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It's Time To Catch The Best Posts Of October [Digest]

It's Time To Catch The Best Posts Of October [Digest]

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
The second fall month is over, so it's time to gather the best posts published in October. As usual, this digest is valuable for SEO and PPC specialists, and all involved in digital marketing. Have a nice reading! ;)


Imagine this: your e-commerce site is losing visitors. You could have kept those visitors if you had just reduced your website's load time. By neglecting something so important, you are losing a significant amount of money and will continue to lose revenue until you tackle this problem. Do you want to know How To Increase The Loading Speed Of Your Website? Read the post!
SEO is about understanding how search bots and users react to an online experience. We're required to bridge gaps between online experiences, search engine bots, and users. We need to know where to insert ourselves (or our teams) to ensure the best experience for both users and bots. Alexis Sanders from Moz will show you How To Resonate With Users & Make Sense To Search Bots.
Many marketers don't consider Reddit in their marketing efforts. In fact, Reddit seems confusing to most first-time visitors. That's because this site brings you a blend of interesting news, random pictures, cool links, and numerous communities. And this is exactly what makes it so effective for marketers who want to reach a larger audience. Read this Guide On How To Use Reddit To Boost Your SEO to boost your traffic!
In SEO In 2019: The Definitive Guide Brian Dean will show you tested search engine optimization strategies that are working right now and will work even better in 2019 and help you up your SEO game.
As a website gets bigger, it's often hard to prevent pages from becoming duplicates or near-duplicates of each other. If you have two similar pages, the search engine simply doesn't know which of the two URLs it should send the traffic to. Learn What Is A Canonical URL to solve the problem.
According to MailManager, 91% of the users check their mail on a daily basis and 74% of them feel positive about receiving promotional content. Does this mean that such campaigns are used solely for lead generation? Yes, but not only. While emails get opened, links get clicked. Let's look at 7 Ways To Make Your Newsletters SEO-Friendly.
Having a good toolkit is going to make more for your business's SEO out of less resources. That means less energy and time on your part, while getting benefits that help build your company up. What is better than that? So just Master The Art Of DIY Online Marketing With These 3 Tools!

Content marketing

Content marketing heavily relies on technology, which means it evolves quickly. Mobile search, video marketing, SEO – all of that has been changing and advancing content marketing for the past few years. Today's content distribution tactics call for experimenting with many emerging channels. Ann Smarty will show you 3 New Content Distribution Tech Trends To Embrace Now.
A successful content marketing funnel moves people from awareness of your product to satisfied customer of your business. It's a multi-stage process. Leads and traffic don't come to our content just to buy something — they come to learn, to educate themselves. A content marketing funnel is a clear path of return on your content investment. Read the post and learn How To Create A Successful Content Marketing Funnel.
In this SEO case study Nathan Gotch is going to show how he gained 21% More Traffic Without Any "New" Content.
Content and SEO go hand in hand, and if you want your content to rank well, you need to start the planning process with SEO in mind. Let's start from the top: Lo Jia Thong will guide you through some SEO Best Practices For Content Planning.
Are you struggling to build professional relationships on social media? Want to develop a network that generates business but don't want to make content? In this article, you'll discover How To Succeed In Social Media Without Posting Any Content.


Website owners and marketers always struggle to reach the top of the search engine results page. SEO allows them to succeed and maintain their positions, but often it's never quite enough. To see even better results and thus improve your business' ROI, you should constantly be looking for other ways of getting your product or service to a bigger audience. Check these 5 SEO Tips You Need To Know To Succeed In Your PPC Campaign.
More than likely you have encountered a Google ad of some sort. Whether it be while you were "Googling" something, lost in an endless hole of YouTube Videos, or you saw an eye-catching image on the side of your favorite website, you have been graced with the presence of an ad. Today Shannon Glass is going to focus on exactly How Google Determines Which Ads To Serve.
Another year is quickly approaching. That means now is the perfect time to review current PPC best practices to start improving your performance. There are opportunities to revisit the dependable PPC best practices but even more opportunity to implement new ideas into your program. Check out 10 Paid Search & PPC Best Practices For 2019!
If you feel like you're late to the Bing Shopping party, there's no need to fret. We've written this guide for beginner digital marketers to help you get up to speed. This post will give you 11 Reasons Why Bing Shopping Is A Must For eCommerce Marketing.


Social media appears to be the best platform for influencing potential customers. Many business owners are already making a profit of it, creating accounts to promote goods or services they offer. But do they take all advantages of social media marketing? Read How To Use Hashtags For Efficient Marketing!
An increase in sales and revenue is surely a sign of your business scaling in the right direction. But be careful, don't be off your onion once the success comes, as you still need to know how efficient your marketing efforts are and which of the channels you can boost up. Check these 10 KPIs Every Digital Marketer Should Track to make sure that your marketing initiatives serve you well.
Tailored audiences on Twitter can help you create more successful remarketing campaigns. In order to make sure users engage with your brand, you need to learn How To Use Twitter Audiences and make them work for your website or brand. Below, we'll teach you the different types of tailored audiences and how to use them to reach the right audience.
Are you in the process of developing your 2019 marketing plans? Developing a plan sounds simple but with a myriad of marketing options available to you, what does an effective digital marketing strategy look like in 2019? New Research To Help You Create The Best Digital Marketing Strategy In 2019 will definitely help you!
Instagram, it almost goes without saying, has become one of the biggest and most successful social networking platforms out there. Do you want to know How Instagram Became An Influencer Dream Machine?
Your website traffic is down, and you're wondering why. It's quite a puzzle, isn't it? You've thought of all possible reasons, and none of them seem to explain it. You may be able to spot one thing here and another there, but can't pinpoint the key reasons for such a decline. Read this post and find 5 Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Is Down.


Google Ads Introduces "New vs. Returning" Store Visits Segmentation that is designed to help advertisers better understand how many store visits come from first-time customers compared to repeat customers.
Well, you've no doubt already heard the news that Google is shutting down its social network, Google+ in August 2019. For many of us, this comes as no surprise. The platform has seen fading traffic and, and beyond the activity of a scant few forums, there have been very few reasons to use it. Check out What Does The End Of Google+ Mean For Local Businesses?
New Google Search Console Fix Slow Page Loading Notices: the notice starts off by reading "fix slow page loading on domain.com. The email then explains that some pages are "significantly below average" in terms of speed and recommends they use the Chrome User Experience Report to make changes.

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