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Serpstat updates 12 min read

Goodbye 2021: Serpstat's New Opportunities for SEO Specialists

serpstat results of the year
Команда Serpstat
Serpstat has been striving to help and simplify your work throughout the year. With each release, there were updates aimed at speeding up all the processes.

We accelerated so much that we didn't have time to notice when the year came to an end! Now let's slow down a little and remember how the service has changed throughout the year.
By the way, a free trial code is hidden inside the article!

Each of 365 days, our team worked to improve the service. Serpstat has changed every day, and now we can evaluate its entire evolution, since 2014!
serpstat updates in years
serpstat updates in years
In this article, we'll take a closer look at the 2021 updates. I can't wait to show off the results — let's go!

Search Analytics

Search Analytics is one of Serpstat's most requested tools. Over the year, new reports have been added, the old ones have been optimized, and the number of databases for analytics has grown: 230 Google databases and 14 Yandex databases!
Batch analysis up to 100K keywords:
  • data analysis for 5 any databases;
  • manual SERP update;
  • 5 indicators: volume, cost, PPC competition, KW difficulty, search results.
  • traffic, visibility and keywords for SEO and PPC;
  • backlink profile metrics and 18 SEO metrics;
  • analysis for 230 Google databases.
batch analysis
Learn more about using reports for batch analysis in the article below!
How to analyze a list of keywords and domains in the Serpstat interface?
Keyword difficulty:
The indicator is available for 8 bases, and auto-sending of individual keywords for calculating the difficulty is also available.
URL Submission — informs search engines about the latest changes up to 10,000 pages.
How the tool works with step-by-step instructions is described in the article.

In the infographic below, we've compiled key search analytics capabilities so you can quickly figure out and use the service to its fullest.
search analytics

Rank Tracker

In addition to the updated report for analyzing competitors, the tool has the ability to transfer projects from other services!
The updated report Competitors V.3 has become more convenient for visual analysis of SEO and PPC:
  • a graph with data on traffic, number of keywords and average position appeared;
  • graph for comparing up to 10 competitors;
  • analysis from 100 domains in the API.
Google sheets:
A new format for exporting to Google sheets appeared.
API methods for managing Rank tracker projects:
  • the list of project regions and their status;
  • the list of domains from top 20 project keywords;
  • the list of pages and their positions by domain;
  • the search results history in region by keywords;
  • the list of projects and their status.
Importing projects from other services.
In order not to store projects in different services and not to pay for several subscriptions, transfer projects in 2-3 hours for free! Historical data will be retained from the first day of the project. To do this, write to support, and the team will help.

Check out all the benefits of the module below and start achieving your goals now!
serpstat rank tracker
Wow, you've found the promo code! Use the code "useforfreefortwodays" in your profile and get full access to Serpstat for 2 days.
The code is active til Jan, 17.
Personal demonstration
Our specialists will contact you and discuss options for further work. These may include a personal demonstration, a trial period, comprehensive training articles, webinar recordings, and custom advice from a Serpstat specialist. It is our goal to make you feel comfortable while using Serpstat.

Backlink Analysis

The module now has unique reports for working with a link profile!
Malicious domains is a list of referring domains with a potential threat to your site.
Redirecting domains show if a competitor is using "sticked" domains to get a ready-made link profile.
External domains is to analyze the list of sites and the number of outgoing pages that link to these sites.
Distribution of donors by SDR. In the overview report, a graph appeared with the number of donors and the SDR level.
URL Recrawling tool updates link information for a page list and is available in any link report.
For you, we have added 2 articles about links: the first describes each report of the links module and what tasks they will solve, and the second tells about the SEO services comparing, their features and differences.
Serpstat Backlink Analysis Tool: A Comprehensive Guide
How to stop paying for trash in the backlink index?
For a quality work with links, check out all the features of Serpstat backlink analysis and achieve your goals faster!
analysis of backlinks

Site Audit

The tool is a must if you want to grow your business and be in the first positions. The team worked on the most important thing — issues detection and speed of checks.
Issue detection and checking has improved for errors: "Invalid certificate", "Self-signed SSL certificate", "Old versions of the TLS protocol".
One-page audits are scanned faster than scheduled audits.
Site audit is no longer only about technical optimization, in 2021 there are more opportunities. Find out about them in the infographic below!
technical site audit

Tools and integrations

The API and Clustering functionality has become even more, and the Website SEO Checker extension is becoming more popular.
Filters and sorting for all methods have been added to the API.
The service's search bar offers suggestions for queries. By entering, for example, "nike", you will be prompted to analyze a keyword or a site, and you will not need to enter a full query.
    Each report now has a button for sending feedback. Your feedback will be reviewed by our team and taken into account.
      Serpstat review
      A new version for Clustering! Now the number of keywords in the project has grown to 50K!
      • move keywords between clusters or generate new groups;
      • the interface has been moved into React technology and became clearer;
      • the frequency is indicated for each keyword;
      • change settings anytime and update projects.
      keywords grouping
      For a better understanding of using the tool, read the article describing the capabilities and features of Clustering.
      How To Group Keywords Automatically With The Serpstat "Clustering" Tool
      Check the IP addresses of search engines for bots that have visited your site.
      The Serpstat plugin is taking shape and the number of users has grown to 40K, and views of tabs and sections up to 100K per day! See below for details on the extension.
      seo checker extension
      Updated Serpstat Website SEO Checker

      Team management and reports

      Create personalized reports and share them with your team.
      Use Presale templates in Custom Reports. And collect data from any service module.
      The general credits for the analysis of sites, pages, keywords and links!
      It eases work with the service and navigation among the credits in the profile and on the pricing plan page. The procedure for purchasing additional credits will become more convenient.
      Buy additional credits for any report in your profile.
      And if you have not yet figured out the system of credits and their use, read the article below.
      Frequently Asked Questions About Serpstat Credits: Customer Support Digest #5
      For team players, we have a selection of tools that will facilitate interaction between colleagues and improve the quality of work!
      tool for team


      Hundreds of blog articles were published in 2021, but we want to tell you about a very special event. Now the most important news is collected in the Serpstat Updates section. Here are published articles announcing important new products and changes to the service.

      Above you will find the Serpstat Changelog, where our team publishes updates for each release. Follow the Changelog and you can easily navigate the service after each release and do not have to waste time on self-study!
      serpstat changelog

      Our achievements

      And finally, in 2021, Serpstat developed the own SEO-glossary. It contains 150 important SEO terms, ranging from general concepts to highly specialized ones.

      We debuted vocabulary at Product Hunt and became the # 2 Product of the Day!
      «Сервис года» на Baltic Digital Days 2020
      Curious to know which update was most helpful to you? Write in the comments below the article.
      Happy New Year and thank you for being with us!

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