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Input a domain name into the search bar, select the search engine and click on Search. You'll be redirected to the Overview report which shows overall metrics of the researched domain and a preview of more detailed reports. If you'd like to add the domain to your rank tracking/site audit campaigns, click on Track Domain(1) and the domain will be added to your campaigns under List of Projects.


Visibility(2) — a relative score calculated based on keywords the domain is ranking for in Top 20 search results: the higher the score, the better.

SE Traffic(3) an estimated monthly number of visitors from organic search. The number is calculated based on expected CTR and keyword search volumes.

Organic Keywords(4) the number of keywords that a domain ranks for in Top 100 search results. The preview of the report shows the domain’s position for a keyword, keyword’s search volume and cost-per-click. The New, Lost, Improved and Declined numbers show the keywords the domain has recently started ranking for in Top 100 search results, has dropped out of Top 100, and has started ranking higher or lower, respectively.

Ads Keywords(5)  the number of keywords that the analyzed domain is being promoted for in paid search. The report preview shows the number of the paid keywords and ads, as well as search volume and cost-per-click.    

Keyword Position Distribution  the distribution of the domain's keywords within position ranges, e.g. 6-10, 11-20, etc.

Subdomains a list of subdomains of the analyzed domain, if any, along with their number of keywords.

Visibility Trend — domain’s visibility trend over the year. The dots on the curve indicate update dates.

Keywords Trend domain's keyword number trend over the year.

Pages with the highest visibility — the most traffic-driving pages of the analyzed domain.

Competitors in Organic Search major competitors of the analyzed domain based on the number of common keywords. The Relevance metric indicates how close a particular competitor is (on a scale from 0 to 100%).

Competitors in Ads  major competitors of the analyzed domain in paid search.

Competitors Graph — a chart that displays close competitors of the analyzed domain. Please read a complete explanation of the competitors graph in this article.

Ads Examples a few examples of ad copies used by the analyzed domain in paid search.

Backlinks Overview  a backlink dashboard mirrored from the Backlink Analysis tool. The dashboard shows the number of referring pages and domains, the number of outgoing links and authority metrics of the analyzed domain.

Rank Tracker — a dashboard mirrored from your rank tracking campaign that shows your positions for the target keywords. If you see empty dashboard, this means that you haven't yet set up a rank tracker campaign.

Site Audit — a dashboard mirrored from your site audit campaign that shows your SDO score and the number of found issues. If no data displayed, check whether you've conducted the site audit of your website.

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