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Audit summary

With the "Site audit" in Serpstat, you can check the site for technical errors. Besides, this tool makes it possible to evaluate the results of the SEO work carried out, since the results of the previous analysis are also analyzed.
To get started, create a new project. Go to My Projects and click "Add project". If your site has already been added just click "Start site audit".

Audit summary 16261788676967

Specify basic project settings:
- write the project name;
- indicate whether to consider subdomains in the audit.

Set up credits and speed:
- page number to scan  — the number of pages to check for site optimization. By default, a maximum of 5,000 pages are scanned;
- scanning speed  — you can adjust the speed manually or choose an automatic setting;
- scan duration  — the maximum time that the site scan will continue;
- scan type  — select what you want to scan (whole site, list of pages, sitemap).

Audit summary 16261788676967

In the "Pages" section, specify:
- maximum nesting  — restriction of directories in the URL;
- crawl depth  — an indicator that is determined by the number of clicks that need to be made to get to a specific page from the main page;
- specify phrases in the URLs of pages that the Serpstat robot does not need to crawl;
- specify phrases in the URLs of the pages that the Serpstat robot needs to crawl.
- check whether you want to crawl pages closed from indexing and non-canonical pages.

Audit summary 16261788676967

If you have a site with limited access, then in this section you can:
- register username and password;
- select User agent to scan the site;
- specify whether or not to take into account robots.txt and whether to leave the automatic replacement of the User agent.

Audit summary 16261788676967

You can also configure the distribution of audit results to other users and select its schedule.

Audit summary 16261788676967

In the "Additional settings" section, you can customize the following parameters:
- title length;
- description length;
- image size;
- the URL length;
- page size;
- the number of outgoing links.

Audit summary 16261788676968

After all the settings, click the "Start analysis" button. Verification may take some time.
When the audit is complete, you will see the SDO in the project dashboard. Domain Optimization (SDO) is a unique Serpstat metric. It demonstrates the level of domain optimization from 1 to 100. It is calculated from the ratio of the number of errors and their severity to the total number of possible domain errors. The higher the SDO, the more optimized the site is.

Audit summary 16261788676968

Go to the "Summary report" of the "Site audit" section to get more detailed information about the results and stages of the audit.
The first thing that you will see is a graph of the SDO domain score dynamics from the moment of the first check to the present day.
Below the Summary Report, you will find a table with the results of previous checks. It can compare any two periods.

Audit summary 16261788676968

The issues are prioritized:
High priority is a parameter that evaluates the presence of severe errors. They need to be fixed first.
Medium priority is a parameter that examines errors that are not critical, but still affect domain optimization. Therefore, they also require correction.
Low priority is the parameter that scores the least significant errors. However, they also need to be fixed. The report below is a summary of the errors of the site that the service found.
There are also categories of Information and Viruses:
Information is not errors, but recommendations for page optimization.
Viruses  — the results of checking the page for malware.

Below we see a summary of the problems in the form of a graph, where you can compare the vulnerabilities found with the recommended range in such indicators:
Response codes  — the graph displays response codes on the crawled pages of the site.
Title length  — the graph shows the number of characters in Title on scanned pages.
Description length  — The graph shows the number of characters in the Description.
Body length  — the graph shows the number of characters in Body.
Page indexing  — the graph shows the ratio of the page with and without a meta no-index tag.
Canonicalization is a graph that shows the ratio of the pages with and without rel = "canonical" tag.

Audit summary 16261788676968

Further, we see a table with a short list of vulnerabilities found on the site.

Audit summary 16261788676968

If you have any questions about the report, there are 2 buttons in the upper right corner:

1. Send feedback — opens the support chat for sending suggestions for improving or reporting an issue.
2. Tutorial — the button will direct you to the tutorial for the report.

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