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Links Intersection Tool: Find New Growth Points For Link Building

Links Intersection Tool: Find New Growth Points For Link Building
Анастасия Сотула
Stacy Mine
Editorial Head at Serpstat
We implement features in Serpstat based on market analysis as well as at customers' requests. And today, I have awesome news for you: the long-awaited tool, which many clients have been asking for, has been launched - Links Intersection!
In this article, I will tell you what this tool is about and why you will love it at first sight :) Let's go!

What is the tool and what is it aimed for
So why have our users been waiting for this tool? We have several trump cards.
Links Intersection tool allows you to compare the link mass of several domains and find common and unique donors for each analyzed site.

For example, you want to find high-quality and relevant link placement sites. Previously, you had to analyze each competitor separately and manually search for common sites in the reports.

Now it is enough to find several competitors, enter their domains in the tool, and automatically find those donors who refer to them simultaneously.
РТ спецэлементы
Or you want to find out common and unique donors for your site and competitors. Cool, isn't it?
РТ спецэлементы
Serpstat Backlink Analysis Tool: A Comprehensive Guide

Who do you need this?
When building the link mass, many specialists face a need to get backlinks quickly, but many obstacles appear:
The topic of the promoted site is not suitable for listing on stock exchanges.
You have already occupied all the high-quality sites.
Rented links don't work either.
The outreach system is not well established, and there is no time, money, and guarantees that you get links from there, too.
This is where the analysis of competitors' links and getting backlinks from their donors comes to the rescue. Moreover, donors from other countries (especially those who refer to several competitors) are suitable because they are almost guaranteed of their quality.
Personal advice
Do you want to learn how to find quality link donors for your website using Serpstat? Order a free personal demo of the service, and our specialists will share our secrets! ;)

Examples of using the tool
Let's take a look at some practical examples of using Links Intersection tool.
Let's say you have a new website, and you want to catch up with your competitors quickly. To do this, you analyze their domains and find common donors. After all, if several competitors post links there, then, most likely, the donor is suitable and of high quality. Write to these sites with a request to post links to you. There are a lot of options: paid placement, guest posting, outreach. As a result, the site receives an increase in backlinks and improved trust.
A year ago, you built a link strategy based on competitor analysis (as in the example above) and got quality links. However, they do not stand still, so now you rerun the analysis to see the new donors they have. Analyze the dynamics of a competitor: if it has gained a decent weight in a year, you should attract links from these donors and yourself to get a profit.
You have several similar sites in the same niche. The promotion strategy is the same: internal optimization, content, links - all follow the same scenario. But one of the sites leaped ahead. You analyze the link mass and see donors that only the leading site has. Agree on links to other websites. Voila! The new source of traffic and weight.

How to use the tool
To get started, you need to enter two or three domains in the appropriate fields for analysis and click Compare.
все проверки
Entering two or three domains and running the analysis will display the data in a graph, mini summary table, and detail table.
лог в Аудите
Each row in the mini-table is clickable: clicking on it highlights the corresponding area on the chart and shows the data in the detailed table.
When you hover the cursor over a line, the corresponding area is highlighted on the chart and vice versa.
Switching by the mini-table in the detail table is implemented using the general filter for the detail table.
лог в Аудите
The graph in the form of a pie chart shows the ratio of the analyzed sites: the diagrams' sizes correspond to the link mass, their intersection - to the common donors.
The detailed table displays the list of domains linking to the analyzed sites, their Serpstat Domain Rank and the number of referring pages for each analyzed site.
By the way, the methods for this report are also available in the Backlink API! If you want to automate your routine link analysis tasks, read the instructions and documentation!
Quick And Easy Backlink Analysis With Serpstat API Is Now Available
Personal advice
Do you want to learn how to find quality link donors for your website using Serpstat? Order a free personal demo of the service, and our specialists will share our secrets! ;)

The Links Intersection tool helps automate the analysis of competitors' links to find new sites. It will be useful for:
new sites that want to catch up with their competitors quickly.
testing the effectiveness of your link strategy and find new growth points.
for link promotion of several resources at the same time.
That's all! If you have any questions, write in the comments under the article, and also share your feedback about the tool;)
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