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SEO 24 min read October 12, 2022

Artificial Intelligence and SEO:
5 Best AI Platforms to Watch Out For

Artificial Intelligence and SEO: 5 Best AI Platforms to Watch Out For
Artificial Intelligence and SEO: 5 Best AI Platforms to Watch Out For
Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been the backbone of digital marketing. And it's easy to see why. If you're a small business owner or company selling a product or service, ranking at the top of Google searches is one of the best ways to gain public visibility, reach your audience, and increase conversion rates.

But like all good things, it's a race to get to the top and stay there. Entrepreneurs and digital marketers are involved in this constant dance with search engines. One moment, you're two steps ahead, ranking for your top keywords. Then the next minute, Google makes an unexpected algorithm turn throwing you three steps back, leaving you to improvise a new strategy to get ahead.

And so the dance goes on and on. But thankfully, SEO strategists will soon have a new trick up their sleeve — artificial intelligence.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence may sound far off, it's already here, and you've likely been using it for years. If you have spoken with Siri or Alexa, you've interacted with a form of AI.

Some of AI's first real-world applications in the business world have been used to automate tasks and enhance customer service. For example, if you receive an email asking a question that can be easily found on your company's website, you can train your email software to recognize these emails and provide a pre-written response.

But artificial intelligence takes this one step further. At the very core of artificial intelligence is a technology that teaches a machine how to be innovative. Instead of just following a set of directions or a piece of code, they can adapt, learn, and predict. Machine learning and deep learning may be in their infancy, but in the past few years, we've seen a booming growth of AI in business applications.

This is why all SEO experts, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers should start exploring artificial intelligence and how it can increase efficiency and results before your competition beats you to it.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help With SEO

With 85% of enterprises already integrating artificial intelligence into their customer engagement platforms, you may wonder if SEO platforms are also adopting this technology. But that leads us to an even bigger question, how can artificial intelligence help companies with search engine optimization?

In the fast-moving world of SEO, there are always new changes to keep up with. Google makes hundreds of algorithm updates yearly, and keeping track can be challenging. Not to mention trying to optimize hundreds, if not thousands of articles for all these ranking factors can be quite a feat. It takes an entire dedicated team to keep up.

This is where AI comes in to help with SEO. It can help you not only rank your content, but help you maintain that position despite the changes that lay ahead. 

Here are a few ways in which AI can help with SEO:
  • Optimized Content Creation:
    In the past, keyword research was done by manually looking at search engine results pages (SERPs) and analyzing competitor websites. You could spend hours writing down each heading and popular keywords. But now, AI tools can help you with this process by providing data-driven insights.

    You can learn what headings to include, word count averages, and even questions to include in your FAQ schemas. Always remember to write for people first and then optimize the content for a search engine last.

There are different Content Generators that speed up the processes of content creation. For example, a set of Serpstat tools based on Artificial Intelligence can help you generate meta tags and articles, check grammar and spelling, highlight important insights from competitor texts, and many more.
Continue reading as we will look in more detail at even more interesting Serpstat tools in the following sections :)
  • Keyword Planning: 
    If you're writing in a particular niche, one of the key points to optimize your SEO is proving to Google that you're an authority in that niche. That's where keyword research comes into play to give you ideas of other topics you should be writing about to demonstrate your expertise in a specific area.

  • Link-Building:
    Your authority and off-page SEO is one of the most important ranking factors in Google's eyes. How to achieve that? A high-quality backlinking is what you need.

    It comes without saying that it's a time-consuming process. But with AI, you can get help with identifying link opportunities and speed up your outreach process.

  • Competitive Analysis:
    Keeping an eye on your competition is essential to analyze their strategies and create a better one for your company or site. AI platforms can help you analyze your competitor's websites and provide insights to help you outrank them. And this is vital because your competitors are already doing this with your site!

  • Monitoring Rankings: 
    In the past, SEO specialists would manually check their website's rankings to see if there were any changes. But now, AI tools can do this for you and send you alerts if there are significant shifts in your rankings. This will help you prioritize your resources by spending more effort on those that are moving up, while quickly intervening for any monetizing articles that are losing rank.

  • AI Writers:
    AI writers, although not necessarily an "SEO tool," do help speed up the content creation process. And since SEO relies heavily on supportive content, these tools can come in handy. Google has made firm stances on utilizing AI writers, as you can read from the experts, so be sure to use this appropriately.

When looking at AI SEO platforms, it's important to note that some platforms specialize in a single aspect of SEO (like backlink building), while others include many needs into one platform. Here are some questions you should consider when searching for the best platform to meet your or your company's needs:

  • What areas in your SEO strategy require improvement?
  • What would be the return on investment (ROI) of integrating a particular platform (is it to improve your rankings, your authority, or simply to automate tasks and save time?)
  • How is the company pledged to improve its technology over time?
  • What are search engines' stances on utilizing specific forms of AI?

