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Two Creative Ways To Use Serpstat's API: Find Relevant Forums And Zero Competition Keywords In AdWords

There tens of millions of keywords in Serpstat's database. For each of these keywords Serpstat saves information about top-100 results in search and Advertising campaigns where these keywords were used.

One of our clients created a few scripts that can be combined with our API to bring some interesting results.
Finding Keywords With Zero Competition In AdWords
First script analyzes all of the keywords for which a website ranks and picks the keywords that are not used in advertising by anyone.

Keep in mind that Serpstat's databases are updated 24/7 and in some cases it can miss the ads because data on certain keywords has been updated at 3 a.m. and no one was running an ad at that time. It is recommended to double check the results and make sure that you've got the correct data.
Now let's see how the script works. Dmitriy – Creator of these scripts used insurancejournal.com – a magazine dedicated to insurace in United States:
Two Creative Ways To Use Serpstat 16261788045798
We found we found several keywords that were indeed not used by anyone in AdWords, for example «insurers market repository» and «flood insurance bill senate».
Two Creative Ways To Use Serpstat 16261788045799
Click the button to give this script a go.
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Finding Relevant Forums To Promote Your Website
This script is a good alternative to finding forums manually by using operators like intitle and inurl. Big difference here, is that this script finds relevant forums by keywords that your website ranks for. It means that instead of manually checking data for your top keywords and then deciding which of your less popular keywords to check – you can check all of them and pick the most popular ones for maximum results.
This script takes an N number of keywords (you can set the number in the corresponding field) that your website ranks for, analyzes the top-100 results for these keywords and removes results that don't contain the word forum in title or URL.

Next to the list of relevant forums you will find a list of keywords for which these forums rank, position of the forum and keyword's monthly search volume. You can see how relevant is the keyword that a forum ranks for and what position it holds. Higher position usually means that forum is more active and is worth your attention.

Let's give it a go. I'll use the same domain that we used previously – insurancejournal.com
Two Creative Ways To Use Serpstat 16261788045799
We've set keyword limit to 50, which is just a small fraction of target domain's keyword pool. Here's the list of forums that this script has found:
Two Creative Ways To Use Serpstat 16261788045799
Some of these forums rank rather high and deserve an attention. Postings on forums from this list will draw attention of a target audience and serve as good places for natural link building.
Click the button to try this script.
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These 2 scripts are fine examples of how our API can be used.

If you want to gather data on your competitors and plan your optimization strategy accordingly, don't miss your chance to get access to our API at the lowest possible price.

Read this post to learn more about our prices and API limits.

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