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13 Powerful Ways Website Investors Can Use Serpstat

13 Powerful Ways Website Investors Can Use Serpstat
Mushfiq Sarker
Mushfiq Sarker
Founder at the Website Flip

Whether you're a professional website investor or new to the game, you'll want a growth hacking software tool that can:

1. make it easy for you to grow your business;
2. track your website's rankings in the SERPs;
3. spy on your competitors;
4. find the best keywords to target;
5. discover SEO errors;
6. create a backlinks report.

That's where Serpstat comes in handy. The top-rated software offers all of this, plus more.

In this article, you're about to discover 13 effective ways the software can help website investors improve their websites and increase overall profits when buying or selling.

What Is a Website Investor?

Website investors (sometimes called Website Flippers) buy websites intending to sell them for a profit further down the line.

They look for websites with the potential to improve by adding content, backlinks, and various monetization methods to increase the monthly revenue. It typically takes around 6-12 months from purchase to sale.

Here’s an example of how a website flipper operates.

Mathew (a website investor) visits Empire Flipper (a website broker) and notices a website for sale for $302.796.

The site earns $7130 per month from Amazon Associates, so it's a fair price using the standard 35x multiplier.

Mathew runs a few vetting and due diligence checks and decides to purchase.

Over the next 12 months, he increases the value of the website by each of the following tactics:

The website is now earning $13.000 per month, so the site's value has risen to $455.000.

Mathew sells the website and makes a profit of over 152 thousand dollars.

What Is Serpstat and How Can Website Flippers Benefit From the Software?

Serpstat is an SEO growth hacking tool that helps businesses gain a competitive edge. It’s suitable for marketing, content strategy, PPC (pay per click), and SEO.

As a website Flipper, you can use the software to increase your traffic and have it rank higher than others targeting the same keywords.

The platform offers an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform for seven main categories:

Each one offers different ways in which they can benefit you as a website investor, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

13 Reasons Why Website Investors Should Use Serpstat

Serpstat is an excellent tool for anyone. Still, the following 13 reasons are crucial for website investors.

That's not to say other businesses can't benefit from them, they definitely can. However, as a professional website flipper and avid user of growth hacking SEO software, this is where the power lies for website flippers.

#1: Research Both Google and Bing SERPs

Google is the most popular search engine worldwide and a top priority SE when it comes to optimizing a website and website flipping. Serpstat has Google databases for 230 search regions for high-quality research on keywords and competitors.

Bing can also be a part of the website flipping strategy, depending on your target demographic. Serpstat introduced the Bing database for the USA, so now you can research keywords and competitors in both search engines within one tool. If the US is your target audience, don’t miss out on Bing, because you may attract additional visitors to a website, and there may be opportunities to achieve better rankings and visibility, than on Google.

The US database for Bing includes 10M keywords, you can check their search volume, main SERP features, ads in SERP.

Domain analysis enables you to analyze the Visibility, Traffic, Keyword distribution by position, Top performing pages, Competitors, etc.

Bing domain research tool

#2: Track Your Website Performance

Serpstat enables you to track your website performance in multiple ways. You can track your SERP history, top-performing pages, keyword history, and your current rankings.

For example, the image below shows you the keyword history for Empire Flippers:

domain overview

You can see that they’re ranking number one for various keywords, and next to the position is the volume and CPC (Cost Per Click.)

The software provides charts and graphs for multiple trends, and you can click on the results, and a new page will open showing the data in more detail.

As a website flipper, I can say this information is crucial for your sites, and the websites you are considering buying.

Let's move on to other useful reports.

#3: Find the Best Keywords to Target

keywords selection

Serpstat started as a keyword research tool, so it’s no wonder that this area of the software is pretty slick and robust.

For the tool's primary use, you enter a keyword and get back a list of related keywords and data for the following:

In addition, you can also use the Keyword Research tool to find related keywords, search suggestions, questions, top pages, and competitor results.

Would like to boost your website flipping strategy with Serpstat?

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#4: Keep an Eye On Your Competitor's Rankings

competitors by a keyword

Knowing how your competitors rank for specific keywords will help keep you on your toes and make you aware of when you need to double your efforts to stay ahead or overtake.

Serpstat allows you to track your website and those you’re competing with using the Rank Tracker tool. You can receive daily, weekly or monthly reports for a selection of keywords you’re targeting.

#5: Discover the Best Keywords the Competition Is Using

how to find competitors

Imagine being able to enter the URL of the websites you’re competing against and finding the best keywords they’re using and how much traffic they receive each month.

You would be able to create a list of keywords to target and use this to create content on your website.

In the domain analysis section, you can enter any URL, and the software will give you a list of the top keywords for that website.

#6: Compare Multiple Websites (Side By Side)

common and unique keywords of competitors

As a website flipper, you will come across times when you need to act quickly to purchase a website. For example, say a website is for sale on Flippa, but before handing over any money, you want to check how easy it will be to overtake those ranking in the top search results.

