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How To Use Serpstat In The Affiliate Marketing Industry: Aссesstrade Experience

using serpstat in affiliate marketing
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at Interspace
ACCESSTRADE is the largest Cost-Per-Action affiliate marketing network in Japan and South East Asia. In this article, we will show how we used Serpstat tools to search for new growth opportunities and analyze competitor ads in the affiliate marketing industry.


ACCESSTRADE is the largest CPA affiliate marketing network in Japan and South East Asia operated by Interspace Co., Ltd. since 2001. Now it successfully works in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia. Our business aims to create win-win situations for publishers and advertisers.

Serpstat helps us analyze our competitor ads and perform long-tail keyword research, allowing us to obtain the results that we couldn't get from other keyword research and rank-checking tools.

Getting Started

We have been working with Serpstat since 2019, and it's been really helpful for achieving our goals. Most often, we use Serpstat for:
  • Checking competitor rankings in the affiliate marketing industry to learn their strengths.
  • Searching for competitors' keywords to expand the keyword list of our website.
  • Performing a website audit to find and fix technical issues.
  • Finding long-tail keywords to expand our keyword list and use them in ad campaigns.
  • Analyzing backlinks to check their quality/naturalness and monitor the growth of the website's backlink profile.
  • Checking competitors' ads and keywords they use for contextual advertising.
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How We Used Serpstat For The Affiliate Marketing Industry:

Competitor Analysis

Our first step was to analyze our competitors' positions and find keywords they use for search engine optimization. Competitor analysis is an essential step in any comprehensive industry analysis and keyword selection.

We determined our competitors by manually analyzing Google SERPs for high, mid, and low-volume queries, as well as through Serpstat, by using the Domain Analysis tool → SEO Research → Competitors report:
Next, we wanted to find the best-performing competitors' pages to generate new ideas for improving our website's rankings.

To do that, you can enter any keyword of interest into the search bar (in our case, it's affiliate marketing) and go to the Keyword Research tool → SEO Research → Top Pages report.
In this report, you can click on any competitor's link and see the list of keywords it ranks for (we added those to our keyword list):
One of the best Serpstat tools for ACCESSTRADE was the Domain vs. Domain feature. This tool allows you to find common and unique keywords of your competitors compared to your domain.

Go to Domain Analysis → SEO Research → Domain vs. Domain. Select your competitors and click the Compare button.
Our next step was to identify our competitors in paid search and find keywords they use for contextual advertising.

You can enter the domain into the search bar and go to the Domain Analysis tool → PPC Research → Competitors. Here you will see a list of competitor domains in paid search. You can check their keywords by clicking the link.
Zebo: How We Used Serpstat To Analyze Competitors And Check URLs

Finding Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail queries are low-volume, high-converting keywords that tend to be longer and more specific. Long-tail keywords are usually more effective because they target people who are looking for specific information or a particular product, guide, or service to solve their problem.

If you optimize your website pages for long-tail keywords, it will be easier to achieve high rankings in search results, get high-quality traffic, and convert this traffic to loyal customers.

To find such keywords, we use several Serpstat reports. First, we go to the Keyword Research tool → SEO Research → Keyword Selection. Then, we apply filters: select a Number of words in a keyword → Greater than → [number of words]:
That allows us to get a list of search queries that contain more than 3 words.

Next, we need to find keywords that are semantically related to our keyword. To do that, we go to the Keyword Research tool → SEO Research → Related Keywords.
Search Suggestions report will help you find a list of search suggestions related to the researched query. These are popular search queries that pop under the search bar as you start typing the query. Go to Keyword Research → SEO Research → Search Suggestions.
The following report, Search Questions, contains search suggestions in a question form. These are the questions asked by our target audience.
One more useful report is the PPC Keyword Selection where you can find long-tail keywords for your ad campaigns. Go to Keyword Research → PPC Research → Keyword Selection and apply the filter:
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Checking Ad Campaigns Of Our Competitors

Why should you spend time analyzing competitors before launching an advertising campaign? Competitor analysis can be helpful for:
  • Setting the foundation for budget planning.
  • Devising an advertising strategy.
  • Adjusting the brand development strategy.
  • Increasing market knowledge.
What do we need at this stage? Go to Keyword Research → PPC Research → Keywords. This report allows you to see the list of ads and paid keywords from Google's top-100 results.
In Ads Examples report you can see the example of ads a domain uses in Google Ads.
Next, go to Keyword Selection → PPC Research → Ads Landing Pages if you want to analyze competitors' landing pages with the number of ads and paid keywords.
How To Collect Keywords For Contextual Advertising And Get Maximum Outreach

Analyzing Our Backlink Profile

As one of the most crucial ranking factors, backlinks can positively affect a website's position in SERPs. We used Serpstat to assess the number and quality of our backlinks as well as competitors' backlinks.

In the Backlink Dashboard report of the Serpstat Backlink Analysis tool, we can find general information about our website's (or competitor's) backlink profile: referring domains and subdomains, referring homepages, IP addresses and subnets, anchors, a domain authority indicator, and more.
In Serpstat Backlink Analysis, you can also search for link-building opportunities. Enter the domain of interest and check the following parameters to access its quality:
Domain authority. Serpstat Domain Rank is an indicator of domain authority on a scale from 0 to 100.
Backlink quality. We recommend paying attention to the list of referring domains and the list of anchors. At this stage, you need to make sure that the site's backlink profile is not full of suspicious websites and spam anchors.
Backlink profile growth dynamics. A drastic rise or fall, in most cases, indicates backlink manipulations, which is a violation of Google's Webmaster guidelines.
Malicious sites. Malicious websites are those blocked from viewing by Google Chrome (you see a warning if the content that you're trying to see is dangerous or deceptive).
Serpstat Backlink Analysis Tool: A Comprehensive Guide

Performing Site Audit

A technical SEO audit is a detailed website check for internal issues and compliance with search engine requirements.

An audit is typically conducted when things go wrong with the website: the rankings in search results are rapidly dropping, there's a decrease in traffic, or even a search engine penalty. In this case, SEO auditing allows you to find errors, fix them, and get your SERP positions back to normal.

You also need an SEO audit when everything is fine with the website: traffic is growing, and SERP positions are gradually increasing. You can further speed up the growth of the website by identifying and correcting technical issues.

We added our website to the list of projects and started the audit:
When the audit is over, the dashboard updates, and an SDO score appears. It shows the level of optimization of our domain. Serpstat shows 82% SDO for our domain. While it is a good result, there are 18% more improvements we can do.

To see technical issues of the site, click on any of the indicators in the summary report or go to the detailed reports from the menu on the left. Serpstat not only indicates specific problems on the site but also gives recommendations on how to fix them. The tool also notes the corrected issues since the last audit on the site.
Effective Site Audit With Serpstat: Tool Overview

Our Results

We gathered the list of relevant competitors in the affiliate marketing industry, analyzed their strategies, and adopted them.
We succeeded in expanding our keyword list with long-tail keywords that our competitors use.
We found the list of keywords to use in ad campaigns by spying on our competitors and finding keywords that we missed in our campaigns.
We fixed all our technical issues based on the recommendations from the Site Audit tool.
We performed an analysis of our backlink profile to check their quality and naturalness.
We analyzed the competitors' backlink profiles and found new websites for link building.


Regularly analyzing our website with Serpstat allows us to always be aware of how to improve our rankings and launch successful ad campaigns in the affiliate marketing industry.

With this service, we no longer need to manually scroll through dozens of competitors' pages. Also, it has significantly simplified our technical analysis.

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