Now that we've discussed all the reasons why you should look to integrate your SEO strategy with artificial intelligence and equipped you with the questions you should be asking yourself, let's look at a few rising stars to help you achieve this. 

5 AI SEO Platforms to Help You Stay Ahead

Here are five AI SEO platforms you should have on your radar to give you that extra edge in 2022 as you race to the top.

1. Serpstat

As we have already mentioned, Serpstat is an excellent all-in-one search marketing platform that digital marketing specialists can make the most out of.

Serpstat offers a suite of tools for keyword researchrank tracking, and backlink analysis. It also has a team management feature to help you keep track of all your SEO tasks in one place, which is a game changer for those that manage more than one site.
Let's dive deeper into several AI-based content optimization tools the service offers.
  • Description Generation
This tool is based on Machine Learning generative model. It analyzes a fragment of the text from the page of your site and composes a description according to the requirements of search engines and the analysis of competitor pages in the search results:
  • Paraphrasing
Paraphrasing tool allows rewriting of content in a few seconds to avoid plagiarism and duplicates. Use effective texts for your business and remake them into unique ones:
What benefits does the Paraphrasing tool offer? 

  • you don't have to waste time on manual text rewriting;
  • it gives you the possibility to publish articles faster;
  • you can add descriptions to dozens of product cards in two clicks;
  • it ensures consistent remaining of the text sense.
  • Article Generation tool
Here you can add a text that conveys the meaning of a future article and the tool will construct the article with the ready structure: 
  • Grammar and Spelling
The purpose of this tool is obvious: here you can check your text for mistakes and correct them immediately. Don't spend extra time on manual text correction:

  • add correct text to website content;
  • speed up the process of publishing articles;
  • check texts for PPC campaigns;
  • improve the UX of your company.
Suppose you’re looking for an all-in-one AI software that will bundle everything you need for your content analysis and SEO analytics, from keyword research to competitive analysis. In that case, Serpstat is an excellent choice. It includes nearly everything you could need in one user-friendly interface. 
Want to learn how to generate and analyze content with Serpstat tools?
Don't miss the chance to get a free 7-day trial. Click the button below to know all the details.

2. Hubspot

You may already be familiar with Hubspot as one of the most popular CRM tools on the market. But did you know that they have an AI-assisted SEO Tool? 

Although it may not be as comprehensive as other options on the market, the Hubspot AI tool is handy for creating a topic or keyword cluster. If you are already utilizing Hubspot as your CRM software and if your website is already linked, Hubspot's AI will scan your entire site and recommend topics for you to write about. It's really that easy.

Their goal is topic authority — if you're not quite sure what this is or why it's vital to Google rankings, then learning about it is a great place to start. By recommending content gaps on your site, you can be on your way to dominating your sub-niche.
Now, let's get into the different features available with their AI SEO tools. 

There are loads of features that come with Hubspot, as it's not primarily an SEO tool, but an entire business platform for all your marketing needs. If you're a digital marketer looking at the AI SEO value, here are some of the things it can do for you:
  • Recommendation Feature
Once your site is integrated, you can have Hubspot scan your website, giving you a set of recommendations that rank from highest (will have the best impact if you correct the error) to lowest. These include SEO errors like duplicate content, word counts, meta descriptions, and other on-page SEO optimization suggestions.

This feature is pretty straightforward and easily actionable. Also, it's important to note that you do not need to host your site through Hubspot to get this feature, but it makes the process much easier. 
The Topic section is where the majority of SEO search is done within Hubspot. With this tool, you can start by looking at different keywords. Like other SEO tools, it will give you the volume and keyword difficulty with each topic you look up.

Once you know the keyword you wish to write about, you can create that topic content map. Visually, this is an excellent way to organize your content. You start with a pillar post (if it's already written, then you add the URL), and then you can add subtopics to map your topic authority. Companies that host their site with Hubspot will be given suggested URLs that are already published. Those who host elsewhere will have to do this manually.

Once there, make sure to attach Google Search Console, and then when you add subtopics, Hubspot will brainstorm ideas and give you a list of related topics being searched.

Although this is a much-simplified tool overall, the content mapping gives you the user experience you would expect with their other CRM tools.

Their marketing bundle starts at $41 per month, but gets much more expensive for large companies, which may price you out of this option.
Take Home
Hubspot's content maps and a topic generator provide a great visual to organize your content and generate new ideas to help you become a topic expert and rank. Its functions are a bit simplistic, so it is great for those looking to bundle CRM and AI SEO software.

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3. SurferSEO

Freelancers commonly use keywords, headings, and many on-page SEO tactics to direct a search engine to their particular topic or keyword. This way, they have a higher likelihood of ranking. But it's not always easy to know how to optimize your articles for search engines. That's where SurferSEO comes in.