Using the Domain vs. Domain feature, you can quickly compare up to three websites at a time to compare keywords, rankings, history, and more from the same dashboard by clicking on the said domain.

Doing this will enable you to spot ranking opportunities for the top sites and better understand how hard it will be to get your potential new site to rank better.

#7: Find Out the Top Traffic Pages for a Competitor and Create Better Content

a number of keywords the page ranks for

A great way to increase your page views is by creating quality content regularly.

Using the Top Pages tool will allow you to enter a URL of your choice and find the best-performing pages on the website.

Take a look at each one and see if your website is targeting the same keyword. If it isn't, create a piece of content that's better than the competition, and if it is targeting the keyword but not performing as well, then examine the page and see what it has that yours doesn't.

Here's a plan of action:

Let's get the plan started now!

Click the button to start your 7-day free trial and see the difference it can make for your website's search visibility.

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#8: Create Better Titles for Your Content Using the Title Generator

generation of a title

Titles and headlines are arguably the most crucial part of your content. They determine if your page gets viewed and helps to keep those who skim-read your page interested.

The AI tool for content inside Serpstat is a headline AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature that lets you find headlines and titles quickly.

You enter content into the text area and select the "Generate Title" button.

The AI tool will then create headlines and titles based on the content you enter. It saves time and makes your content creation outline so much easier.

#9: Create a Content Plan

Another excellent benefit of using Serpstat is the ability to create a content plan for your new websites. You can spy on competitors' best content and their highest ranking keywords.

You'll be able to craft a list of article ideas to give to your writers to work on.

Knowing the best keywords to target and what content is already popular will give you an edge for content creation.

Simply locate the top pages for any domain or subdomain inside the domain analysis section.

For example, look at the top pages for CNN below — you can see what content is performing the best, how much traffic they get, and how many Facebook shares each article has gained.

the most popular pages of the domain

If you click on one of the results, you will see a more detailed page version, including a breakdown of more keywords and various metrics.

detailed keywords list

#10: Get an In-Depth Backlink Report for Any Website Before Purchasing

backlinks analysis

When purchasing websites from brokers and marketplaces, you must perform your vetting and due diligence before parting with any money.

Although some brokers state they do this for you, it’s still good practice to do your own.

A great way to do this is using the Backlink Analysis tool. You can quickly get a report from any website and determine the number of backlinks it receives.

The tool displays:

If a website seller tells you they have a specific number of backlinks, you can quickly confirm if this is true before purchasing.

#11: Track Data From Multiple Devices and Locations

Serpstat databases for domain analysis

Website traffic from mobile devices has increased considerably over the past few years, so much so that it now produces more traffic than desktops.

According to Tech Jury, 55% of all page views come from mobile, so it’s crucial to track and see results for multiple devices, including mobile and tablets.

The need to see data for specific locations and countries is equally important, which you can do inside Serpstat.

Knowing the numbers for specific devices and locations will help website flippers when it comes to vetting and performing due diligence.

#12: Check Any Website for SEO Errors

Site Audit overview
Site Audit settings

The Site Audit tool lets you discover any SEO errors and issues related to your websites and competitors.

This is beneficial when purchasing a website because you can quickly run a check and find out if a site has errors, possibly causing them to rank poorly in the search engines.

Knowing how to fix these issues could be all it takes to see a traffic spike for the domain, which will improve the website value.

#13: Create Reports and Send Them to Potential Buyers

Customized reports

Having the ability to create detailed reports for potential buyers of your website is a fantastic way to show you’re a professional website investor. The buyer will be thrilled with the details and will see you as a trusting seller.

Inside Serpstat, you can create custom reports containing widgets, graphs, and over 20 important metrics.

Once you have the reports, you can download them and send them to the potential buyer.

#14: Analyze Websites Quickly From Your Browser

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

The browser extension plugin will enable you to quickly find results, data, and important information from the browser.

You can view keywords, metadata, errors, traffic, and backlinks within a couple of clicks directly inside the top used browsers.

It’s easy to use. Simply find the website online you wish to find information about, click on the plugin icon and choose between the different options.

The extension is excellent for finding relevant data about a website you’re considering purchasing. It’s fast, so when you need to act swiftly for a potentially great deal, you can.

Actionable Points

Serpstat is an excellent tool for website flippers that offers many features and benefits for those selling and buying websites.

You can track domains, keywords, and SERP history for your website and competitors. In addition, you have backlink reports, custom reports, and tools available that can help you create content plans and keyword lists to target.

If you’re a website investor, using Serpstat will save you money and time and help you find better deals on the marketplaces and broker sites.

Here are the actionable takeaways from the article:


Speed up your search marketing growth with Serpstat!

Keyword and backlink opportunities, competitors' online strategy, daily rankings and SEO-related issues.

A pack of tools for reducing your time on SEO tasks.

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