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Serpstat updates 5 min read October 6, 2020

Serpstat Team Management Mode: One Account To Manage Your Teamwork

Are you looking for a solution to streamline team collaboration, boost productivity, and maximize efficiency within your agency or in-house team?

We are excited to introduce you to the Serpstat Team Management Mode — the solution we specifically designed to help you simplify task management, monitoring your team's performance, distributing access rights and credits, reporting, and more.

In this post, we will delve into the intricacies of Serpstat Team Management, share insights on its setup process, its availability for different subscription plans, and the benefits you can expect. 

Why Do You Need Serpstat Team Management?

Serpstat Team Management mode is a part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with a comprehensive platform, which includes all the essentials for your work.

By integrating team management capabilities alongside exporting search analytics data, competitor monitoring, and backlink analysis, we strive to help you effectively coordinate your team's activities, manage projects, automate processes, and improve your efficiency.

Here's why it's worth exploring:

Team Management Features

As the Team Management Mode is aimed at team building, credit allocation, and task management, the admin will have access to:

Team Management: How to Set Up and Use It

Team Management mode is available for all users with Team, Agency and Enterprise subscription plans.

Step 1: Admin Adds New Team Members

Click on your profile in the top right corner, select Team management and click Add users:

how to add users to Serpstat Team Management

Step 2: Users Confirm Their Participation

As soon as you entered the email addresses of your team members, they will receive a confirmation letter. Unconfirmed accounts will not be involved in the project. Confirmed accounts will become team members and owners of subsidiary accounts with limited rights.

Free plan users will receive an email with a link that activates a subsidiary account. Unregistered users will get a login and a password for their account.

Step 3: Admin Keeps Track of Credits and Project Management

In the Team Management section, you'll see a bar that displays credit allocation and spending for each user and Serpstat tool: the number after the "/" shows all available credits, the number before the "/" shows used credits.

By deleting members from this list, you are excluding them from your team. They will be transferred to a free subscription plan. Even if you completely disband your team, all your projects will be saved.

When deactivating users, you will pause all their activities: they will not be able to log into Serpstat; their rank tracking and site audit projects will be paused until you reactivate them.

Step 4: Team Members and Their Rights

A subsidiary account user doesn't have access to leaving the team, editing their account info, purchasing or upgrading subscription plans.

However, they can create projects and analyze the data within them. Subsidiary account credits are restricted by admin credits. 

A team member's profile includes limited account settings, latest reports, and information on credit usage for different Serpstat tools.

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