single page designed to convert. It will be your landing page. In this article, you'll find out How To Optimize Your Landing Page In 10 Simple Steps.
So you want to start advertising with Google Ads. You collected the keywords you'll bid on, created a landing page, and researched your target audience. It seems to be a good start. There's one more thing left – competitor analysis. You can use this Competitor Analysis Checklist For Launching A Successful PPC Campaign.
Paid search ads can be a great way to give you that edge and boost your revenue. However, using them effectively to get potential customers to walk through your doors after an online visit isn't easy. When you can't rely on eCommerce purchases through your website, you need to plan carefully to ensure your investment in PPC will translate to in-store sales. Take a look at these 6 Tactics To Dominate Local PPC.
The breadcrumb technique is the most effective landing page tactic framework found for lead gen or SaaS marketing. Before you start your first landing page test using The Breadcrumb Technique: A Landing Page Test That Doubles Conversion Rate, it's important to understand why it works.


Have you heard about Free Google AI Image Analysis Tool? A new tool published by Google analyzes your images. The machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithm tells you what it thinks the image is relevant for. This tool demonstrates Google's AI and Machine Learning algorithms for understanding images. It's a part of Google's Cloud Vision products.
Google Can See Disavow Links Between Canonical URLs: Google's John Mueller said it is best to disavow all the possible places the link may be pointing to, even if you redirect one URL to another and someone is linking to the original URL. But he said Google can follow and see "links between canonical URLs, so when there's a redirect involved, you'd need to check which one is canonical."

Best Serpstat Blog posts

The competitor analysis can be really exhausting, especially when it comes to creating the content plan. Read How To Hack Your Competitors' Content Plan to know how you can accomplish this tedious task faster and benefit from the experience of your competitors.
In this post, you'll see the most effective ways on How To Create A Content Plan + Video Guide.
Good SEOs always look for new ideas and strategies that can help their projects reach success. But forbidden fruit tastes sweet, and SEO is no exception. Read about Private Blog Network (PBN) As A Link Building Method: To Try Or Not To Try.

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