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Digest #34: Best Posts For SEOs And Marketers Published In June

Digest #34: Best Posts For SEOs And Marketers Published In June

Elena K.
Chief Editor at Serpstat
June is almost over and it's time to gather the best blog posts that top platforms and blogs published this month. This digest will be useful for SEO and PPC specialists, content marketers and all involved in digital marketing :)


In How To Find LSI Keywords And Use Them To Boost SEO Traffic, the author will walk you through the details of an important SEO concept aka LSI keywords. You'll also learn how to use LSI keywords in your content strategy to rise high in the SERPs.
Trustworthy links are important. Unique content is crucial. Mobile friendliness is becoming an essential factor. Is it really that simple? Apparently, it's not. There are so many factors determining a traffic volume on your site, and every factor has its own nuances. By reading this post by B2C, you'll learn 7 Quick Ideas That Will Double Your Search Traffic.
What Are The Top 9 SEO Techniques Of 2018? To get the answer to this question, Matt Diggity ran a contest in The Lab's Facebook group. A few hundred people replied. Matt gathered their answers and displayed that data in infographic format.
"I wish I knew earlier about this Google update!" is something many site owners or marketers say on a daily basis. Most times, we get to see how rankings fluctuate, traffic drops, and still, we don't know what to do. What's more, we always think it's us who made a mistake and, therefore, got downgraded. Google's 2018 Updates So Far And How They Already Impact Your Website will both prove you're wrong and agree with you. Plus, you'll learn how all changes Google made so far in 2018 effects your site and how you can improve your marketing and SEO moves.
If you want to understand your business niche better and find out non-obvious tips for moving up to the top, you need a deep and detailed competitors analysis. You can consider competitor's websites as a source of ideas that you can use to develop your project, and in Comprehensive Guide on Competitor Analysis you'll learn how exactly it is done.
Audio is the most untapped content-type for Google (and search in general). They've practically mastered and dominate every other form – from text to video, maps, news, images. But Google recently announced their plans to make audio a 'first class citizen' in search – from podcasts to any audio in your own content – I believe we're all going have to get great at audio SEO.

Listen to Preparing For Audio SEO & Podcasts In Google Search W/Steve Pratt episode to find out what we know now (straight from Google) and how to prepare for an audio revolution!
The last but not the least in the SEO category is SEW Interview: Clark Boyd On Visual Search. This interview is about camera-based visual search – that futuristic technology that allows you to search the physical world with your smartphone – what it means for the way search is changing, and whether we're going to see it become truly commonplace any time soon.
Google has always given brands preferential treatment. They get better rankings with fewer links. They get "penalized" for improper conduct, only to resurface a few weeks later. Small brands, on the other hand? Never get the benefit of the doubt. Need to earn twice as many links. And this is only accelerating. So much so, that there's virtually nothing else you should focus on in 2018, besides building a brand. Big brands will get showcased in the SERPs. And small companies will be left in the dust. Read Why Your SEO Focus Should Be Brand Building by Brad Smith to learn why.
Are you still looking for that one perfect link-building strategy? A technique that won't leave you doubting the outcome; one you'll know is going to work?

The Linkody team knows what this perfect strategy is, check out their Backlinking Strategy that Works 100% of The Time [+Link-Building Checklist] guide.

Content marketing

1. Looking for more large-scale ways to generate leads through your content? Read 7 Great Tools to Generate Leads from Your Content, where Ann Smarty takes us through her seven must-have tools, from research to content creation, for better lead-gen through your site.
Content Marketing For Ecommerce: 10 Content Types + Social Shares Analysis – a great post from Buzzsumo blog for all marketers working in ecommerce.
Guest blogging is a complex process. Every blog has unique guidelines, focus, and style you have to follow. There is no magic formula for pitching an article. And, unfortunately, a "one size fits all" approach won't work. Read How to Pitch an Article: 5 Rules to Get Your Post Published, where Ann, our content marketer, is telling about her failures to help you recognize them and handle them better than she did.
There's one trend digital marketers can no longer ignore: The rapidly growing demand for video content.And it's not just the demand, customers and readers expect to find video content whenever they visit a site. A great way to easily create videos is by Transforming Your Blog Articles Into High-Ranking Marketing Videos.


Sridhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice president who leads Google's ad efforts, at a press event this morning, introduced new brands for our advertising products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. These new brands reflect all of the ways that Google helps advertisers connect with consumers and make it easier for advertisers and publishers to choose which products are right for their businesses.

Read Introducing Simpler Brands And Solutions For Advertisers And Publishers from the official Google blog to learn more about this crucial update.
Ringostat team has prepared the detailed guide on How To Write PPC Text Ads. It includes Google and Facebook requirements and recommendations. So take your seat and enjoy the reading.
Budgeting can be a tricky thing. Oftentimes we run into one of the following situations:

  • Performance has been steady, but we're limited in what we can spend. Wow we want to grow the account.
  • The client comes to us asking if we could spend more, if so, how much more? What will the outcome be?
  • The client comes to us saying that they have additional $X to spend, but their boss is asking how performance will be impacted.
Read Spend Smarter: Identifying Account Opportunities by Rachael Law to learn how to deal with these situations.
How To Import Shopping Campaigns From Google To Bing is a great step-by-step guide for those, who want to give Bing Shopping a try. In this post, Kristin Palmer shared his own experience and covered the steps he took so you can quickly and easily follow the same steps if and when you'd like to test Bing Shopping.


Not a single day has gone by without hearing or reading about how GDPR changes the way we do business and how much marketers will lose in the long run. And what we hear is only partly true.Implementing all the necessary changes to stay compliant with GDPR isn't an easy thing.

To make your lives a little bit easier, GetResponse team decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding GDPR and email marketing in Top Questions About GDPR In Email Marketing.
The increasing interest in video marketing and diversifying your efforts is not surprising: According to HubSpot's research 45% of web users watch an hour or more of video per day. And it's projected that by 2020, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video.

Obviously, if you are seriously entering the video marketing arena, limiting yourself to YouTube alone is not a smart idea, just like limiting yourself to any one marketing channel is probably never a good way to go. Read Beyond YouTube: Video Hosting, Marketing, and Monetization Platforms, Compared not to limit yourself to YouTube only.

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