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Digest #2: How I saved almost $900 on top SEO/SEM tools and another 10 interesting reads

New digest of useful and interesting articles for SEO specialists, content marketers and those, who want to find out something new about our tool.
Since free trial is a common SaaS marketing strategy, almost all SEO/SEM/CRM tools out there can be taken for a test drive. Obviously, we all hate buying a pig in a poke.

When the success of your email campaigns, keywords research, content marketing, KPIs measurements, competitors analysis, and so much more depends on them, your toolset should be comprised of only top solutions for your business. This article is mainly about what should you expect from collaboration with each tool.
Any time a user lands on a page of our site, we want them to perform an action. Preferably, it's a sale, but at least we want readers to become subscribers so it is easier to bring them back to our site.

There's no set recipe for a better converting page. What works for one site may yield no results for another site. It all comes down to testing different ways to turn lurkers into buyers and loyal members of your community. Here are five actionable steps to test if you want to increase your conversions.
Competitors in the search results are usually of different weight categories – some are quite subtle, with a narrow range of products, and fickle audience. Others are heavyweights with dense traffic and high level of user impact. But more advanced competitor is not always the greatest threat.

It is also necessary to take into account the specifics of the range, the target audience, and prospects. The most dangerous competitors' analysis will not only help to discover the latest trends in the opponent's work but also borrow his best ideas. That, in turn, will allow to leave it behind.
Optimizing content for search engines is a tricky business. The trick is in finding the right balance between content creation vs marketing, and the answer lies in technology.

To be specific – SEO tools that can help you focus on the right set of keywords before you write, while you're still thinking about what should be the title and the structure of the article. Find out what tools will assist you in content creation and marketing.
When you want to get more social media traffic - you need to make sure that your content is absolutely top notch for your audience. Forget blatant constant promotion, you'll need to be mostly helpful and casually promotional. This and 100 other effective ways how social media can help increase website traffic.
Holiday season is overwhelming for content marketers across all industries. It brings more traffic, more conversions together with more rush and more work.When there is so much to do, and so much content marketing to be done, it is important to have the right tools to help you out.
If you're going to start a new venture, here is a list of excellent tools and resources to help you along the way. It'll be useful not only for newbies, those who have already launched online businesses may also find something new for their ventures.
Being a small business owner or an entrepreneur assumes that you should have a complete knowledge of the big things, but also finer nuances, that can boost your business growth.

Fortunately, there are numerous cheap or even free online tools that you can benefit from. There are different tools that you can utilize for everyday tasks, and for collaboration, social media, marketing, scheduling and many more issues as well.
There's no secret that the amount of traffic depends on the position in the search results. In its turn, company's profit depends on the amount of traffic. Many SEO specialists at the beginning of the career can't determine additional sources for promotion. Sometimes even experienced SEOs face such problem. From this article you'll learn:

  • how to fix site's flaws
  • improve the site's position in the search results
  • get more traffic.
It's no secret that every website needs SEO to succeed. But also it's really important to know whether your SEO strategy works. In this article, you'll find out several ways of measuring your SEO's efficiency.
The holidays are the perfect time to catch your readers when they aren't busy, and trap them down a rabbit hole. Plus, you are probably catching them in a good and relaxed mood. The holidays have a certain feeling to them, and you can capitalize on emotion and use it to associate those feelings with your brand.Here are some tools and tips for making the most out of your content during the holiday season.

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