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New Year Means New Beginning: How Serpstat Has Changed in 2020

serpstat results of the year
Can you remember a year that changed your life more than 2020? This year was a turning point for our product and team. There were many challenges, but also a lot of great stuff.

Serpstat has become a more powerful service and has been completely updated this year. By the way, almost the same can be stated about the team. But first things first. Let's sum up the results of 2020 according to general tradition! :)
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There are team hours behind every small change, and it's often worth looking a little further than a year ago to really appreciate the evolution of a tool. Who remembers Serpstat in 2014?
serpstat updates in years
Now, let's take a closer look at how 2020 went. It's a great chance to remember important updates and appreciate their benefits if you haven't gotten to them yet.

Search Analytics

It's no surprise that search analytics is one of the most popular Serpstat tools. It is impossible not to pay attention to the number of large-scale changes in the reports for the analysis of keywords and sites:
Search analytics was completely moved to React!
React is about improved design and service experience.
We have optimized the speed of the reports. Of course, we do not stop and continue to accelerate :)
Completely new features have been added to the service: sending keywords to Rank Tracker from search analytics, convenient search through report pages, copying data to the clipboard.
API updates
Using the API, you can get a list of questions from suggestions or analyze words from interrogative phrases. There is also a method available to get a list of competitor domains by PPC.
New parameter in reports
A new parameter in the Competitors report appeared - Missing Keywords.
Cleaning the databases and an improved traffic algorithm
Cleaning the databases from irrelevant queries and an improved algorithm for counting traffic by domain were implemented. Improving the quality of the data provided by the service.
search analytics

Rank Tracker

Let's see what great changes happened to Rank Tracker module this year.
Checking positions in manual mode
According to numerous requests, we added a new feature - checking positions in manual mode. There is no more need to wait for the update of the data on the project schedule - the latest information on positions is available at any convenient time.
How To Check Site Positions At Any Suitable Time
Release of the Rank Tracker API - 4 methods for obtaining data without using the Serpstat interface: Keywords, Pages, Competitors, Search history
Fast work with large amounts of data.
The ability to sample data by region and date range.
The data is ready for integration into your own dashboards.
How To Track Website Positions Via API
Now it is not necessary to collect keywords to start tracking
To speed up the initial setup, a new function was added - 1000 most frequent keywords by domain.
More flexible tracking setup
  • taking into account subdomains;
  • tracking only for the main domain;
  • tracking by a specific URL;
  • tracking by URL prefix.
Other updates
The list of monitoring updates is almost endless: search by territorial units and ZIP codes, quick filters in the Pages report, the presence of special elements in Google search results, project notes, the frequency of queries in Google by region or city, etc.
serpstat rank tracker

Backlink Analysis

For several years we have been building our own link index, which became the basis for the Backlink Analysis module. We also added a number of new reports, API methods and capabilities for filtering and sorting data.
Own Backlink Index
We currently have 1.3 trillion links across 168 million domains. Serpstatbot adds 2 billion new links every day, crawling 2.5 million domains per day.
Most Wanted: We Launched Our Own Link Index With New Architecture
New reports that will help you comprehensively approach the analysis of link mass and analysis of competitors' strategies.
Links Intersection - a report for a side-by-side comparison of the link mass of several domains. It can help find common and unique donors for each analyzed site.

Malicious Sites - a report that will help you identify toxic links that negatively impact your site's performance.

External Domains - a report that shows the ratio of inbound and outbound link mass.
Links Intersection Tool: Find New Growth Points For Link Building
We expanded the range of API methods for link analysis, added filters and data sorting.
New flexible settings
We added more flexible report settings: you can change the width of columns, change columns in places or disable unnecessary ones, copy data from the page to the clipboard with one click.
analysis of backlinks

Site Audit

The audit module in 2020 has been significantly updated. This tool now definitely has something to work with. Let's take a closer look :)
Switching the module to React
The changes affected the design of the tool, ease of use and optimization of the speed of the module.
Better, Faster, Stronger: Updated Site Audit In Serpstat
API methods for Audit
Now you don't have to go to the Serpstat interface to view the report, but simply use the required API method. It allows you to directly work with audits' data.
How To Automate Searching For Technical Issues: Leave All Your Work To Our API
Rendering JS pages in One Page Audit
Now the module recognizes content on pages with JS scripts and, accordingly, can check them for errors.
How To Find Errors On JavaScript Pages: JS Rendering In Site Audit
Flexible scanning settings and other improvements
Now scanning closed from indexing and non-canonical pages, new checks, exporting reports to Google Sheets, links to recent reports in the export notification, resetting sorting in tables are available.
technical site audit

Tools and reports

A new Database Storm tool
A new Database Storm tool shows how Google and Yandex's search results have changed over the past 30 days (update once a day). The higher the storm rate, the more the search engine results changed on the selected date.
Track Changes In Search Engine Results With Serpstat Database Storm Tool
Custom reports
Custom reports allow you to collect data from all modules in one report. Now there is no need to export dozens of reports from different modules, organize them and select the necessary data. Customize your project dashboard and export this dashboard to PDF.
SEO Reports For Freelancers And Agencies

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

The Serpstat Website SEO Checker browser extension has generally become more convenient, as we have improved the connection with the service and improved the transition to detailed reports. In addition, we added several changes:
The extension opens on the section on which it was closed.
Added a hierarchy of headings on the page: now you can view the tree structure of headings H1-H6.
Added highlighting of elements on the page to the settings menu.
The extension is available in the Opera online store and Microsoft Edge.
seo checker extension
And if you haven't added Serpstat Website SEO Checker to your browser yet, it's time to do it:
Updated Serpstat Website SEO Checker
In general, the instrument develops and grows stronger! And a great addition to this digest of improvements for the year is information about our Christmas Sale! During the holiday (which will last right up to January 15!), you will get the opportunity to buy the service with a discount from 30% to 50%! We haven't had anything like this before!
This time the conditions are extremely simple:
30% off for a 12-month subscription
30% off for a 6-month subscription
30% off for a 3-month subscription

And for our newbies who don't own a pricing plan yet, we have another special offer - 50% discount! To get it, you need to leave a request for a personal demonstration and our managers will be happy to help you :)
Personal advice
Would you like to learn how to use Serpstat to boost your results?
Leave a request, and our experts will advise you on the development of your project, share training materials, and offer test access to Serpstat!


More than 250 articles were published in our blog in 2020! Our team managed to publish such a number of useful materials not only on their own, but also thanks to the help of guest authors, for which we are very grateful. By the way, a lot of materials are Serpstat use cases from our clients:
More than 10 articles are researches:
Leading experts take part in our research on a regular basis.
With their help, we have published about a dozen surveys on current topics in Internet marketing:
It is worth talking about newsletters - in a year, we have doubled our subscriber base, and we please them with useful and funny letters once a week (sometimes more often). By the way, our mailing lists have repeatedly hit the top of the best, thanks to their creativity and usefulness. So do not hesitate to subscribe;)
10 Things You'll Love About Our Newsletter Or Why You Should Subscribe

Instead of a conclusion

And finally, about our team. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but it also helped us become stronger. Since March, our entire team has been working remotely. This helped us become more organized and independent professionals. We wrote about the shift to remote work in the article.
Home Is Best: How To Organize A Remote Work For Your Business
Happy New Year, friends! I wish you success, professional growth and health!

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