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Referring domains

The referring domains report shows all domains that link to the analyzed site.
Referring domains — a list of domains that link to the analyzed site.
Referring pages — the number of referring pages in the domain.
Domain Rank — an indicator of domain authority on a scale from 0 to 100. It depends on the number of sites referring to the analyzed domain, as well as on the number of referring sites to these referring sites. Thus, all sites in the index associated with the analyzed domain are taken into account.
Referring domains report provides an opportunity to:

Referring domains 16261788666322

1. Copy it to the clipboard;
2. Set up the report display convenient for you  — you can select the columns you need to display in the report;
3. Create or apply a saved filter;

Referring domains 16261788666322

4. Export in various formats;

Referring domains 16261788666322

There are also such functions:

1. Serpstat Recrawling URL Tool — tool for updating or adding information about page links by Serpstat bots. Read more about this functionality here.
Send feedback — a window for sending suggestions for improving or reporting an issue.
3. Tutorial — the button will direct you to the tutorial for this report.

When working with a large amount of data, we recommend using the API. For more information on working with the backlink API, see the article.

Redirected domains

Redirected domains shows the number of domains that entirely redirect to the analyzed one transferring the link juice. By analyzing competitors, SEO professionals will be able to see a complete picture of link mass, which will optimize backlink analysis for a site.
You can get to the report in two ways:
1. The Backlink dashboard report contains information about the redirected domains;
2. Go to Referring domains and click to the Redirected domains.

Referring domains 16261788666322Referring domains 16261788666322