It's an AI SEO platform that helps you optimize your articles for better rankings in search engines. It analyzes your article and suggests ways to improve it based on keyword density, title tags, meta descriptions, and other factors.

  1. Optimize the article with keywords: SurferSEO will tell you which keywords to consider and how many times to repeat them through an article.
  2. Outline Tool: The outline tool allows you to see common questions you should address in your FAQs.
  3. Customization: You can customize each content editor only to include the article on the SERP that you want it to include.

SurferSEO has four pricing tiers: Free, Basic, Pro, and Business. It’s nice that there is a free option to get started, but in all reality, most writers or companies will find that they need the Pro version to get everything they need from the platform. 
Take Home
SurferSEO is a great AI SEO platform for freelance writers and bloggers looking for a user-friendly platform to optimize their articles to hit major headings, keywords, word counts, and density.

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4. LinkHunter

Now that we've extensively covered on-page SEO and strategy, what about your off-page SEO? You may wonder how AI could effectively assist with backlinking, as it's arguably the most nuanced aspect of SEO. Simplifying, templatizing, and scaling your backlinking efforts is rewarding yet the most difficult to achieve.

But this is exactly what LinkHunter has set out to achieve. This AI SEO program assists you in finding credible websites to obtain backlinks from and even encompasses email software where you can send mass amounts of emails out in just a few clicks.

What's nice is that LinkHunter was created for those that aren't experts in building backlinks and has a lot of hand-holding. It takes you step-by-step through what you are trying to accomplish (are you guest-posting? Link exchange?), and then it's powered by to help you achieve contact information.

It's important to know that once LinkHunter finds excellent websites, you should still do a checklist to ensure it hits all the qualities you want in a site before you guest post.
LinkHunter's features include

  1. Email Software: You can send out mass amounts (in the thousands) of emails with your template in minutes. Plan limitations exist.
  2. Includes Email Templates: This is great, as they already have pre-scripted email templates you can adjust and personalize before sending them out. These templates have been tested and trialed by masters of link building, so you can be assured that your outreach won't be generic.
  3. Bulk Upload: You can upload your own curated list of backlinks and use these two efforts together.

Prices start at just $49 a month for a starter purchase, which is enough for 2,000 emails per month.
Take Home
Backlinking can take up a significant amount of time and effort, so LinkHunter is a great place to automate and make your link-building efforts with a high ROI. It’s a great way to take your off-page SEO to the next level!

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Oftentimes, many marketers struggle with how to sync their content strategy with the SEO strategy. However, with Frase, you don't have to choose. Frase is, first and foremost, an AI writing tool, but where it shines is that you get a two-in-one deal: an AI writer paired with an AI on-page optimizer.

To start a project, it's pretty easy. You need to click "New Document." From there, a pop-up will ask you for your target keyword and a few other items, like the country you wish to target. What's great about this aspect is they recommend using long-tail keywords to get the best results. From there, simply click create a document, and you're ready to get to work.

On the left-hand side, you'll have your writing area, where you have artificial intelligent assistance to help you when you need some help. The right-hand side is your optimizer view. Within this section, you'll find headers, keyword suggestions, and questions to answer within your article.

Things to remember is that Google has specifically set ground rules for AI writing. These tools must be used as assistants to help you break that writer's block, not generate entire posts for you.
Here's a breakdown of their best features:

  1. Listicle Generator Tool: This will highly increase your writing rates. With this tool, you can just enter a list statement like "best ways to [insert target keyword here]," and the AI assistant will write it for you. It's always important to fact-check anything that is written. 
  2. Blog Introduction Tool: If you don't want to spend the time writing an engaging introduction, then let AI write it for you. Just write a quick few sentences about what you're hoping to achieve, and you'll have an introduction written in a few seconds. 
  3. Easy to Navigate Optimizer: This may not be as "fun" as SurferSEO's page, but it does the same thing with a few different features. It will give you basics like word count, headings, images, and links.
  4. Competitor Breakdown: In the optimizer view, you'll find each significant article ranking and a breakdown of the article. For instance, you see the first ranking article with the H1, H2s, and H3s. If you click the downward error, you can read that article section. It takes out a lot of the tedious process of looking at SERP pages and makes the entire SEO optimization process more convenient.

Solo - $14.99/mo.
Basic - $44.99/mo.
Team - $114.99/mo.
Take Home
If you are a freelancer or blogger looking for an AI writer and on-page optimizer all bundled in one package, then Frase is the perfect solution.

Final Words

As you can see, artificial intelligence is going to change the way digital marketers and companies approach SEO. And it's necessary, as search engines spend millions on AI research and using it themselves.

The future is bright for those willing to embrace AI's power. These platforms will only become more sophisticated and accurate as time goes on, so it's vital to stay ahead of the curve and implement them into your SEO strategy sooner rather than later.
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