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Serpstat updates 2 min read February 23, 2024

Serpstat statistics: from Insights to Impact

11th Anniversary of Serpstat: from Insights to Impact
Kateryna Hordiienko
Kateryna Hordiienko
Research Editor at Serpstat

Serpstat consists of search databases on keywords, domains, and backlinks, totaling 1 Pb (Petabyte) of an SEO big data. One Petabyte is a vast unit of digital data equal to 1,000 Terabytes. Some estimates hold that a Petabyte is the equivalent of 20 million tall filing cabinets. We prefer to compare it with Wikipedias. 

Serpstat data is 47 Wikipedias. 
*Based on the binary number system 

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Established in 2013 as an in-house software, Serpstat has become an independent product worthy of a place among industry leaders. The SEO platform now offers 70+ essential tools and huge keyword index that thousands of professional digital marketers use worldwide.

Reflecting on achievements, statistics usually highlight the company's role in the industry. The Serpstat journey through this decade is captured in comprehensive infographics into customer trends, product evolution, and search database growth

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Serpstat, EN, 2014

Serpstat, EN, 2014

Serpstat, 2015

Serpstat, 2015

Serpstat, 2016

Serpstat, 2016

Serpstat, 2019


Serpstat, 2023

Serpstat, 2023

Serpstat, 2024


For all those driven to elevate their business, remember that the journey of growth never stops. With Serpstat by your side, you can confidently and precisely navigate the path to success. Let's keep moving forward together!

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