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Serpstat updates 9 min read December 26, 2023

Search Marketing Tools of 2023 to Grab for 2024 — Trends

Serpstat's 2023 Recap: a Year of Learning, AI, Bing, and Integrations
Serpstat team

We've been working hard behind the scenes to ensure you have the best experience with our tools, and before we knew it, 2023 had flown by in the blink of an eye.

As we’re about to enter a new chapter, it's time to hit the rewind button and spill the details on all the features we released this year. I promise that some of them you did not see coming!

The list of new features includes 8 trends from 2023 that you'll want to carry into 2024. Spot all the trending tools marked by the "↫" next to their names. Ready? Let's roll!

Serpstat Evolution

First, let’s go way back and look through the Serpstat evolution from the very beginning to remember where it all started.

Serpstat Evolution

    Knowledge Base

    In 2023, we have focused on free educational materials, so you can delve deeper into the realms of both SEO and our platform.

    • Know-How in Search Marketing Platform — Serpstat Academy course

      Master the Serpstat toolset, discover its subtleties and unobvious features. Learn to automate and speed up your daily tasks, and gain a certificate to showcase your skills.

    • A 14-day trial promo code is waiting for you inside to explore the platform while you progress through the course. 

    • The Complete SEO Starter Course: from Beginner to Professional — Serpstat Academy course

      Find out how search engines index and rank web pages, how to set SEO goals and key performance indicators, analyze competitors and much more.

    • The Complete SEO Starter Course: from Beginner to Professional — YouTube video course

      Listen to a lecturer instead of reading — go from a beginner to a professional in search marketing optimization with Kateryna Hordiienko, Research Editor at Serpstat.

    • Webinars

      A couple of times a month, SEO experts join our webinars and share their valuable tips and insights on SEO. Check the Webinar page to see the upcoming events, and follow our YouTube channel to stay updated.

    • Agencies Growth Insights for Team Leaders

      Stay on top of the game with our newsletter! Get practical tips and the latest trends in SEO, team management, and client relationships. Boost your team's productivity and project results with expert insights, proven tactics, and industry news—all sent directly to your inbox.

    AI Content Tools

    Artificial intelligence has been the main trend of 2023; it saves tons of time on routine or time-consuming tasks, so we couldn’t stop and released more AI tools.

    • YouTube transcription ↫

      Convert a video to a text and continue working with the transcript:
      - Create a draft for an article.
      - Prepare a translation to record a different language version.
      - Update old content to remake the video.
      - Analyze the video structure and create your own content.

    • AI content detection ↫

      Check the correlation of AI and human-written pieces in a text. It can be:
      - Your own text.
      - A colleague’s or copywriter’s text.
      - A competitor’s text.

    Search Analytics

    Perform SEO tasks more efficiently with this year’s features: Bing, detecting anomalies, search engine updates, and a new report to analyze the market!

    • Bing, the USA ↫

      Finally – now, you can analyze domains, pages, and keywords in the Bing SERPs! We started with the US search region and 10M keywords in it.

      - SERPs
      - Keywords and their metrics (except for KW. difficulty)
      - Ads
      - SERP features
      - Keywords, Visibility, Traffic trends

      Access all Search Analytics reports just like for Google (except for Market research, Search suggestions/questions)

    • Google algorithms updates

      Track Google updates on Visibility, Traffic, and Organic keywords trends in the Domain analysis, Overview report. This way, you’ll instantly see if the sudden drop or rise is related to a recent search engine algorithm update.

    • Market research ↫

      Analyze the market in an industry or a specific niche in the US by 6 SEO metrics. Filter one million domains in the rating by categories to leave the most relevant results.

    • Keyword Difficulty in Tree view

      Analyze pages and keywords they rank for by one more SEO metric – Keyword difficulty.

    • Events about SEO anomalies ↫

      Get notified about abrupt changes in domains Visibility, Traffic, and Organic keywords trends in the Profile menu. Analyze anomalies and amend the SEO strategy to strengthen your promotion.

    • Search Analytics

    Backlink Analysis

    Step by step, we update the Backlink Analysis module, too. Meet the update that’ll help you assess the backlinks efforts over time.

    • SDR history

      Check the SDR history for the last 6 months in Dashboard to see how much your backlink profile has grown.

    • Backlink Analysis


    To get more flexibility while automating SEO tasks, use new API filters, create Python and R scripts, and connect to Airbyte.

    Take a first step to easy website optimization

    Activate a free trial period to explore all the Serpstat features in 7 days.

    We'll notify right before the trial ends.


    Team Management and Reports

    Learn about the export to Google BigQuery and how you can enhance your customized reports.

    • Export to Google BigQuery

      To store, manage and analyze large volumes of data, export reports to Google BigQuery. The BQ export option is available for all Domain and URL analysis reports, Keyword research, and Backlink analysis, except Overview reports, Market research, and Links Intersection.

    • Google Looker Studio in Custom reports ↫

      Add dashboards and visualized data to create highly insightful reports for clients and colleagues.

    • Google Analytics 4 in Custom reports ↫

      Incorporate GA4 data into a customized report to provide a client or colleagues with comprehensive information about SEO efforts.

    • Team tools

    Tools and Integrations

    Check out the updates about a new plugin and a team mode in Local SEO.

    • Teamwork in Local SEO

      Promote business locally with your teammates under the same projects with a team mode.


    And this is something totally new… Ready?

    • Spanish interface

      We aim for a personalized experience with each client, so in 2023 we decided to take a big step and start translating the platform into different languages. We kicked off with Spanish!

    • Dark interface

      Different strokes for different folks, so now you have 3 themes to pick from:
      - Light
      - Contrast
      - Dark


  • Datarade

    Serpstat has been listed in the top 100 best Data Providers by Datarade.

    Datarade simplifies data commerce with a platform offering samples, provider comparisons, and access to 600+ data categories. It monthly ranks the 100 most popular data providers, based on reviews and customer interest.

    Top data provider 2023
  • G2

    G2 rates products and vendors by considering reviews collected from their user community alongside data gathered from online sources and social networks.

    We appreciate the user feedback that has led to us earning new G2 badges in 2023.

    Most Implementable 2023Easiest to do business with 2023
    • MarTech’s Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide is the leading marketing technology digital publication.

      The latest publication examines the market for SEO platforms and the considerations involved in implementation. The report contains profiles of 19 leading enterprise SEO platforms, including Serpstat.

      MarTech Marketer's Guide

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