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Enter your domain address into the search bar on Serpstat, select a database, hit Search. You will taken directly to the Overview report. Here's you'll find the overall metrics for the researched domain and a preview of more detailed reports.

You can start tracking the domain’s rankings by clicking on Track Domain button.


Visibility - a relative score that is calculcated based on the keywords a domain is ranking for in top 20 search results.  

SE Traffic - the number of searchers who land on the website monthly. It’s an estimated figure that correlates with the domain’s traffic. Serpstat calculates SE traffic based on the CTR, keywords' search volume and the domain's rankings for keywords.

Organic Keywords - number of keywords the domain is ranking for in top 100 search results. The report provides the domain’s position for a keyword, keyword’s search volume (from Google AdWords) and cost-per-click. The New, Lost, Improved and Declined columns show the keywords the domain has recently started ranking for in top 100 search results, keywords for which the domain has dropped out of top 100, and keywords for which the domain has started ranking higher or lower, respectively.

Ads Keywords - the number of keywords that the analyzed domain is bidding on in Google Adwords. The report preview shows the number of the paid keywords and ads, as well as search volume and cost-per-click.    

Keyword Position Distribution - the number of keywords the domains is ranking for on the first, second etc. position.

Subdomains - subdomains of the analyzed domain, if any. Subdomains come with their number of keywords.

Visibility Trend - here you can track the domain’s visibility history.

Keywords Trend - here you can find out how the number of keywords the domain is ranking for in top 100 has been changing over the last year.

Pages with the Highest Visibility - the most powerful pages of the researched domain in terms of traffic from organic search.

Competitors in Organic Search - top 10 domains that are ranking for a large number of keywords common with the researched domain's keywords.

Competitors in Ads - top 10 domains that are bidding in Google Adwords on a large number of keywords common with the researched domain's paid keywords.

Competitors Graph  - direct competitors of the analyzed domain. Competitors are selected based on intersections in keyword pools and similar visibility score. The researched domain will be located in the upper right corner. Competitor's location depends on intersections between their keyword pools and the keyword pool of the analyzed domain. The closer they're are to the analyzed domain on the intersection of the axis, the more relevant they can be considered.

Ads Examples - a few examples of ad copies used by the analyzed domain in paid search.

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